Lesson of Seduction


The phone rang once, I picked up breathlessly, he always knew when to call…”Babe, I’ll be there in an hour…let’s go for a nice dinner…”

I couldn’t wait – dinner meant good food + fabulous sex…my favourite combination.

“But listen, afterwards I have to drop you right home – I need to sleep early tonight.”

I frowned – was he really going to give up a chance of fucking me just for an extra hour’s worth of sleep?! I made up my mind that I would drive him insane from the second he saw me…if he decided after all of that to still go home early then I was determined to send him home with a hard dick in his pants and a night of wet dreams awaiting him.

I rushed to finish writing my latest story for this site, which had already made me wet…and ran to get ready. “I’ll show him!” I thought! I decided to forego the regular jeans and sweater outfit tonight. I pulled on my sheer thigh-high stockings with lace tops, slid on my snakeskin stilettos, and pulled on a short pleated cheerleader-ish denim skirt. He loves all these items separately, imagine them together! Ha! I pulled of my panties, and checked myself in the mirror…if I bent forward slightly then you could see the lace tops of my stockings, if I sat down it was even worse…God forbid if somebody brushed past me in this tiny restaurant – my whole pussy and ass would be on display! I would have to be careful – they were for his eyes only. I wanted to look desirable to him, but without looking like a total slut to everybody else…so I pulled on a demure, flimsy, cream-coloured cashmere poloneck…this would do fine…I looked sexy as hell but elegantly so!

I couldn’t wait to show him. When the doorman called to say He was here I grabbed my Burberry trench and wrapped it tightly around me…I wanted to know how long it would take for Him to notice I was wearing stockings and a skirt.

As I got into his BMW, he glanced at me quickly and smiled. “Muah – I missed you so much baby!” He said giving me a kiss. “Yes, I missed you too,” I replied with a hug. He looked adorably sexy in jeans and trainers, with his hair disheveled and his rectangular glasses on! “Too rich to care” is the right way to describe the look! We were on our way. He didn’t notice straight-away…I suppose the car was dark…but before we reached the end of my block he slid his hand under my coat to my knee and said with a slight smile “oh…baby, what’s this?”

“What, I can’t wear a skirt for my man?” I asked him playfully. “Of course you can…don’t give me that innocent look!” He loved it when I was a naughty girl. It gave him an excuse to spank me later.

He kept running his hand along my legs until we parked. Taking off his seatbelt he said “what else…?” as he slid his hand in between my thighs. “ illegal bahis panties…like THAT baby huh?!” he said as he lightly grazed my lips and clit with his finger. I smiled coyly and said nothing, just stopped his hand from exploring further and opened my door. Sighing, he stepped out too, and we walked in.

We sat at the bar while we waited for a table – Oh No, barstools! There was no way I could even PERCH on these without showing my wares! I tried as best I could, sipping my Bailey’s with one hand and keeping my coat around me with the other…He knew how self-conscious I felt and stood his large 6’4″ frame in front of me so I felt better and was partially hidden! It also gave me the opportunity to glance at his large bulge…while my coat allowed him to stroke my inner thighs…finally we got to our table and I took off my coat! Everybody stared as I sat down – I had probably flashed a little of my stocking tops by mistake! I tried to be as nonchalant as I could. He managed to keep stroking my legs under the table, but neither of us could reach the parts we wanted to reach! He spied the couple at the corner table next to us leaving and quickly asked the waiter to move us! Wonderful! As soon as we slid over I felt his large hand spread my thighs and his index finger probe my pussy…he made it wet with my juices and then spread them up my slit, opening me up for him. “He’s out to tease me back tonight!” I realized!

With a little smile, he shoved his finger deep into my hole, making me start! I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t complain, I couldn’t do anything but gaze at him beseechingly to stop torturing me. I tried to grind my pussy back and forth on his finger but it was too obvious! He grinned, knowing he had me where he wanted me, and pulled his finger out, “Mmmm…” he said as he tasted my pussy on his finger. I wanted to throw everything off the table and spread myself for his pleasure.

I could feel my wetness seep though down my thighs and to my skirt. He sat back and enjoyed his Chivas and coke, winking at me. We barely talked during dinner, both enjoying the food, and especially the tension between us! When we got our main courses he slid his hand back through my thighs, and pushed 2 fingers into my pussy, he started moving them rapidly around, faster and faster, he KNEW this would make me come! But I couldn’t because the waiter was right in front of us, waiting to grind pepper onto our pasta!

I shot Him a death-stare and removed his fingers. He looked at me and whispered “what…?” as he put one of his fingers to his mouth and inhaled my scent before sucking on it. He grabbed the back of my head and offered me the other wet finger, he loves seeing me taste myself on him! I licked it enough to satisfy him and then pulled out a pencil from my bag. The tabletop illegal bahis siteleri was covered with white paper laying over the linen…I started to write him a message:

“For dessert, I’d like to be bent over and fucked HARD…check one YES _ or NO _”

Reading it, he smiled and grabbed the pencil from me:

“HELL Yeah…but how hard?”

