Kitty in the Cream


The pen name should say it all. The things that happen in my stories are at best, unlikely. To me, that’s the whole point of fantasy. I’m writing to get you hard or wet, whichever is appropriate. If that’s your sort of reality, then step inside. Please vote and comment, because that’s what keeps me writing.


Kitty let her butt sway just a bit more as she walked up the sidewalk. Old man Barnes whistled again when she looked back over her shoulder to toss her honey-blonde hair and wink at him. He creeped out most of the girls, but Kitty knew he was harmless. She was dressed to kill in a form-fitting blouse and skirt, so she would have been disappointed if he hadn’t noticed her when he came out to fetch his paper.

Giving him a little thrill now and then was well worth it whenever she ran out of her favorite perfume. The old man’s son sold the fragrance, so she hadn’t paid for it in a couple of years — except with a wiggle of her butt or jiggle of her boobs.

Kitty could hear the irritation in Mr. Anderson’s voice when she walked in the door to find him on the phone.

“Sarah — no. Look, just forget it. I don’t need the support money, anyway. I need to get going to work. Bye.”

He hung up the phone and said, “Sorry about that, Kitty.”

“It’s okay. I’ve only met her once, and she made me mad, too,” Kitty responded as she headed toward Jack’s door to wake him up.

He laughed. “She has that affect on people.”

Kitty glanced back over her shoulder with a shiver as he walked into the kitchen for his morning coffee. She had no idea what he’d seen in his bitchy ex-wife, but knew that the woman was an idiot for giving him up. He was devilishly handsome, strong, funny, and had a lot of money.

She’d heard whispers about drug use, which were probably true, considering that he had custody of their son, and she hadn’t bled him dry in the divorce.

Mr. Anderson was already off to work as usual by the time she had Jack up and ready for school. Once Jack woke up, he was bouncing off the walls, and Kitty knew that his teachers were going to have their hands full today. He was a sweet boy with his father’s blonde hair, and she had little doubt that he would be just as much of a charmer when he grew up.

Kitty put Jack on the bus, and then went back inside to fetch her purse. The door to Mr. Anderson’s bedroom was open, and Kitty bit her lower lip as she considered it. She hadn’t skipped out of class at community college in months, and the whirlpool tub in the master bath was calling to her. Contrary to her name, Kitty loved the water — especially powerful jets of it, aimed just right.

With a wide grin spreading across her face, she locked the front door, and pulled out her cell to tell her ride to go without her.

Kitty stripped down while the tub filled, tingling with anticipation. She then felt the towels on the rack by the shower, and found one that was dry. A quick tumble through the dryer after her bath would hide any evidence that she’d snuck a treat in the tub.

The tub seemed to take forever to fill as she stood next to it, impatiently tapping her foot. Finally, it was ready.

Kitty eased into the tub, panting as she adjusted to the heat of the water. A long sigh escaped her as she settled into a seat and reached for the controls. The jets turned on, drawing a chuckling moan from her as the water caressed her body.

It took only a minute or two of soaking in the hot, roiling water before her arousal surged. Kitty caressed her firm young breasts, and squeezed the stiff pink tips. One hand glided down her body to her bare-shaven pussy, and she gasped as her fingertips tickled her need.

She couldn’t wait any longer. Kitty spun around and held on to the edge of the tub, finding the right position in moments. It was second nature now, after a couple of times experimenting.

Kitty purred as the jets perfectly buoyed her breasts and tickled her nether lips. The rest of the jets curled around her body, the bubbles tickling her as they rose through the water.

Soon enough, she needed more. Kitty cranked up the power of the jets, and let out a little yelp as the streams of water pressed harder against her. Little rocks of her hips pushed her pussy down on the stream shooting between her legs, letting it penetrate deeper, as well as strumming her folds and swollen clit.

Kitty whimpered as she felt the itch building behind her mound. Small moans and gasps bubbled from her lips as the water touched every part of her. Her fingers found the controls again, and she twisted the dial to its maximum setting.

Kitty’s cry warbled as the water took her with relentless force. A tiny shift of position sent the powerful jet of water between her legs deep inside her. She stiffened, her body trembling from the feeling of the water plunging into her pussy, vibrating her labia, and assaulting her clit.

Inarticulate sounds of ecstasy roamed up and down the scale of pitch, and volume, accompanying the swelling bubble of orgasmic energy inside illegal bahis her. The strength of the stimulation from the water jets kept her on the edge, building the need to come inside her, but numbing her enough that she never quite reached the point of no return.

