Massaging Susan


Susan has great tits; they are firm and well sized. I get to touch them regularly, but never the nipples. Susan is Damon’s girlfriend and Damon is my best mate. Damon has always said I should have a crack at Susan but she does not want to upset the relationship we all have so I have had to make do with giving her a massage every month and touching a lot more of her body that would normally be allowed.

Susan is mid twenties, very pretty and quite short, about five foot four. She works out, keeps her naturally blonde hair at shoulder length and has a great figure. She is a real flirt and loves to see guys trying to hide their erections when she bends down and lets them see her bra less tits in one of her many loose fitting tops. The more discomfort she causes the happier she is.

When I did the course in massage Susan was the one who allowed me to practice the moves I had learned that week to get them right. It began modestly and Susan’s underwear remained on but when we did the chest off came the bra and I spent hours just rubbing those tits. My girlfriend, Lesley, was not too pleased as she is quite possessive but Susan had been there for the rest of it and this was just part of the massage.

I do what is called a full body massage and the way I now choose to do it is to massage the front first. Most people agree the best part of the massage is when the back is done so don’t you want to save the best for last? The customer wears knickers only and for the very modest ladies I place a towel across the chest until that part of the massage arrives. When the front is done I rub the oil off and do the back dropping the underwear to do the ass cheeks. The only bits I don’t do are the nipples and the bush.

For some reason it is almost always only the girls that want a man to massage them, the guys must think it queer or something. Lesley gets the best massages and they always end up with me on the table with her, sinking my cock deep in that lovely, tight pussy.

But that’s not how it goes with Susan. She loves her massage but when I suggest it become more intimate she just says she could not look Lesley in the eyes if we did anything sexual. So every month she turns up with Damon and he and Lesley talk while I do the massage on Susan. We go into the room together and she undresses while we talk. I also strip down to my boxers as she likes the heat way up and I could not survive fully dressed and working at that temperature.

One day we started the massage the same as usual, stripping down while talking about how badly one of the girls from Susan’s work was behaving. I did her front working up a fair sweat doing her legs, feet, stomach, arms, neck, face and, of course, spending plenty of time working on those tits.

“Roll over,” I said about twenty minutes in and rousing her from her state of total relaxation. She turned over and I did her back for about ten minutes and then started on her neck. Susan winced when I got to her right shoulder.

“Sore?” I asked.

“A little.” was the reply so I spent some extra time working there, which gave her some relief. When the muscle had loosened up I moved on to do her ass and legs.

Usually after about fifty minutes I finish the set massage and ask what part gets the last ten minutes. With Susan it was always the back but this time she asked me to look at the shoulder again. To get a better angle I had her sit astride the table with her hands on her knees while I sat behind her and went to work. She was still quite tight in the neck and I did a deep massage, which can be painful at the time but it helps in the long run.

After the deep massage I do a soft cool down and Susan moaned quietly as my fingers traced gentle lines on her back. I kept making the movements wider until I was going from the shoulders right down the back and back up the sides touching the sides of her tits. I moved closer behind her and put my hands over her shoulders. I started rubbing from her neck down to her cleavage then across the tits close to the nipples and back up to the shoulders. When I “accidentally” touched a nipple Susan tensed but she soon relaxed again as I kept the gentle movements going. She eventually let her head fall back on my shoulder and lay there with her eyes closed enjoying the erotic massage as the nipple contact happened with increasing regularity. I eventually brought my hands around under her arms to do her sides and stomach and finally I cupped her breasts fully, pinching the nipples gently between my fingers.

Susan quietly said, “No.” and turned her head to object but as soon as her lips were near mine I kissed her.

I have no idea how long our first kiss lasted but it felt like hours. At first she tried to turn away but I put my hand on her face and I held her lips to mine. She was not trying very hard to break the kiss either. So I kissed Susan and slowly played with her tit gently pulling her bahis firmaları hardening nipple. She soon started kissing back and I then pulled her back tightly against me so my hard cock pushed up against her and moved my hand back to her other tit. We stayed like that, silently kissing and fondling, for a while then I broke the kiss and started nibbling Susan’s slender neck.

