Kiss Me Kate


Katie felt less apprehensive than she had expected when she arrived at the building in which Maddox had offices on the top four floors. She knew they were a substantial firm with offices throughout the country; this seemed to be the head office. After dropping John and the children off, she had the use of the car and the day to herself. She had told John she was thinking of taking on a part-time job – she had been a secretary when they had first met.

She went home and dressed, quite conservatively, in a black trouser suit – tight ankle length pants, a one-button jacket and comfortable black button shoes. The only provocative gesture was that she wore no shirt or blouse, just a black bra that supported her breasts nicely and showed just enough cleavage and lace to be interesting. Underneath she wore a very skimpy black thong, almost a g-string pair of panties. Her blonde hair was tied up on top. Certainly, she got a few appreciative looks from the men as she parked the car and walked down the high street to the offices, carrying a smart black leather brief-case.

She was bang on time – eleven o’clock he had said – and was told to go to the top floor, where she was shown straight in to the boardroom. It was a large rectangular room dominated by a long mahogany table. At the far end was another smaller table in front of a large window. A man was sitting there with the light shining behind so that, as Kate walked towards him, all she could make out was his outline. He motioned for her to sit down in front of him.

“You must be Catherine.” He said in a friendly deep voice, looking her up and down. “Welcome to Maddox. Didn’t they tell you?”

“Tell me what?” she replied nervously.

“No pants to be worn by women.”

“I’m sorry. No they didn’t and, anyway, isn’t that rather sexist?”

“I own the company so I make the rules. Do you want the job or don’t you?”

“Well, yes, of course I do.”

“Then güvenilir bahis obey the rules. No pants to be worn by women!”

“But I don’t have a skirt with me to change into.”

“Obey the rules or this will be a very short interview.”

“Oh – very well.” Kate muttered and quickly removed her shoes, pulled down her tight pants and stepped out of them. She sat back down again with her legs crossed.

“That’s better, Catherine.” His voice sounded even deeper and gentler. “Isn’t that more comfortable? Now, tell me about yourself and why you think you are suitable for the position. Then we will carry out a few simple tests to see if you are up to it.”

Kate began to give him a resume of her career but, after a couple of minutes, he interrupted her.

“Is this you?” He asked and slid a photo across the table.

“You know it is.” She replied.

“The woman in the picture is naked and has a beauty spot on her left buttock. Let me see.”


“You heard me. Do you want the picture back or not?”

Kate stood up, still trying to make out his face with the bright light in her face. All she could tell was that he seemed slim with short brown hair. He was jacket-less with a necktie and that was about all she could make out. He smelled fresh with a nice hint of cologne. As she took off her jacket, she noticed the man undo the buttons at the front of his pants and ease them down a little to access and free up his large stiff dick. It popped out long and thick and ready and, as he began to rub it slowly and gently, it seemed to expand before her eyes.

Memorised by this sight, Kate removed her bra, allowing her large white breasts to swing free. She moved closer to try to get a better look at him, but he beckoned her back.

“Back, Catharine. Stand at the head of the table. So you are wearing something underneath after all.”

“Not any more, you bastard.” She slipped türkçe bahis her thong off and threw it on to the pile with the rest of her things.

“Turn around so I check it is you in the picture.”

She turned around, facing the boardroom table, and bent all the way down so that she could touch her toes. She could feel how wet she was between the legs and felt embarrassed as a line of her juices began to slide down her thigh. She heard him get up from his chair and walk towards her, his footsteps loud and quick against the wooden floor. He enjoyed the view of her shapely behind with her pink shaven pussy glistening below her pert little bumhole

“Yes, it is you after all. Let me have a closer look.”

His hands gripped her shoulders and guided her to the table so that her front was spread-eagled on the shiny surface. Kate noticed a number of deep scratch marks, only at this end of the table. She felt him lean on top of her back and whisper in her ear.

“I think you will be very suitable for this job, Catherine. Just a few last tests; I won’t be long!”

She felt his hands run down her back and clench her buttocks; he dug his nails into her flesh so hard that she screamed.

“Quiet, Catherine. You must be quiet. Use these.” He put her black pants on the table by her head so she could use them to stifle any noise.

Then a hand slid between her legs and ran all the way under her. A finger parted her lips and eased in. She was so wet and the room so quiet that they could both hear the slurping of her pussy juices as he went to work, first with one finger, and then two as he filled her tight and willing hole. As he did so, he sucked and nibbled on her ear.

“How does that feel, Catherine? Do you think you will like this job?”

She muttered. “Yes! Please let me have the job. I will always do my best to please you, sir.”

He moved to her clitoris and rubbed it gently at first and güvenilir bahis siteleri then harder with the fingers of one hand as the other hand slid up and down her hole and over her special spot. Both his hands were now dripping as her sex fluids gushed out and down her legs on to the wooden floor. By now she was beyond control, small tingling orgasms being replaced by a succession of strong spasms of ecstasy convulsing through her body. She barely noticed the sound of his pants falling to the floor but she noticed the feeling of his hard head right up against her wet and juicy opening.

Without preamble, he grabbed her hips and drove in hard, at first half way and then filled her up completely. Kate felt as if her whole body was being taken over by a locomotive power driving up and down, in and out. The friction of the skin against her sensitive pussy walls sent further waves of pleasure through her. She came again and again, her fingers gripping the table and adding more scratch marks to the expensive surface. He slapped her arse as hard as he could in rhythm with his driving movement.

“Do you want the job?!” He yelled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” She screamed as her final climax ripped through. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Do you deserve it!”

“Yes, yes, please, please. Just fuck me harder. I will do anything you say!”

“Then take my spunk, Catherine.”

He began a last acceleration of fucking, driving even harder and deeper until Kate thought she might explode. Then he let out a huge long grunt of delivery and squirted all the way into her, three or four spasms into her willing, wet, wonderful pleasure hole.

He pulled out abruptly and, as Kate lay in a pool of sweat and sex on the table, he walked from the room, buttoning himself up as he went. Kate looked up, only to see his back as he opened the door and left. After a few seconds, the door opened and the brisk and efficient personnel lady who had shown Kate in returned smiling.

“My, that was quick.” She said. “How do you think it went?”

As she began to put her rumpled clothes, now sticky and stained, back on, Kate grinned.

“Somehow, I think I got the job!”

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