Lola’s Night Out


So with a quick couple of texts I find myself getting quickly prepared to meet with Lola, I clean myself up a little, throw some gel in my hair, throw on some cologne and brush the teeth.

I head out to the garage, its raining lightly so the Harley stays home tonight gonna take the old 67 Chevy.

It is a “date night” so anything is possible, no plans were made, so I decide to throw an extra blanket in the backseat after spreading another out over the back seat all tucked in nice and neat. I grab a couple of pops out of the fridge and throw them in the cup holders, as I’m doing that I remember the Lube, she seems to really have a thing for my cock in her ass lately, next to the lube in the cabinet I had a small black ribbed vibrator that I purchased just for her that she hadn’t seen yet, yes this could be a fun surprise for her ….

Satisfied that I am prepared for what may come I pull out of the garage and head for Lola’s. While I drive let me tell you about this delicious little treat of mine…

Lola is 36 stands and is about 5’6″ has fiery red tight curly hair with amazing eyes that melt me with seductive lips that flash a sinfully wicked smile and laugh when I get her going. Her body is very curvaceous and well proportioned she has perky C cup tits with high riding small nipples that peak out of her white bra so sexily( I could do a whole another story on the first time I saw her in that bra, I couldn’t get enough of it) she has toned legs with nice firm calf’s and thighs which lead up to her perfectly shaved pussy complete with a curved barbell pierced threw her clitoris.

Turning her around slightly you will see an absolutely amazing ass, not small, not huge but a nice big firm round plump ass, that well pretty much defies gravity! Think J-Lo but with more to love. If you have any admiration at all for a woman’s ass this one will stop you in your tracks!

And her sweet,tight, pink little asshole just begs to be licked and fucked…

SLAM!! the door closes, “hey babe, how are ya?”I ask. Her response is simple and sweet.” I’m Horny.” I smile and give her a kiss with a little tongue, giving her thigh a playful squeeze I ask her where she wants to go.. the back room of the shop she owns? or somewhere else? she just says ” where ever lets just go for a drive.”

I say “sounds good maybe we can find a nice quiet spot to park somewhere.” She smiles and says “I do want you to fuck me in the ass tonight.”

So earlier that day while on the freeway in my work truck I saw a small gravel road just on the skirt of town right off of the freeway, 1 church, 1 or 2 commercial businesses and 1 farmhouse none of which should be busy at night I thought to myself, might have to remember that for later I thought…. so today as luck would have it, I started off to that road, 5 minutes later I pulled past the newer buildings and stopped midway between the last building and the old farmhouse on a field approach.

after shutting the lights and engine off we were in the amazing light cast by the freeway lights and nearby civilization just enough light to see well without squinting, while still feeling safe under the cover of darkness.

Lola’s wearing a dark blue summer dress that stops a few inches above the knee and strapped sandals . She quickly kicks off her sandals as we start kissing deep wet passionate kisses that get us both going . I play with her nipples as I get her breasts out into our freeway moonlight. She moans as I pinch them hard, she then pushes me back slightly so she can lean over and kiss my neck as she does this my hand gravitates to her skirt covered ass, pulling it up some I say where did these come from? U didn’t have panties on earlier today (I had stopped by her shop to tease her some) she stops kissing me and says yes I put those on tonight.

She sits back then to show me them, lifting up her skirt while spreading and raising her legs she starts to rub her panties teasing me with a smile and a show, I brush her hand away and rub her pussy threw her panties feeling the dampness starting to moisten them. We kiss some more then she quickly hops up turns around leaning over the front seat popping that sexy ass up in the air giving me a sexy wiggle for effect, and asks me, “do you wanna play with my ass?”, Now with the streetlights casting this amazing glow her buns encased in that black g string looked absolutely mouth watering.