She moaned loudly and closing her eyes pressed back harder against my cock, which was rock solid by now. I continued playing with her nipples and kissing from her neck up to the ear lobe and Susan began to breathe in little gasps. Eventually my right hand moved slowly down her stomach and as it reached her panties her eyes opened and she jumped.

“We shouldn’t,” Susan whispered hoarsely, but by the way her body was still pressing against mine I could tell she liked it. I started stroking her mound through her panties lightly, using gentle squeezing motions that had Susan squirming against me and moaning softly. My fingers managed to slide under the thin material and then I was touching her shaved lips and she pushed against my hand trying to make the contact harder. Teasing her, I continued stroking lightly, avoiding her attempts for a while, and I was smiling to myself that finally Susan was the one being teased into arousal.

“Please.” She moaned and pressed her cunt harder against my hand, so I began stroking more firmly pulling at her lips and running my finger up her slit. I played with her very wet cunt entrance without entering and then moved up to her clit. As soon as I touched it she shuddered and pressed hard against my fingers. I kissed her again and with my tongue in her mouth, a hand playing with her left tit and my other hand stroking her clit under her panties Susan moaned and relaxed against me enjoying the sensations. Susan’s eyes were closed again and she was making little mewing noises while wriggling against my probing fingers. I built up the pressure until she came, first tensing up against my body then jerking and moaning.

After her spasms stopped she lay totally limp against my body, panting, until I gently pulled away from behind her lowering her onto the massage table as I got off it. Susan’s eyes were closed and she was smiling. I resumed the massage on the front of her body, but this time the whole breast was stroked and her nipples stood up firm and proud. My strokes on the stomach, which are always a clockwise circular motion, got wider and wider until I was again sometimes brushing her cunt through her knickers that were almost transparent due to her juices. I finally took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked, causing her eyes to open suddenly in surprise.

“Relax,” I said, “we have only just started and this won’t be the first massage I give you that goes over time.” Quite often we went for 90 minutes to 2 hours when she had areas that needed extra attention and I had enough energy after a full day at my real job. Susan smiled her agreement and slowly ran her hand up my thigh and into my loose fitting boxers, finally grabbing my throbbing cock.

She said, “Now that feels nice.”

Damon and I have shared girls in our younger, wilder days, often picking up 2 girls together, taking them home to our flat and screwing both in his room which had the king sized bed. Half way through we would swap and finish with the girl we had not personally picked up. We always enjoyed the fuck more if this happened.

My cock is about 7 inches long and thick enough that my thumb and finger can’t meet around it when it is hard. His is thinner and just a little shorter but the girls have no complaints and his fucking tends to be fast and furious while I am usually slower grinding more against the girls mound. Damon also can go for longer sometimes spending hours screwing while I have trouble lasting an hour and can come in 10 – 20 minutes, which makes the quickie a good option sometimes. Luckily Lesley likes nothing more than a fast fuck, particularly when we have a small chance of getting caught. Damon will shoot further too and I have seen him get a girls hair after pulling out while I am lucky if I just reach the belly button.

I spent more time just sucking Susan’s nipple and stroking her cunt and her stroking of my dick became faster and faster until I knew I would cum if she kept going. I took her hand away and slowly peeled down her sopping panties exposing her totally shaved cunt to my eyes for the first time. It was absolutely perfect and her humping hip movements, which were supposedly to help me strip her, were turning me on so much it was all I could do to not get up on the table and shove my cock into her immediately.

I managed to hold myself back and traced my fingers down from her nipple to her cunt following with my tongue until I was licking her delicate cunt lips and lapping up the juices she had produced. She tasted sensational, with a sweet, clean musky kaçak iddaa taste that had me drinking it up wherever I could reach it. The shaved lips had slight stubble on them that pulled excitingly on the tongue and I continued licking her all the way up to her clit that was poking out of its hood.

