Melanie Ch. 03


Yesterday was an amazing and unexpected day, and today was looking like more of the same. After an evening of cock-teasing, Melanie finally paid me back with a blowjob in a quiet courtyard. When we got back to her apartment, we had sex on the balcony. On Saturday morning, I crawled into her bed and fell asleep a while later spooned against her, having just ravished her beautiful ass. Now we were in the shower together, getting ready to meet Sarah–my ex-girlfriend and her current flatmate–for lunch in Boston’s South End in a couple of hours.

After some initial and very enjoyable soaping and groping, we both actually had to get clean. I did what I had to quickly, stealing some almond-scented shampoo and using the old-fashioned moisturizing soap I found on the tray. Melanie took longer, of course, but it was a pleasure to be bumping against her silky golden skin, copping the occasional feel of a full breast or a sleek curving hip as she went through her routine.

When she grabbed the razor, she directed me to stand behind her and block the water. The soap doubled as shaving cream, apparently, and soon she had lathered her armpits, her legs, and her mound. She lifted one arm and rested it beside my head, then shaved her armpit with a few quick strokes. She changed sides and did the same, giving me a kiss when she was done that brought a twitch to my cock as it nudged her soft, soapy belly.

Abruptly, Melanie turned her back on me and put one foot up on the built-in bench. Her ass nestled against my groin, and she put a little extra nestling in as she worked her way from ankle to thigh. My stiff cock was trapped pointing straight down, fully engulfed by her glorious cheeks. I wanted to lift her up and fuck her right there, but she wasn’t finished so I just kept my hands on her hips. She did the other leg and then turned toward me, freeing my cock to slap upward against my stomach.

What came next was a revelation–a sensual experience I never imagined. Melanie reached up and slid the showerhead down on its chrome track so that it sprayed only on our feet. Then she turned us around and sat me down on the bench. She handed me the razor, flipped her hair back, then scooped up the soap, and slowly relathered the entire front of her body. Her eyes were locked on mine as her hands circled and hefted her firm breasts. My eyes were locked on each millimeter of skin she moved across, but I did have enough peripheral vision to see her smirk knowingly–she knew I was captivated! Her nipples tightened before my eyes as she grazed them with her palms.

Melanie kept her hands moving delightfully under my intent gaze. Long strokes spread the soap from her breasts to her thighs, fingers caressing each curve, slow and sensuous in their travels. Her fingers fanned out across her stomach, slowly working in parallel lines from her ribcage down, her index fingers following the creases of her abdominal muscles and then the juncture bahis firmaları of her hips and thighs. Her thumbs trailed teasingly across her mound, and I held my breath to see if she would do more. Instead, she reversed her course, spreading wider to follow the outside curve of her hips, her narrow waist, and then the succulent curves on the outside of her breasts.

She only did this a few times, but it was enough to drive me nearly crazy with lust. If I wanted her before, that paled in comparison to how much I wanted to pull her down onto my rock-hard cock, to feel that soapy body writhe against me as she rose and fell…

Melanie, though, had other plans. When she was done with teasing me, she put her hands on my shoulders. Then she lifted one foot and placed it beside my thigh on the bench. I looked up.

“Will you shave me? I want to be totally smooth for you,” she said softly.

I was speechless, but I nodded. This was new territory for me, but I was incredibly turned on, entranced by the intimacy and closeness of her body.

With short strokes, I started at the top of her mound, guided by a shadow of stubble. I stopped often to rinse the razor off and soon finished the perfectly-formed dome before me. I have to admit that I was scared, but that helped focus my attention, and my resolve to do a good job kept my hand steady. Melanie seemed OK with what I was doing as well, but she raised the stakes with her next move.

The foot that was beside my thigh moved out a little bit and rolled sideways. Melanie shifted her weight and her leg fell to the side, opening her up to my attention. I swallowed, and after a quick glance at her face–she was watching me through half-closed lids–I moved the razor back into position. As delicately as I could, I shaved the length of her pussy on one side, careful not to nick her inner lips so close at hand. The curve where her thigh met her body gave me some trouble as well, but I soon figured out the right angle of approach and swept away the tiny hairs there.

When it was clear that I was done, I looked back up. Melanie smiled at me, then switched legs, her knee against the shower wall as she gave me access to her other side. Just as thoroughly, I shaved her clean there, too. Whew!

To signal I was done, I reached up and put the razor on the ledge behind me. Melanie smiled again and then ran her hand down to inspect my work. Her palm slid across her mound, and her fingers spread to stroke each side of her pussy, moving back and forth carefully.

She was clearly pleased, because she smiled again and softly said, “That’s perfect! Stay right there!” She turned her back to me–not that I minded a close-up view of her ass again!–and pulled the showerhead back into position, shielding me from the spray while she quickly rinsed the lather off her body. Then she turned back around, still blocking the water from my face.