Kitty’s eyes snapped shut, her breathing now nothing but rapid pants that barely drew in enough air to keep her vision from dimming. Her body screamed for release, the pleasure now tinged with the pain of denied need. On and on it went, torturous bliss that tightened her flushed face and caused her fingers to curl into claws.

Kitty’s orgasm exploded through her, her body lurching backward in the water from the shock. An ear-piercing shriek filled the room as she fell back. Every whorl of water that touched her set off a new shockwave. The thrashing of her body caused the water to lap up to the top of the tub.

Her climax ended much as it had began, with a lightning bolt of ecstasy shooting from her pussy, up her spine, and into her brain. Kitty blindly fumbled through the water, her eyes still pinched tightly closed, and managed to slip between the terrible — wonderful — jets of water. Aftershocks still shook her as she struggled to the edge of the tub to hang her arms over the side for support.

After what felt like an eternity, she managed to twist the dial to turn off the jets. She still tingled and twitched from the current of pleasure traveling through her body in waves, causing her to whimper between gasps for air.

Kitty finally settled from her orgasm with a long, purring moan. She lay her head down on the edge of the tub to catch her breath, and shivered in the sweet afterglow of her orgasm.

Chills continued to take control of her body through the whole process of hiding the evidence of her secret pleasure. A last little shiver passed through her as she left the master bath, dressed once more, and wearing a dreamy, satisfied smile.

Just as she was about to leave the room, something caught her eye. A pair of headphones on an odd stand sat atop the chest of drawers on the opposite side of the bed. Intrigued, Kitty walked over and examined them. A quick glance at the TV revealed a companion piece plugged into the headphone jack, confirming her suspicion that the headphones were wireless.

“Nice,” Kitty said in a soft voice, and then she noticed that the top drawer was open about an inch and a half. She bit her bottom lip and looked around as her curiosity prodded her, encouraging her to snoop.

Kitty slipped two fingers into the open drawer, and slowly pulled it out. Her eyes widened, and she pursed her lips to hold back a laugh when she saw the bottle of lube and cube of tissues in the drawer. It didn’t take much imagination to guess what those two things were used for, and the thought of the handsome older man stroking his cock sent another chill up her spine.

The drawer also had a box of condoms in it, and a couple of burned DVDs that only had women’s names written on them.

She knew that she shouldn’t, but curiosity akin to her namesake once again got the better of her. Kitty left the case where it was, but opened it to remove the disc inside. She took it over to the DVD player and put it in.

The video faded in, and Kitty’s mouth dropped open. It was of Mr. Anderson and some redheaded woman that she didn’t know. They were both in the bed that she was standing next to, wearing nothing but underwear. The redhead’s large breasts were bare, and the two were kissing — seriously kissing. The redhead pulled away from the kiss and grabbed Mr. Anderson’s boxer shorts.

Oh my god! Kitty thought as Mr. Anderson’s cock sprang free. He was about as long as her last couple of boyfriends, but much thicker. The head was large and bulbous, and she could almost imagine what it would feel like popping into her pussy.

He lay down on the bed, and the redhead took him in her mouth, her lips stretching wide around his girth. Mr. Anderson picked up a remote control, and the camera zoomed in on her lips sliding up and down about half of his thick cock.

Kitty sat down on the end of the bed, enthralled by the sight. She rubbed her nipples, which were once again stiff with desire. After only a minute or two, the camera zoomed back out, and he sat up to kiss the woman again. After the kiss, he playfully shoved her down to lie diagonally on the bed. He pushed her legs apart, and started licking her pussy.

Kitty’s right hand slipped under her skirt, and she pressed her fingers into her pussy through her panties. Mr. Anderson devoured the woman, causing her to writhe on the bed. Kitty looked back at the headphones when she noticed how much the woman appeared to be crying out. She slipped off the bed again, and picked up the headphones.

The redhead was indeed moaning and yelping up a storm, but Kitty could still hear the sound of Mr. Anderson’s tongue. A bonfire of need surged in Kitty, and she climbed up onto the bed. Mr. Anderson wouldn’t be home for hours, and she couldn’t ignore how hot seeing him illegal bahis siteleri lick pussy was making her.