“Make it HURT, make me BEG you to stop”

“Even if you were to beg me to stop, I wouldn’t listen”

This had my pussy dripping.

We rushed to finish our meal, pay the cheque, and walk as composedly as we could to the car. Once he opened the door for me and I sat down, he threw his hand in between my legs and spread them wide over the dashboard. I stared at him in disbelief – what on Earth was he thinking of doing?! Without even a glance at me, he buried his head in between my thighs and started licking my pussy as he stood in the road! We were parked in the middle of a street – there were big apartments on either side of us! Oh but his tongue felt so good flicking around my clit and exploring my slit!

In a minute he pulled back and shut the door. Getting into the car, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his deliciously hard cock from his boxers. “I want you to suck me dry” he whispered hoarsely. I made him wait a minute by stroking his thick veined dick and then lowered my head to it. I only sucked the head, licked around it, he groaned and pushed himself up into my mouth, but I refused to deepthroat him, I wanted his cum inside me.

Thank God we were only a few blocks from my apartment.

When we got upstairs he watched me undress, but instructed me to leave the skirt and stockings on for his amusement. My light brown breasts bare, my dark nipples hard, he undressed himself completely and stood in front of me. I led him to the bed, letting my eyes drop from his head and chest to his huge thick cock protruding out. A cock that gorgeous deserved a good suck and fuck. I lay down and he approached me on his knees, pulling my head up as he proceeded to feed me his big cock. I sucked at him hungrily, looking up into his eyes, and then lowered myself further to suck on his balls. They were so delicious I love feeling them in my mouth while I use my hand to play with his shaft. I could feel him wanting to fuck my face faster. He popped out of my mouth and I squeezed him in between my tits…licking the precum of the head of his penis. He started titty-fucking me, I didn’t want his cum in my mouth, I wanted him to spray my pussy. I stopped sucking and licking him, let go of my tits, and pushed him off me. He lay next to me, and bit my ass cheeks hard. Spreading my legs, he put two fingers inside me he watched as I moaned and begged for his cock.

“Baby, wait…” He said as he felt my canlı bahis siteleri clit and circled it with his fingers. One wet finger found it way to my asshole…he pushed it in and watched me squirm. When he puts his finger into my ass it makes my pussy even wetter – it makes me feel like his dirty little girl – I start to just drip with pussy juice. I thrashed around the bed even more, trying to dislodge his finger so he could finally give me that hard cock gleaming with wetness from my mouth.

“Baby, I told you to WAIT!” He commanded.

I wasn’t behaving. He grabbed my arms with his one free hand and held them above my head, giving me a warning glance. Now I was in for it.

He resumed his finger fucking to my ass and pussy and then finally gave up. He wanted me too.

Lifting himself between my thighs he placed the large head of his dick to my tight pussy. He pushed slightly, and put the head inside. He pushed hard, and with a gasp from me pushed his whole length in. He really ripped into me. It felt so good, but I wanted more pain.

“Baby, turn me over and fuck me from behind…” He obliged.

Spanking me hard, he placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and pushed it half way it. Pulling it out he said “Suck me again”…I obliged just enough to feel him completely hard before I turned away. He pushed halfway inside me again, and pulled my hips back onto his dick. He wanted me to do some work! “Let me see you move” he said with a slight spank and stood still on his knees as he watched my round ass move back and forth, pumping his cock into my wet tight pussy. I knew he wouldn’t be able to take this sight for too long – I was right. He suddenly pushed down on my back, forcing my upper body into the sheets, and lifting my ass even higher. He leaned over me and slammed himself repeatedly into me, spanking me from time to time. He stopped, spanked, restarted, gaining speed. I was in heaven – to feel this big man behind me, taking advantage of me, fucking my pussy until it was sore…I came so hard from feeling his soft balls smack again and again over my clit…it was too much as I screamed in pleasure! After my screaming from the clitoral stimulation subsided, he fucked me harder, I felt his cock plunge in and out of me, felt it deep and hard, and wanted more, I was losing control,

“Baby FUCK ME, PLEEEASE FUCK ME, MAKE IT HURT, HURT ME BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME HURT ME!” I begged of him. He wanted it too and slammed as hard as he could into me, filling me with his hot sticky cream. He pulled out and lay back, totally satisfied. I, on the other hand had collapsed into the mattress and was fighting to regain regular breathing!

He held me close as we both calmed down, then he got up and got dressed, leaving me naked on the sheets. With one last kiss he was gone. I climbed under the duvet and cupped my pussy with one hand. It was still wet, I was still horny. Flicking on the TV, I watched girls licking and fucking each other as I imagined how much fun we could have in a threesome…

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