Lana Confined


Lana struggled futilely against the metal restraints cuffing her to the bed. Her husband had left her, naked and trapped, in this hotel room for the better part of an hour now. Jesse had clearly prepared meticulously for this event, choosing a beautifully situated bungalow to enact this cruel torture upon her. A television on the right hand side of the room was depicting a number of amateur bondage scenarios, with volume just high enough for Lana to hear moans of pleasure and pain. Jesse knew she had domination and submission fantasies and his selection of pornography was maddeningly titillating. To her left was a ceiling-high glass door that had been slid wide open. Outside was a magnificent near-perfect vista of the tropical lake and a waterfall in the distance. Their suite was one of a dozen buildings around the lake and she could see swimmers splashing in the distance. Under normal circumstances, the view would have been serene, relaxing. However in her current state, Lana was acutely aware that anyone who was swimming in the lake or on the far side of the shore could see her fully exposed nude body. In front of her bed sat a large, deliberately placed mirror. Lana could see her engorged nether regions, the vibrator belted around her waist stimulating her, and now-reddened face.

I’m going to kill Jesse.

His set up was perfectly designed to frustrate her. It began with the vibrator on her belt. The device was a small black bullet-shaped massager that hung down from her belly, through her small thatch of brown pubic hair, and dangled tantalisingly over her clitoris. The vibrator nestled loosely between her pussy lips, though each time she struggled against her restraints it would dislodge and bounce on her moist vulva. The movement would leave her in pleasurable agony, building her sexual frustration as she was unable to reach climax like this. Jesse’s plan was to prevent her from orgasming, but it was worse for the sadistic choice he put to her in her surroundings. She could do nothing to escape her torment. The pornography had obvious purpose: to keep her mind on sex. The gorgeous view of the lake outside served to remind her of how exposed she was; there were dozens of lively half-naked vacationers swimming about in bikinis and board shorts that could simply look up at any moment. The mirror in front of her was to force her to look at herself, and Jesse knew she hated that. Lana never felt like an attractive woman; she did have medium-sized round breasts but her hips were too broad and she felt like it made her ass look huge in comparison to the rest of her. At the start of her confinement, Jesse had deliberately placed her thick hair over her breasts and giving her a façade of clothing. Her thrashing over the last hour had splayed her long black hair around her body, leaving her completely nude now.

Shutting her eyes to these stimuli wasn’t a good option either – it merely heightened her tactile sense of the vibrator intermittently buzzing at the güvenilir bahis base of her clit. Lana attempted to close her eyes and imagine being fucked hard, but each time she got further into a fantasy and built her climax, the vibrator would oscillate in an inconsistent manner. She couldn’t come, she couldn’t leave, she couldn’t do anything except hope that her increasingly exasperated moans didn’t draw the attention of those outside. In desperation, Lana attempted to flip the vibrator up and off her. Her legs were not chained to the bed, so she had a fair degree of freedom of movement from the waist down. The vibrator jangled about on her belt, but as it was fastened by two leather straps (forming a triangle with the vibrator at the apex) she had little ability to remove it. She could jostle it good and slightly shift where it sat – that was it.

Lana shimmied her hips up and down, the inconsistent vibrator flapping and buzzing against her clit with every shake. Finally, she managed to land it at the tip of her vaginal lips, directly in contact with her clit. The pulses of the vibrator were not consistent but at least now she was getting directed sensation directly into her most sensitive area. Lana turned her attention to the television to her right, where a scene of spanking and submission was heating up. A young woman lay naked over the lap of a fully-dressed man, and he rhythmically smacked her ass until she squealed in pain and pleasure. Lana could feel herself approaching her own crescendo; the vibrator mercifully seemed to be staying on more consistently and giving her much more direct stimulation. Her breathing became ragged, stilted. The pulses from the vibrator sent electricity arcing up and down her body, causing her back to convulse. Lana clamped her legs around the vibrator, attempting to heighten the sensation when suddenly the device shut off.

She lay with tightened muscles, curled up into a ball and crying out in utter exhausted frustration.

“I was so close!” Lana screamed. “Fuck me!”

“That can be arranged.”

Lana jolted against her restraints as she saw her husband in the doorway of the hotel suite. Jesse was a tall, broad shouldered man. He had recently cut his auburn hair short; his hair now fell in short curls around his face and the streaks of grey around his left temple were now noticeably pronounced. He wore a vaguely smug and confident expression. Normally she would find his attitude sexy and reassuring, but at this moment she hated the jerk.

“Hurry! Hurry up and finish me off!” she yelled at her. Her teeth clenched and she couldn’t help but lock her jaw. Her climax was ebbing fast.

“Maybe…” Jesse sauntered over towards her. He ran fingers gently over her naked body, tracing a path from the nape of her neck, over her left breast, down her belly and over her pubic mound. He stopped before reaching her engorged pussy.

“No maybe!” Lana’s voice suddenly cracked, tinged with desperation. She wanted türkçe bahis to come so badly now. “Please?”