I managed to squeeze her cheeks and give the one closest to me a kiss or two before being overcome with lust. I yank down her G string squeezing her round globes some more then pull her G string aliağa escort down right off over her legs. I quickly hop on to my knees, lean over and spread her ass with both hands and bury my tongue completely in her ass! No teasing, no lingering, just a dive in-full force, full tongue. This catches her off guard and she squeals with delight wiggling her ass in appreciation. She loves this, I can’t see her face but in my mind i see her smiling and biting her bottom lip.

I slide a finger into her already wet pussy as I rim her ass with lust then I back off a bit so I can wind up and spank her sexy ass hard several times each cheek till she screams out and asks me to stop. I then finger her ass some more, then more tongue. Damn she tastes so good, I love eating her ass as I am plunging my tongue between her cheeks I quietly feel around to find that little black vibe I had hidden on the floor under the seat. Got it!! I lick the vibe getting it very wet then removing my finger from her ass I slide the vibe deep into her ass turning it on when its all the way in she lunges up and moans as I surprise her.

Then I assault her completely! Fingering her pussy, vibrator in her ass and licking wherever I can, she starts to lose control and finally lets go, She cums hard! convulsing and shaking till she begs me to stop so she can catch her breath… Lola sits back and we share a deep tonguing kiss then she asks me what I was using on her I hold it up and she exclaims ” That’s it???, that’s all I thought it was so much bigger.” ( the tapered vibe was 4 inches long maybe, about an inch thick at its widest point with gentle ribs every half inch or so running on a single AA battery)

She’s laughing now in disbelief as with the vibe and my fingers and tongue ravishing her, and with her orgasm being so strong she had something much wilder pictured in her head……

We sit back and catch our breaths and relax a little. Then she pushes me back into my seat and kisses me hard our tongues dancing with each other as she rubs my fully hard cock threw my jean shorts then she takes off her glasses, sets them on the dash and goes for my zipper and undoes my button and tugs at my shorts wanting them off so I lift my ass up so she can remove my shorts then she dives down and devours my aching cock in one beautiful full swallow. She gives amazing head and gets me to the edge more than once,then she sits up and flashes a sexy smile and says ” I want to try the back seat, I want you inside me.”

Lola grabs a tube of lube out of her purse throws it up on the back dash and takes off her dress and hops over the front seat into the back and waits for me to pull up my shorts so I can get out and move the front seat up and climb in the back with her.

As I open the back door to get in I am treated with the sexy sight of her lying naked on her back in the moonlight her head propped up against the passenger rear door her legs fully spread showing off her perfectly smooth shaved pussy. She is flashing me that naughty sexy smile again that I love so much, I catch my breath after taking her all in and climb in and remove my shorts again.

She says “I needs some lube.” So I reach for the tube on the rear window dash and she says “No, not that kind of lube.” So I put it down,Smile and lower my face between her spread legs and give her pussy and ass a serious tongue lashing, again nor lightness or teasing, Just a good hard eating!!! She tastes so good all the time, never musky almost sweet! I can’t get enough!!! I eat her pussy and play with her ass a little letting a finger slide into her tight, tight ass, she moans and squirms and grips my finger tightly with her ass.I could do this for hours I love eating her while playing with her sexy bum but I stop eating her pussy and remove my finger from her ass.

I sit up and decide to pick up the pace, I lick and moisten 2 fingers and slide them both into her dripping wet pussy and work them in and out a a good hard pace. Lola likes the aggressive approach. She is not the timid type. Things are building for her, she makes some incredible sounds as I then add and start pounding her pussy hard with a third finger using all the muscle my bicep can offer. Just as I am getting my pinkie finger wet and ready to add it to the other 3 already in her she cums again HARD!!! This time grunting and lunging her upper body up off the seat clenching her legs together firmly around my hand as I continue to slowly pump her with my fingers till she collapses back down into the seat, now she is fully flushed- red in the face, aliağa escort bayan neck and chest and shoulders she’s catching her breath and I’m enjoying the sight of this ravishing beauty in front of me while I still very slowly pump my fingers in and out till the aftershocks make her beg me to stop.

