Lab Time Fun


Casey had seen Chris around the lab helping out the undergraduates during scheduled experiments; they had spoken on one or two occasions, although only about the experiments.

Casey had noticed Chris on the first day in the lab, he was just over 6 foot tall with a rugged look about him, and he looked like he had a fairly toned body under the lab coat he was always wearing. He had short brown hair that had a messy look to it with deep chocolate brown eyes and he was always on hand to help any student that was struggling in class.

Today Casey was working in the lab on her own trying to decipher the various features of the bones when Chris walked in carrying a large pile of books and folders. He looked surprised to see Casey. Casey looked up from her pile of bones; she smiled and asked if he needed any help. He replied that he didn’t and apologized if he startled her explaining he didn’t realise that there was anybody in the lab.

“No worries” replied Casey “I didn’t think anyone else would be working at this time of day”.

“Neither did I, I’ll go work in the other lab” said Chris.

“Oh no, no it’s fine there’s enough room for us both in here, um, if you want to stay.” Replied Casey.

“Thanks “said Chris putting his books at the other end of the work bench.

Chris and Casey worked in silence for an hour when Chris heard Casey lightly cursing under her breath. He asked if she was ok.

“Yeah, I just can’t seem to work out which rib goes where in this skeleton”

“I can help if you like, I took my undergrad in human otology”

Chris slid a stool up to the part of the bench that Casey was working on, and took a seat opposite her, she had the bones of a skeleton all laid out in the correct places except the ribs.

“if you work on the assumption that the ribs get bigger as they go down the bahis firmaları body and then get smaller again, then you can sort them according to size” Chris remarked as he lifted each rib to show her.

Casey leaned across the bench slightly to see Chris demonstrating the features of each rib. Chris noticed that the top few buttons on Casey’s lab coat were undone. Her perfectly sized breasts were straining the fabric and he could clearly see the porcelain white skin below her tan line. Her fiery red hair curled around her neck enhancing the cleavage that was on show for him to see. He had noticed her before of course, in the lab, well who could miss those fiery red curls and that amazingly rounded ass. Chris realised he had stopped talking and Casey had noticed him watching her breasts, a tiny smile ran across her lips, as she watched him blush.

“Would you mind coming round this side to show me, I can’t see clearly from there” Casey almost whispered.

“Um, yeah, um, no problem” he replied unable to trust his voice not to betray him.

“So this rib belongs in the 7th position” Casey said placing the rib where it should be located on Chris’ body and feeling the taut muscles she had fantasized would be there.

“Yeah, um that’s correct” said Chris blushing even redder now.

“And this one belongs in the 2nd position, just here” she indicated to the position on her own body in line the top of her cleavage.

“y,y,y,y,yeah” stammered Chris hoping that she had not noticed the swelling that was growing at an alarming rate in his trousers.

Casey had noticed and could also feel her cotton panties starting to get wet with her own juices. Casey decided it was time to have a little fun with these old bones and innocently asked,

“so this would be the 5th rib” placing the bones across her chest and running kaçak iddaa a finger along to where her nipples were already tingling with excitement.

“That’s correct” squeaked Chris.

“You know I could help you with that problem you seem to be having” said Casey as she ran her hand up from Chris’ knee to the already large bulge protruding from his crotch.

“wwwwwwwwhat problem” Chris exclaimed as Casey undid the zipper on his trousers and popped his rather large cock out, it was bigger than Casey had expected, maybe 8 full inches but that didn’t faze Casey. She knew she could handle it.

Casey took Chris’ cock in her left hand and bent over to take her first taste of him, she slowly flicked her tongue across the tip and then worked his cock into her mouth. Using her right hand Casey took hold of his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. Casey took as much of Chris’ cock into her mouth as she could and worked him slowly gathering pace as she felt him relax.

Chris was surprised when Casey had let his cock loose from his trousers but as he felt her warm wet mouth around his shaft he had begun to relax and was now enjoying watching her fiery red hair bouncing up and down on his cock.

“mmmmm that feels so good” whispered Chris

Casey took his cock from her mouth and stood up, she manoeuvred herself up onto the bench and spread her legs so Chris had a good view of her now soaking wet panties.

” oh wow” he said as he expertly slid her panties down with one hand and positioned his head so his tongue was within a centimetre of her perfectly shaven pussy. He took a breath and smelt the delicious smell of her juices, he could see how wet she was. He blew lightly across her clit and felt her twitch with excitement, he flicked his tongue across her clit and she twitched even more.

Chris was kissing, licking and kaçak bahis sucking at her pussy with vigour now, then she gave a little gasp as he slide 2 fingers into her now dripping wet pussy, he drove his fingers in as far as he could make them go. Casey’s pussy was hot and her juices were starting to run over the lab table, Chris finger fucked Casey hard and fast and just as she was ready to come, she pulled his head up and said

“fuck me NOW!”

She didn’t need to tell him twice, he quickly stood up pulled her forward on the table and eased his cock into her moist pussy. Oh god she feels so good thought Chris to himself. Casey had moved her hand down to her clit and was rubbing it rhythm to Chris’ fucking her.

“harder, make me cum hard, I want to cum all over your stiff cock” Casey whispered in his ear, her fingers working furiously at her clit.

Casey could feel her own orgasm beginning to reach the peak and she could tell that Chris was nearly there as well.

“oh fuck, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming” Casey screamed “oh fuck, oh shit, yes, yes, yes ,fuck me harder, make me cum”

“you ready for my hot cum in your wet pussy” Chris replied, slamming his hard cock deep into her pussy.

“yes, yes, cum for me, cum in my wet pussy” Casey screamed as her own orgasm took over her body making her quiver all over.

Chris thrust hard into her pussy and felt his seed squirt deep inside her, he slowed his pace and felt 2 more reams of hot seed empty into her.

His cock was starting to go limp now and as he readjusted his trousers, he looked at her bashfully.

Casey was already packing up the bones into the box and getting ready to leave, as she got to the door she turned and with a cheeky smile on her face said

“thanks for all your help today Chris, I will be needing some help with the bone features next week if your available, same time, same place”.

She was gone before Chris had a chance to react and he was left in the middle of the lab wondering what surprises she would have in store for him next time.

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