Kitty pulled up her blouse and bra first, so that she could pinch her stiff, aching nipples. She wriggled her bottom until she could bunch her skirt up around her waist, and then slid down her panties.

The woman on the screen came with a loud scream just as Kitty plunged two fingers deep into her wet pussy. Mr. Anderson kept teasing the redhead, causing her to thrash and yelp with every touch of his tongue. After a few seconds, he got up on his knees and took his cock in hand.

The redhead let out a quavering moan and said, “Oh god, yes. Fuck me, John.”

Kitty groaned and stroked her fingers faster as John buried his cock in the redhead. The woman’s mouth and eyes both popped wide open as he filled her up, stretching her pussy with his thick cock.

Kitty’s other hand joined the first to rub her clit in fast circles as John took the woman on the screen — hard and fast. She could feel the hot pressure of another orgasm swelling inside her, and matched the speed of her fingers to his fast-pumping hips.

On the verge of climax a minute or so later, she barely noticed him walk in the room.

Kitty tore off the headphones and struggled to sit up as Mr. Anderson said, “Kitty, what are you doing?” He looked at the television screen, and quickly moved to stand in front of it while blindly fumbling to find the power button behind him. “Put your clothes back on.”

The powerful flash of embarrassment she felt evaporated in an instant as Kitty’s eyes dropped to his crotch. The gorgeous cock she’d been masturbating to was right in front of her, only a few feet away. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood.

“Kitty, cover up. What are you still doing here?”

“Do you like my tits?” Kitty asked, ignoring his questions.

His eyes were focused on those firm globes, still revealed by her bunched up blouse and bra resting atop them. He jerked his eyes away and said, “Just cover them up. I can’t believe this.”

“Do you really want me to do that?” Kitty pulled her blouse over her head and unhooked her bra. Once the garments both fluttered to the floor, she walked toward him.

“Kitty, stop it. Let’s just forget this ever happened, and not let it happen again,” he responded, though his eyes twitched back toward her once as he spoke.

“But I didn’t get to come. I’m so hot that I can’t stand it,” Kitty said as she continued to walk toward him.

He backed away, holding up a restraining hand between them and keeping his head turned away from her. Kitty took a quick step forward, grabbed his wrist, and pulled his hand against her right breast. He resisted at the last second, and pulled away the moment that he touched her, but with nothing resembling his full strength. He also didn’t shake her hand off of his wrist.

Kitty stepped in and palmed the bulge in his trousers. “You’re getting hard, aren’t you?

He twisted away, but stumbled against the bed, nearly falling on top of it. Kitty took the second he needed to catch his balance to pull her skirt past her hips and step out of it.

Kitty’s voice was full of needful desire as she said, “I want you. Your cock is so big, and I’m so horny.”

He couldn’t stop his eyes from falling on her baby-smooth pussy. “Kitty — no.”

“But you want it, don’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re…”

“Legal,” Kitty interrupted as she stepped forward to pen him in between her and the bed. “I’m not a little girl.”

He tried to sidestep, but she blocked him. “You’re my babysitter. It isn’t right for me to take advantage of you.”

“You’re not taking advantage of me. I want you.” Once again, she reached out to touch his cock. “Oh — you are hard.”

He groaned from her touch, and then louder when she squeezed his erection. “Oh, I’m going to hell,” he muttered.

Kitty knew that she’d broken down his reservations. He could no more deny his need now than she could. She reached for his belt before he could hesitate again, and then hastily unbuttoned his pants so that she could reach her hand in. She slipped her fingers beneath the waist of his boxers, and took his naked cock in her hand.

“Oh my god,” he groaned, and jerked loose his tie. He worked on the buttons of his shirt while Kitty tugged down his pants.

Once Kitty got his pants down to his thighs, she sank down to her knees and kissed the tip of his cock. It jumped, pressing against her lips for a fraction of a second and swelling. She looked up into his eyes and slithered her tongue over his cock with a hungry moan.

He popped open the last button on his shirt, and then put his hand on the back of her head. “Oh god — suck it.”

Kitty’s moan jumped in volume when she heard those words. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft and took him in. Her cheeks and jaw ached from opening so wide to admit him, but she didn’t care. The sound of his pleasure-filled growls as she sucked on a couple canlı bahis siteleri of inches of his cock was more than worth the discomfort.

“Fuck, Kitty, that’s good.”

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned around him, her free hand creeping down to rub her aching pussy at the same time.