Lola then grabs my hand and in the sexiest slow motion movie takes my hand up to her face and swallows all 3 fingers deep in her mouth sucking her juices off of me, I am a deer in headlights at this point she just radiates of pure raw sexiness. She obviously loves the way she tastes just as much as I do as she removes my 3 fingers from her mouth then grabs each one separately and ever so slowly licks them clean one at a time, at this point I taste them as well as we smile at each other and then share a super deep tongue twisting kiss sharing her juices from her mouth and from my face too.

At this point I am grinding on her rubbing my cock on her pussy and as I push into her a little she stops me and asks “where are you putting that?” I take the hint and grab the tube of lube again and rub some on my cock and position myself so I can take aim at her ass with some help from her I enter her so slowly, she tenses up but she still has that sexy smile on her face and we slowly together feed my cock into her ass till I bottom out while she lets out a deep loud moan which at that moment matches my own.

We fuck for awhile till I am almost exhausted from pumping her then she gets me to sit back and relax while she gets up turns around and again swallows my cock whole pumping me at the same time with her hand tasting her own ass “fuck that feels so good.” I tell her, she has me fully hard again and gives me another rough passionate mouth watering kiss then hops over onto her knee’s with her ass pointed right at me and says ” fuck my ass again please.”

I get up and with some work ( I am 6’4″ and am twisting around in a small space) I get up and behind her and slide into her welcoming ass and continue to fuck her ass fast until I literally can’t breath as my head is pushed over from the low roof and my chin is pushing down on my neck cutting off my air. I should have bought a convertible! I tell her I can’t do this any longer slide out of her. She’s disappointed till I tell her why then with a laugh she scoots over has me sit down centered in the car while she climbs up and over to straddle me and ever so slowly she guides and lowers her ass on to my cock, biting her lower lip the entire time as she gasps occasionally as I slide all the way into her tight sexy ass. I am so deep inside her we both look at each other and groan together “fuck does that feel good,” we both manage to spit out.

Now in this position I am sitting leaning back in the seat with my legs slightly spread, my knees are up with my feet flat on the floor. She is sitting on me with her legs beside me her knees up with her feet flat on the seat on each side of me. she is leaning back arching her back over the low front bench seat . even in the dim pale moonlight she radiates Sexy her red hair flowing as she rides me her flushed chest heaves with every thrust her nipples rock hard begging to be touched,she is looking at me and fucks me with her eyes and sexy smile ,She is so fucking hot!!! I literally can’t believe I am this lucky, this is the naughtiest vision I have ever seen!!

I play with her hard nipples and squeeze her thighs as she rides me. I am at her disposal, she controls it all and fuck is it good! She then grinds me hard and we seem to suddenly hit a movement and rhythm that works for both of us, harder and faster she rides my cock driving it deep in her ass. Lola’s moaning and biting her lip, she starts to cum, her mouth open, eyes closed making that sweet and sexy pleasure and pain face that I love so much.As she cums she is squeezing my cock with her ass as she spasms rapidly on top of me…..

Lola climbs off of me, my cock is still hard I haven’t cum yet!! she grabs our pops from the front seat and gets me to shuffle over to the passenger side and she sits beside me and has a quick drink then gets me lying on my back and positions herself on her knees so she can go down on me, she does by teasing my cock with her tongue tasting her ass on my cock before swallowing me deep in her warm wet mouth then she proceeds to lick my balls, Which I love so much, then to my surprise she teases my asshole with her fingertips, I moan a little as it feels so good then she grabs the folded up blanket off the floor and asks me to raise my ass up so she can put it escort aliağa under me.