Jesse continued to trace a line with his fingers down her thigh. He stroked up and down, each time growing closer and closer to her pussy. He would brush lightly over the top of her clit with his fingertips, eliciting short ecstatic gasps from her. Each touch made her ache harder. She subconsciously reached for him but was once again reminded of her confinement when the handcuffs jankled around her wrists.

“Please! Stop teasing me! Fuck me! Use the vibrator! Something!” Lana strained against the cuffs again, arching her back and pulling hard. The exertion chafed her wrists against the steel restraints. Jesse took a step back from the bed, unfastening his robe and letting it slide into a cotton puddle on the floor. Lana was treated to a full view of his body; tall, slightly heavy-set but well proportioned. He had a short stubble beard and a light covering of dark brown hair on his arms, legs and chest. Her attention was drawn to his erect cock: not too long but definitely the thickest she’d ever experienced.

Jesse slipped a finger between her pink pussy lips. She felt him slide straight in; his finger felt huge but she was so aroused that there was little friction. Lana moaned slightly as he slowly pushed his finger up to the knuckle, then retracted it. She could feel him curl his finger back in a come-hither motion; it tantalised her g-spot and drove her mad with lust. He slid his finger slowly but entirely out of her, and Lana kicked at him. Jesse easily dodged her feet and deftly caught her thrashing legs in his hands. He pulled her roughly to lay diagonally across the bed; her legs would have dangled limp if he hadn’t been holding them up. He drew closer to the bed, his erect penis brushing against her entrance.

“Do you want it?” Jesse asked in a quiet, low tone.

“Yes! Yes…please…” Lana’s raw desire gave way to a more plaintive tenor. They had played this game before. If she didn’t capitulate, he was fully willing to simply walk away again.

“Please, give it to me” she requested quietly. Her breathing remained short, ragged; between arousal and exhaustion.

Jesse slid his hands up along her calves and grasped an ankle with each hand. Raising he legs perpendicular to the bed, he plunged his cock deep into her pussy. Lana cried out as he penetrated her to her core; she was so wet that her body offered no resistance at all. She revelled in the sensation of being utterly filled, though it came with a slight twinge of pain due to the thickness of his cock.

He began to withdraw and then slid back into her, pressing deep in and filling her completely. She gasped again, pressing her head back against her pillow. Lana saw stars swimming across her vision. Jesse began to thrust in and out, slowly at first and then accelerating faster and faster. His technique was rough but oh so satisfying to her; he would withdraw almost güvenilir bahis siteleri completely from her, the head of his cock on the cusp of exiting before plunging back inward. Lana felt a rhythm developing within her body. Her climax was rapidly approaching; she had been teetering on the brink for the better part of an hour now and she craved release. Lana’s orgasm was an organic thing, building up to a peak of exquisite pleasure. Her muscles tensed and released, her fingers clenched and unclenched, and Lana cried out in sheer delight. Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, and she could feel the defined musculature of her husband’s steely cock within her. He continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy at a jackhammer pace. Lana couldn’t help but squeal in the throes of orgasm. His thrusts grew shallower until her climax receded, but he didn’t stop thrusting. Jesse merely slowed his pelvic cycles to a snail’s pace, maintaining her arousal and sensitivity at the highest possible level and allowing her to continue to ride her orgasm like an ocean wave. The slower pace let her regain her breath; she’d been unconsciously squeezing her eyes shut and she panted heavily.

Suddenly and without shifting his tempo, Jesse roughly yanked her legs and jammed deeply into her. The motion made her head swirl as his cock slammed her G-spot. He was indomitable and seemed determined to force her to orgasm multiple times. He had maverick sexual stamina, far more likely to run out of physical energy than to spend his load. Lana’s body shook with pleasure as the hard cock rammed in and out with greater and greater speed.

“Wait! Jesse! Please! I can’t take…” Lana gasped. She saw a crazed glint in his eyes. Sweat glistened across his bare shoulders and his muscles tightened with exertion. The effect both terrified and excited her; restrained to the bed as she was, she couldn’t escape from the sexual ministrations of her husband. She could use the safe word, but she was so close to…

“AaAARhhhhhh!” she cried out. This time, her orgasm was so powerful that she lost complete control of her body. Lana’s mind went blank while she rode her climax to its pleasurable destination. Convulsions wracked her body and she lost track of all time. She lay spread-eagled on the bed-spread and gradually regained control of her senses. Jesse sat on the corner of the bed, his naked body glistening with a slight sheen of sweat from the exertion. He panted lightly but held a satisfied smile on his face. Lana lifted her head off the pillow and saw he was still hard; she couldn’t tell whether he had cum or not.

“That was quite the abrupt end,” Jesse said with a slight note of approval. “You came so hard that you pushed me out entirely.”

She tingled from head to toe as endorphins continued to flood her body, but she could still feel her cheeks grow red. She never knew exactly how to feel when Jesse described her bodily experience.

“You made quite a bit of noise too,” Jesse continued.

“Well…that’s hardly…hardly my fault…” Lana puffed. “It’s…it’s not like I could do anything about it.”

“I wonder if the neighbours saw the show?” her husband mused, motioning towards the open balcony doors.

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