Susan moaned and said “Baby, that’s great.” breathlessly as my tongue brushed her clit. I kept licking harder and longer until I was sucking her clit and lapping over it while she squirmed and moaned like she had not had sex for weeks. Her legs parted as far as the massage table would allow and I finally pushed a finger up her very well lubricated hole. All the cunts I have entered have been tight and hot but Susan’s was amazing. It took a while to work the whole finger in because I was just pushing very gently and she was so very tight.

“Climb on top,” Susan said, “I want to suck your dick.” So I dropped the boxers off and carefully got on the table. A sixty-nine on a massage table is a pretty tight fit but we got there.

Susan put her lips around my cock head and sucked me deep into her mouth and I warned her, “I am not going to last long with that sort of treatment. ”

“Good,” she said “I want to taste your cum after seeing you enjoy mine so much.”

I was sucking her clit and fingering her as she was sucking my cock and playing with my balls. She then ran a fingernail from the base of my cock to my asshole. This was a totally new experience for me and it felt fantastic.

“Like it?” she asked when I jumped.

“Fuck yeah.” I replied.

She started rubbing my ring making me gasp and finally when she pushed a finger into my ass she sent me over the edge and I moaned and blasted my cum into her mouth for what felt like ages.

It was all I could do not to collapse on Susan as I felt completely drained but she still had my shrinking cock fully in her mouth and I didn’t want to choke her. She was sucking my cock and her tongue was licking the last drops of cum from my cock hole as they appeared.

“That was amazing,” I finally said, “I’ve never cum like that before.”

Susan took my cock out of her mouth and replied, “Good, I’m glad I could return the favor. Now if you’ll just finish what you started we can get out of here before they send in a search party and find us like this.”

I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to fuck Susan but I know it takes me at least 10 to 15 minutes to be able to get up again after cumming and after that one it felt like it would be days. I buried my face in her cunt again and began working my finger up as far as I could reach.

“Oh yeah, I love your tongue.” She moaned.

My cock stirred.

I pulled my finger out of her cunt and she whimpered “Don’t leave me empty, baby.”

My cock stirred again and she started licking it.

I reached around under her leg and stroked up her inner thigh towards her ass.

“I’m almost there.” Susan moaned. To my amazement my cock started to rise again and she took it back into her mouth. I rubbed her ass hole and she started rubbing mine again. My cock was hardening up again and my nerves screamed at me that this amazing feeling was back again. I placed a finger against her ass hole and pushed gently.

I think Susan said “I’m gonna cum.” But it was hard to understand with my cock in her mouth. I kept pushing my finger while sucking her clit into my mouth and nibbling on it. Her ass, wet with her own juices, slowly opened enough for my finger to slide in up to the first knuckle. By this time my cock felt like it was chiseled from granite and her lips clamped hard around it as she came again.

Susan moaned around my cock giving me a hummer for about 20 seconds. She bucked her whole body, pressing her cunt into my face and almost knocking me off my precarious position over her. Her ass contracted around my finger clamping it tight before she started her spasms gripping and releasing over and over.

I have never tried to ride a wild horse but that was the closest thing I could expect to experience. I just held on and went along for an amazing ride. As Susan’s orgasm finished the movement slowed until she was lying still under me, panting, but not saying anything. I slowly climbed off the table and looked at her.

Susan’s face was flushed, her nipples erect on her heaving tits, her eyes were closed and she had a big smile on her face.

“OK?” I asked.

“Very.” She gasped.

I still had some very hard unfinished business to deal with so I got up onto the table between her legs.

“We shouldn’t.” Susan said weakly.

“We shouldn’t.” I agreed cheerfully while I pushed her ankles up toward her ass and spread her legs wide.

“Please … no.” she whispered.

“Please yes.” I replied positioning the head of my cock at her entrance ready to fuck her.

“I don’t want to do this.” She said softly.

I kaçak bahis stopped. I have done many things in my life but rape is not one of them and I certainly didn’t plan to start with Susan.

“Darling,” I said, with the head of my dick keeping contact with her cunt opening “If I don’t fuck you now I think my dick will explode. We have just sucked each other dry and fingered each other what difference will fucking make?”