Now propped up a little higher she works my balls again and then teases my taint a little “Oh” I moan,damn that feels good! I have never had anyone lick me there, my legs raise voluntarily allowing her better access, she asks if I like that and I say “fuck yes,” then she smiles and starts to lick my balls some more and then back to the taint which gets me more excited I Moan and then heaven!! I moan so loudly as She has started lightly licking my asshole! It feels unbelievable!! She laughs a little as my legs raise more and I lift my ass higher for her she then starts rimming my ass deep with her tongue. Fuck I have never had a harder cock than at this moment!!!

This stunning sexy red head is licking and rimming my ass like a dirty filthy whore!!! I am stroking my cock and getting so close to cumming. Then she stops sits up a bit and goes back to licking my balls while sliding a finger what feels like very deep in my ass but it is good,So good! She is hitting what i found out later was my g spot and I tell her “I am gonna cum!” I grab her hair and pull her up so I can fuck her mouth and then it happens for the first time ever I have a fucking HUGE orgasm shooting my big sticky load into her wet waiting mouth while she is pumping my ass with her finger. Fuck Me what an amazing orgasm easily the hardest most intense cum I have ever had I was literally screaming!! Oh My God it was So good and So, So intense!!!! She swallows my load , we share my juices now with another long deep kiss.

We cuddle and catch our breaths….. drinking our pops quenching our thirst, threw out this 15 min or so intermission amazingly I remain hard. We are talking about how good this parking session is and kinda reliving the last hour or so and I just start stroking myself I want to cum again.

Without saying anything…She being the goddess that she is decides to help me out and goes down on me one more time! Deep swallowing strokes, her hand following her mouth and as her hand gets up to the tip of my cock she gives it a slight twist just before her lips close over me again on the down stroke. Damn she gives amazing head!! It doesn’t take long after asking her to lick my balls, and I’m ready to cum again. Once more I pull her up and she swallows me deep as I blow my 2nd load of the night deep in her throat. Fuck what a night!!!

We kiss and talk some more, she’s really raving about how much she likes the backseat and that we will do this again and soon to which I cannot refuse I reply “anytime babe.” Talking more still, now sharing dirty thoughts and some stories as I caress her thighs and tease her pussy some more till she tells me “I’m good, I was good after the 4th, 5th or 6th orgasm!! It’s nice to loose count.” she says with a laugh.

Some how with all this naughty talk and me lightly teasing her I am still hard. Unconsciously I have started stroking myself again she see’s this even before I realize I’m doing it. Lola smiles and takes over stroking me, she repositions herself and lowers her mouth over my cock and so slowly teases me with her tongue. I am dying to feel her mouth around me again, but no not now as she deliberately teases more slowly now getting lower and lower till she’s licking my balls again. Fuck I am so hard!

I start stoking my cock trying to shoot off quickly when she suddenly sits up and smiles a little devilish smile and says “Wheres the toy? Pass it here” with a devilish grin she grabs the lube and stares into my eyes as she lubes up the vibe. At this point I’m a little um… concerned but with tonight’s activities my brain is in complete euphoria. Lola lowers herself and starts lightly licking my ass. Then I feel her tongue sink deeply into my ass, giving me a deep,deep rimming.

I lurch a little as the waves hit me, the vibe now partly in my ass. As she goes back to licking my balls while fucking my ass with this little ribbed vibrator I am jerking off uncontrollably now as she gets me closer and closer to my 3rd orgasm in 2 hours. I am almost there and I get her mouth back on my cock but I start to loose the shooting feeling so I ask her to lick my balls some more she tells me ” you can cum on my face if you like.” And that’s it, after another minute of her licking my balls I am ready to blow again.

I tell her I’m gonna cum as I grab her curly red hair forcefully pulling her up so I can quickly jam my cock in her mouth again just as her lips cover over me I start to shoot “fuck” I scream out Wow!!!

I am so spent but she doesn’t let go of my cock , No she revels in my bliss and she sucks me slow and deliberate for another minute getting every possible drop out of me like there’s possibly any more left. then with a slurping pop sound my cock springs from her mouth as she slides up and we share my cum in our last deep tongue twisting kiss of the night.

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