Lori’s Little Secret


My name is Tom, I’m 19 and have recently stumbled into the greatest situation I could ever hope for. Until I started dating Lori 4 months ago, I had limited sexual experience. I wasn’t a virgin, I’d had sex with two different women before Lori but it was nothing compared to this. I guess I should describe Lori, kind of fill you in on her looks and her sexual background.

Lori is short (5’2″) with long brown hair and brown eyes. She’s very pretty and always turns heads. Like me she is also 19 but unlike me she has had a dozen lovers and lost her virginity when she was 14. She has 36C breasts with light brown areola and thick nipples when aroused. Her ass is what wet dreams are made of, so perfectly rounded and so soft and so perfect. She has brown pubic hair which she keeps shaved next to her labia and the patch on top is a neat strip. She’s a sexy soft body. By no means is she the slightest bit fat but she is all soft, girlish curves.

I’m tall (6′) and athletic and for you ladies reading, I have a 7″ cock. Not huge by any means but a nice healthy, circumcised rod. My only problem is that I cum pretty fast the first time. I thought this would be a problem because Lori had a lot of experience and I figured she’d see me as a trigger happy boy. I was wrong though. Lori created this thing where she will always make me cum before we fuck so that I can give it to her long enough to make her cum. Fortunately it doesn’t take her too long to cum because I don’t last that long when I’m fucking her because her pussy is so tight.

I guess you could say she’s a bit of a nympho. When I first met her she was fucking her boss. He was in his 40’s and she said the only reason she fucked him was because he had huge balls and she loved to handle them. I was a little shocked at her openness because we hadn’t had sex yet (she said this over dinner in a fancy restaurant (our second date). It was actually during that second date that I found out how sexually experienced she was. I think it bothered me at first until when I was driving her home, she leaned over, unzipped my pants and sucked my dick better then it has ever been sucked. She even swallowed my cum and afterward told me was pleased by how nice it tasted compared to some of the guys she’d been with.

So that was our second date and we were soon going steady. Like I said, that was 4 months ago. We’ve managed to have some sort of sex almost every single day so far. Another thing she really likes is watching porno flicks, they make her really crazy and usually by the time we start fooling around she’s dripping wet. Our usual time to watch these flicks is Tuesday nights because that’s when her dad and step mother went bowling.

Lori dad was really cool, a great guy and we got along really well. Her step mom was nice too and she was only 36 and had a great sense of humor. She was also pretty, maybe a touch chubby but she had really big boobs. They have a pool and she came out and swam with us one day and I swear I got a huge hard-on looking at her tits. They were tuzla escort so big that they hung down and when she got wet in the pool her nipples stuck out like two thumbs. I got so horny that when she went in the house to take a phone call, Lori just rubbed my cock through my trunks and I came. I wondered if she suspected why I was so excited, she didn’t say anything at that time though if she did.

Then a little over a month ago, our typical Tuesday night plans were altered slightly. The TV in the living room where we always watched one of her dads porno’s, was broken so we decided to watch in their room (the only other VCR in the house besides the living room). We were very careful to put a sheet over their own cover so that in case we made a “mess” we could remove all evidence. Lori said she was going to take a quick shower and that I should pick out a movie in the meantime.

I picked the lock to the video cabinet where her dad kept his stash of movies. They were mostly amateur stuff and I found I liked them more then the pro movies, I think Lori did too. She said it was because we were both perverts who liked to see regular people fuck. I couldn’t argue with her.

Lori came into the room wearing a robe which lasted 10 seconds. My cock was hard by the time it hit the floor. We watched for a few minutes then we leaned back to get more comfortable, my dick was already leaking pre-cum. I had my arm around Lori and I slipped my hand under the pillow and I felt something, like hard plastic. Not thinking I grabbed it and pulled it from under the pillow. I jumped when I realized what it was and dropped it.

We both looked at it, laying on the bed. It was a white vibrator, smooth and plain with a dial on the base. I asked her if she had ever used one and was she surprised she said “no”. I figured with all her experience she had done everything. As we examined it Lori put it under her nose and her eyes widened, “someone was using this” she held it out under my nose and I took a deep breath and I could smell the faint scent of pussy on it. I inhaled for a good minute or two and enjoyed it, I loved that I was sniffing a vibrator that was obviously sliding in and out of a pussy not too long ago. “You like sniffing Judy’s pussy juices?” she asked me, referring to her step mom. I quickly let her have the vibrator back. She sniffed it too and told me it smelled good.

“You’ve never been with another girl?” I asked her. I was again surprised when she answered no. “We better put his back” and she slid it back under the pillow where I had found it. I was disappointed but that lasted only a few seconds until she pulled my dick out and started stroking it.

She was stroking very slowly, knowing I hadn’t cum yet and it wouldn’t take much. “You never answered, did you like sniffing Judy’s pussy?” I didn’t know how to answer. She smiled, “I know you did… that’s okay.” I let out a nervous giggle. “Do you ever jerk off thinking about her?”