“Ah — fuck,” he sighed, and leaned to one side so that he could both see her fingering her pussy, and reach her breast.

Kitty took him deeper as he caressed and squeezed her breast, stoking her fires even higher. She bobbed her head fast over his cock, and he barely reacted when her teeth occasionally scraped him. Despite how much she enjoyed it, she had to let him slip free of her lips to rest her jaw after a few more sucks. She licked his shaft a pair of times, and then felt him lift on her breast.

Kitty stood at his urging, and peeled off his shirt as he pulled her into a kiss. Once their lips parted, he explained, “Too close. It would take me too long to get hard again if I come now.”

She pulled his hand between her legs and said, “I need to come so bad. Make Kitty’s kitty purr.”

He turned her toward the bed, and then stepped on the heels of his shoes to remove them. He dropped his pants to the ground as she reclined, parting her legs wide to reveal the moist pink treat between them.

He stepped out of his pants and leaned over the bed, pushing on her ass to scoot her back. She wriggled to assist him, and he dived between her thighs as soon as she was in position.

“Ohhh,” Kitty cried out, her voice warbling as his tongue darted over her. “That feels so good. Oh, don’t stop.”

He paused just long enough to say, “Ah — you have such a sweet, pretty pussy.”

“Mmm — make it come,” Kitty begged.

His tongue felt every bit as wonderful as it had looked on the television screen. He licked and sucked, savoring her juices with hungry moans, leaving no part of her untouched. One moment, his tongue would be dancing over her with rapid flicks that made her twitch, and the next he would suck her clit hard, drawing her back up off the mattress.

Kitty writhed in bliss, either running her fingers through his hair or caressing her breasts, depending upon whether he was looking up at her or not. The tempo of her breathing spiked, in time with the rising heat behind her mound. Whenever she was able to draw a deep breath amongst the sharp, inarticulate sounds of pleasure escaping her, she begged, “Make my pussy come.” Every time she did so, his enthusiasm increased and his eyes lit up.

He lifted her hood, fully exposing her clit to his assault, and Kitty felt the hot itch that would push her over the edge. His tongue flickered over her so fast, coming at her bud from every possible angle, driving her toward an explosion.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh — oh my god! Oh! Oh!” Kitty cried out, and then wailed in ecstasy as she reached her peak. Her fingers curled into claws, scrunching the bedclothes between them. Her bottom lifted off the bed, pressing her quivering pussy tight against his face.

The first shock of climaxed released her, and she collapsed back to the bed with a squeal. His tongue flicked out, every touch setting off another jolt of perfect bliss through her body. She whimpered and gasped, her head lashing back and forth, her orgasm holding on to her, driven by perfectly timed laps from his wonderful tongue.

Kitty was still coming when he rose up from between her legs and reached for the chest of drawers. When he pulled out a condom and tore open the package, she breathed, “Oh, fuck,” and shivered from the anticipation of his big cock buried inside her.

He rolled the latex sheathe over his erection, and then straddled her still trembling body to suck her right nipple. She reached between their bodies to squeeze his cock as he tantalized her breasts with kisses and sucks.

Kitty was still tingling from her orgasm when she said in a husky whisper, “Oh, I want you.”

John pushed up with a growl, and rose up onto his knees. His strong hands pushed her knees out and toward her chest, opening her pussy for him. He leaned forward, supporting his weight on one hand and holding her legs back. Then, he took his cock in hand and tapped the head against her clit in a rapid tattoo.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” Kitty pleaded.

He let out a growling moan, and then slipped the tip of his cock between her nether lips. He rubbed it up and down the parting of her lips, wetting it in her juices, and then poised at the entrance of her canal.

Kitty sucked in a quavering gasp as he pushed inside her, slipping deep into her saturated canal. The tiniest twinges of pain bit at her, evidence of his thick cock pushing her tight young pussy to the limits. Two groans sounded as his balls settled against her ass — his deep and growling, hers high-pitched and loud.

“Oh, Kitty, that pussy is so tight.”

“Your cock feels so good. It’s so big. Oh, so big.”

A moist sucking sound accompanied his cock slipping free of her depths, and again as he thrust back inside her. Kitty squealed as he filled her full once more, and then gasped when he withdrew. She could feel every tiny rib on the condom, and every contour of his cock beneath. She fit him like a glove, her velvety walls clinging to every inch of him.

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