LA Fitness Towel Lady


My unofficial job title is towel lady. Not very glamorous, but it pays the bills. I just started at LA Fitness this week. The best part of my job is stocking the towels in the men’s locker room.

I work with a lot of middle-aged Mexican women. They all dress in the same thing, loose fitting white pants and a white smock. Well this Colombian towel lady is changing things up. I’m wearing white denim shorts and a white, very fitted v-neck t-shirt. My 40C breasts are straining against my shirt. My bra has just enough padding to push them up and together to form some nice cleavage. I know the other ladies don’t like the way I dress but I don’t like the way they dress either so we’re even.

You just finished your workout and are in the shower when I get into the locker room. I’ve been distracted by a guy that’s trying to pick me up and won’t take no for an answer. I finally convince him that he has no chance and he walks away dejected.

I turn with my arms full of towels and walk to the rack to put them up. As I’m putting the towels away you walk up to me dripping wet, butt naked and take a towel from the stack in my arms. I have seen lots of wet, naked men since I started working here but there is something about you that just stops me in my tracks. It could be the muscular chest and arms, the rock hard legs. But what I think catches my eye is the huge cock swinging between your legs. I can’t help myself, I’m staring at the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. As I bite down on my lip you hear me moaning.

You see that I’m liking what I see. “Put the towels up and follow me.” you say. I put them canlı bahis on the rack and follow you into the back room. “What’s your name?”

“Esmeralda Villalobos.”

“Esmeralda? That’s a very exotic name. I like it. I’m Donald.” I just can’t stop looking at your cock. “Do you like this?” you ask as you stroke your shaft.


“Do you want it?”


You stand in front of me and put your hands on my breasts. You slip your hands in my bra and roll my nipples in your fingers. You can feel my heart beating fast. I reach out and take your cock in my hands. You kiss my cleavage and pull one of my breasts out of my bra to suck my nipple.

As you play with my breasts I stroke your cock and it starts getting hard. We both are breathing harder. You reach down and unzip my shorts. They are tight enough that you have to tug on them to get them over my hips. You take the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head. You step back and look at me. “Esmeralda, you have a very sexy body.” I feel my face get warm from the blush spreading over it.

Your cock is throbbing against your stomach. You pull me to you and kiss me hard. My tongue finds its way into your mouth. You drop one hand down to my crotch and you start rubbing my clit through my panties. They are already wet. I’m moaning loudly and the only thing that keeps anyone from hearing me are the washing machines in the room. I reach for your cock again. I want to suck your magnificent member but when I try to kneel in front of you you pull me up. “Not yet Esmeralda.”

You pull my panties off, pick me up and set me on bahis siteleri the edge of one of the washers. You spread my legs and look at my wet pussy. You slip 2 fingers inside me. I close my eyes and bite my lip. Your fingers slide in and out of my wet, tight pussy. The washer is in the spin cycle and I can feel the vibration in my pussy. I’m getting wetter.

As the fingers of one hand slide in and out of my pussy, you are rubbing my clit with the other. I throw my head back and cry out, “Ay Dios Mio! Donald I’m cuming!” Your fingers are moving in and out faster and harder and my clit is a hard button under your touch. I let out one last moan and you feel my pussy tighten on your fingers as I cum.

I slide off the washer and stand in front of you. I put my arms around you and pull you close to me. I can feel your enormous cock pressing against me. We kiss roughly and I press harder against your cock, rubbing it between your stomach and mine.

“Now Esmeralda, now you can suck it.” I kneel on a stack of towels in front of you. At first I just kneel there and look at your cock.

I look up at you and smile. “It is so big Don, I’m not sure I can take it all but I’ll do my best.”

“That’s all I can ask.”

I lean in and lick you from base to tip. “Mmmm.” My hand grips the base of your throbbing member as my lips part and slide over your cock. As my mouth moves down on your shaft, my hand moves up. I try to go slowly but I have never had such a big cock in my mouth and I am very excited. I have one hand on your cock and the other is caressing your ass.

You have your balls in one bahis şirketleri hand, gently massaging them as I suck you faster and faster. You thrust your cock deep into my mouth. As I’m sucking you I am moaning. I feel like I could cum again without any stimulation to my pussy or clit. You hold my head as you growl and moan. I glance up at you and your eyes are closed and you are playing with my hair. You grip my shoulder with one hand and let out a loud grunt as you shove your cock down my throat and cum.

Just as you pull your cock out of my mouth there is a noise from the doorway. We both look and see one of the other ladies turning around and walking out of the room. I look at you and wink.

Your cock is still hard and throbbing. You help me up then turn me around. You bend me over the counter and slam your cock into my pussy. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before Esmeralda. Does that sound good to you?”

“Oh yes, Donald, fuck me!” Your cock is almost too big for me, almost but not quite. With each slam of your cock into me I moan, louder and louder.

You fuck me harder and faster. You weave your hands into my hair and pull my head back and kiss my neck. “I’m going to cum in your sweet, tight pussy.” I can feel your body tense.

“I’m ready Donald. I’m ready to have you shoot your hot love juices into me.” You thrust deep into me one last time and your body quivers against mine as we cum together.

I turn around and put my arms around your neck. “I think I might like this towel lady job.” I kiss you passionately. You tell me you need to take another shower now and ask if I want to join you. So off we go to lather each other up in the shower. I have appointed myself your personal towel girl. Three times a week I have a new, clean towel waiting for you in the back room.

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