I didn’t know what to say. I HAD jerked off dozens of times since tuzla escort bayan I saw her tits in a bathing suit, I mean, Lori was a C-cup and she looked flat-chested next to her. “Would you be mad if I answered yes?”

She smiled and nodded, no. “I have. Since that time in the pool, I mean.” Lori went on to tell me how she fingered her pussy all the time thinking about her dad and Judy fucking. I blew my load when she said she wondered what her dad’s dick looked like. It was a good thing we laid the sheet down because my cum flew all over the place thanks to her fast moving fist.

Lori had been touching herself while we talked and she jerked me off and right after I came she had an orgasm too. We cleaned up the room quickly and went upstairs to her room. I ate her pussy and made her cum and then fucked her twice since I came again almost as soon as I put it in her the first time. But we were both satisfied by the time her dad and Judy got home at 10 o’clock.

That Friday night I went to Lori’s just as Paul and Judy were leaving for a dinner date. Judy told me that Lori was stopping at the mall on her way home from work and that I should wait for her. They said goodbye and I told them to have a great time. I shut the door and went into the living room to watch TV.

After a half hour I was bored. I got up and was walking around. Paul and Judy’s bedroom door was open and for some reason I was drawn in. My mind drifted to Tuesday night and how hot Lori and me got when we found the vibrator. Then I saw her bra on the floor across the room. I walked over and as soon as I touched it I started getting hard. I looked at the tag and my eyes widened… 42DD, I knew enough to know that was huge. I went into their bathroom and saw her panties on the floor. I felt a rush of guilt because they were both so nice to me, but still as I felt them I could feel the moist crotch.

I just couldn’t help myself. I sniffed them, I was kneeling on the bathroom floor sniffing my girls step mothers panties and loving the way her pussy smelled. The scent was ten times stronger then it was on the vibrator. My cock was aching now. I went and sat on the bed. I looked around and decided I had to snoop further… and that’s what I did.

I was no stranger to snooping around. When I was a kid that’s how I discovered dads Playboy collection and the fact that my mom owned sexy lingerie. It excited me but nothing like the excitement I was feeling as I started going through the bedroom drawers. It didn’t take me long to discover their “sex drawer”. It was on Judy’s side of the bed, bottom drawer and in it was the vibrator we discovered three nights ago as well as another one that was similar, just a bit bigger and silver. There was also a fake, rubbery dick which actually felt sort of real. It was thicker and longer then my own. I sniffed all three toys that I knew were in Judy’s pussy at one time or another but they were all soapy clean.

I continued rummaging and then I found the fake back to the drawer. A thin piece of wood escort tuzla disguised as the back panel of the drawer. What secrets lie ahead? I took Judy’s panties and put them over my face like a mask, my nose pressed against the cotton crotch inhaling the rich, musky smell of her pussy. My cock was so hard I was afraid it was going to rip through my denim shorts and I knew I couldn’t touch it because I would cum immediately.

I found several magazines in protective plastic. They were the raunchier men’s magazines and the first one was from 1983. I read the cover and saw it had “the babe next door” photo contest inside. The next magazine said in bold letters that it had a 10-page layout of the babe next door contest winner and it had a little picture in the lower right hand side. My jaw dropped, it was Judy. The girl was much younger but it was her. I looked at the date and saw that it was February 1984.

Judy was 36 now which meant she was 20 when these pictures were taken. I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked. Her tits were smaller as was her ass and you could tell she was in her prime. I read about how she had won the 1983 contest and how she hoped this helped her modeling career. The pictures were very sexy, well, very raunchy actually. I noticed the thick, black patch of pubic hairs and I also noticed in one shot of her bending over that her asshole was equally as hairy. Her tits though were amazing. You know how they say some women have silver-dollar sized nipples? hers were twice that big. In fact, her tit looked like it was wearing a little beanie cap. I came in my pants without even touching myself.

I went back to the original magazine I had picked up and saw her entry pictures from the year before. I had to look through them quickly because I knew Lori would be home any minute and I had to clean the cum from myself. But then I found an envelope. I opened it and found a bunch of Polaroid pictures of Judy. They looked very recent. Her sexy body was in various stages of undress as well as in sexy lingerie. I was hard as a rock again as I scanned the Polaroids.

Then I reached the photos that would be considered pornographic. A close-up of Judy with the tip of a fat cock in her mouth. It was taken by whomever was getting his cock sucked and I guessed it was Paul. The next shot was the same thick dick in her pussy and then another from a different angle. Then there was a picture of Paul. He must’ve just come from the shower because his hair and body were wet. I had to admit, I was impressed by his package. He was soft and it wasn’t that it was so big (I think mine is longer) but it was very wide and he had huge nuts. I had to show this one to Lori because I remembered her telling me that she loved her boss’ huge balls and her dads had to be considered huge too.

I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my sticky hard-on. I sat on the bed and took the panties from my face and wrapped them around my cock. I looked through the last few pictures, one particularly nasty shot of Judy’s hairy cunt, spread wide and dripping with cum. I was about to shoot my own load when I heard Lori’s voice calling me from the living room. I was busted and I knew it, I just didn’t know how she would react.

To Be Continued…

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