“I’m scared.” Susan said faintly.

“What of?” I asked.

“Getting caught,” she said “looking at them,” Susan was pointing in the direction of the lounge room where Lesley and Damon were talking, “getting hurt,” she whispered. Then so quietly I almost missed it “liking it too much.”

My dick was telling me to just push forward and the whole argument would be over and that was a message that was pretty hard to ignore. “I want this so badly,” I said rubbing my cock head up and down her slit, “I need to feel your cunt around my cock,” I was watching her nipples which had returned to normal and they were starting to harden again “and you want it too don’t you?”

Susan sighed “I think so but…”

“No buts,” I said not meaning the pun, “I want you to say yes. I need you to say yes. Please say yes.” My cock was pushing softly against Susan’s hole again. “Please let me try and if you say stop once it is fully in I will stop immediately and say nothing else.”

“You won’t tell them.” It was a statement, not a question.

“I won’t tell them.” I replied pushing a little harder and feeling her cunt start to stretch around my head.


I pulled back and then slowly pressed in. Her cunt stretched around my cock slowly and I used very short strokes to lubricate and let her get used to the size. It took some time but eventually the head was fully in and I lengthened the strokes pulling all the way out each time.

“My god,” moaned Susan, “It feels huge.”

“And good.” I told her. “I think I’m in heaven.” Pulling out and advancing another quarter of an inch on the next stroke. Out then in, her cunt gripping tight trying to hold me still and supplying intense friction even with the huge amount of juices Susan was producing. Then I was finally fully in her, my balls up against her cheeks and my cock buried in her tight cunt being squeezed harder than ever.

“It’s all in now,” I said, “if you want me to stop say stop now or I’m going to be past being able to stop.” Don’t say stop screamed the voice in my head, please don’t say stop.

“Stop.” Said Susan, “Stop teasing and fuck me. Please just give me all you’ve got and fuck me quick.”

Who am I to refuse a lady?

I fucked her, I gave her all I had starting slowly and increasing pace until I was pulling out fully and slamming back in over and over. My cock felt like it was on fire and we were moaning and trying to be quiet while our bodies wanted us to scream. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and I knew it would not be long until I came. I pulled out of Susan and said.

“Roll over.”

“Not the ass,” she said, “I think I’d split.”

“Not the ass, at least not this time,” I agreed, “but I want you from behind.”

Susan rolled over and I sat astride her. I spread her open and plunged back in. We fucked madly for a few more minutes and then I could feel I was ready to cum.

“Where do you want it?” I asked.

“Not in my cunt,” Susan said, “anywhere else.”

“Then trust me.” I told her.

I pulled my dick out and pressed it against her asshole. Susan tensed.

“Trust me,” I said again, “I’m not going to fuck your ass.”

Susan relaxed and I held my cock tight against her asshole as I felt the first spurt of cum fire out the end of my cock. Some of my cum squirted out around my cock head but most of it went up her ass.

“Ooh yeah,” she moaned relaxing her ass further “that feels great.”

Again I squirted cum up her ass, pumping over and over with my dick hard against her asshole until I was fully drained. There was cum in her ass, cum half in and some in her ass crack.

“That was amazing.” Said Susan.

“You’re telling me,” I answered panting heavily, “but now we must get out of here.”

We kissed a long, lingering groping kiss and then we wiped up, dressed, cleaned the room as well as we could and then we went out to the lounge room.

Damon said, “That was a long one, did you get the shoulder right?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but now I could really use a beer.” We got our beers and had a couple before Damon and Susan went to leave.

“Same again next month?” I asked as they left.

“Uh sure.” Said Susan.

I told Lesley I was very tired after the long massage and went to bed thinking of Susan and what an amazing time we had. Lesley wanted to watch the end of some show and I don’t remember her coming to bed. After closing my eyes the next thing I knew was I woke from an erotic dream in the middle of the night to feel a real mouth wrapped around my cock.

“I love the taste of Susan’s cunt,” said Lesley “it has to be the sweetest ever don’t you think?”

“What the…?”

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