This time, however, she kaçak iddaa stepped closer to me, standing between my knees. I instinctively wrapped my hands around her hips, and sat up straight to kiss each breast as it hovered there in front of me. Melanie cradled my head and her fingers ran through my still-damp hair.

“I’ve never had anyone do that for me–did you like it?”

“Melanie,” I answered intently, “I loved it! I’ve never felt so close to someone, even someone that I’m in a relationship with. It was so intimate and so fucking sexy!”

“I know,” she said. “I feel the same way. And…” she added in a different tone.

I looked up to see her smiling again.


“It turned me on so much to have to touching me like that! You were so serious, but you were touching my pussy and my mound and my thighs and my ass the whole time. I thought I was going to come just from you doing that…I’m so fucking wet!”

I laughed at her candor and her horniness, which matched my own still-rigid erection.

“Really?” I asked her playfully. “How wet is that?”

She widened her stance, moved her hands down to frame her freshly-shaved opening, then spread her labia. Her inner lips glistened, and I could see the tip of her clit peeking out from under its hood.

“Yup,” I said authoritatively. “That’s definitely wet!”

“In fact,” I said as I slid off the bench, “it looks good enough to eat!”

I pulled her foot back up onto the bench seat to give me more room, then lowered myself down to the shower floor. My tongue moved forward to take a broad lap from bottom to top, then returned to her center. I slipped the tip inside her, plunging it in and out repeatedly, which caused Melanie to thrust her hips toward me, urging me deeper inside her.

She grabbed the safety bar for balance with one hand, and the other found its way to the back of my head. Wanting the same full access she had just offered me, I brought my own hands up between us and used my thumbs to spread her wide open once again. With deliberation, I kissed her clit briefly and then nibbled my way up and down each tender inner lip, turning my head when I changed sides and keeping up a steady pattern of dipping my tongue inside her as I moved along.

Guttural moans reached me from above. When I began to focus more directly on her clit, however, Melanie let me know I was on the right track.

“Oh-my-fucking-God-please-lick-me-right-there!” came out as one long moan of pleasure.

Being a gentleman, I did as she asked. My tongue lashed up and down each side of her clit. Some kind lady years ago taught me that a steady rhythm helps women get off, and I didn’t want to break the building tension by doing something else, so I kept right on licking right-left-right as fast as I could, avoiding the most sensitive spot at the very tip.

Melanie’s hand on the back of my head pulled me in rhythmically as she humped herself kaçak bahis against my face. Her pace became more insistent and I could hear her breathing growing ragged.

“Oh, fuck…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!” she panted.

In response, I started sucking the whole area of her clit, never stopping my tongue’s motion. She moved her raised leg even further to the side. I grabbed her ass to steady her against me, and since I no longer needed to hold her pussy open, I quickly positioned my other hand to drive her over the edge. I slid my middle finger deep into her pussy for a moment–which brought a whimper of joy–and then pulled it back out. She moaned a little when it left her pussy, but I moved that finger quickly toward her anus, not wanting the water to wash away the lubrication she had provided. Because of our earlier fun, it slipped in with little effort to the first knuckle.

My thumb, meanwhile, was perfectly lined up to penetrate her pussy. Without stopping my attention on her clit, I slid that thick digit into her and began alternating plunges between her pussy and her ass. As soon as I did that, Melanie’s voice exploding with a long groan of pleasure. Her hips slammed forward one final time and I felt the shuddering of her thighs just before both holes clamped down on me.

I stopped licking her clit to let her stay in the moment, but I did jam both my middle finger and thumb as deep as I could and held them there while her orgasm coursed through her body. My thumb and wrist were suddenly saturated as juices poured forth from her pussy. She groaned in displeasure when I pulled my hand away and left her empty, but it was only to dip my head even lower so I could lick eagerly at this new nectar. Her hand still held my head in place as her body started to relax. When she could take no more, she grabbed a handful of my hair and gently pulled me away from her pussy.

“Oh, God…I can’t…” she mumbled. Her eyes were closed, and she still held the grab bar with one hand while she swayed in front of me.

To help her out, I rose to my feet and wrapped my arms around her, turning my back to the showerhead once again. She let go of the bar and clung to me, eventually turning her head up for a slow, deep kiss that shared her flavor between us.

“Mmmm…” she murmured against my lips, “that was really nice!”

“I just wanted to make sure you were nice and smooth!” I said with a chuckle.

Our kiss began again in earnest, and our bodies slipped and slid against each other. My cock, forgotten during Melanie’s oral experience, stood fully proud against her belly. She looked down and smiled with delight. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and her thumb deftly spread precum all around.

“Well, well,” she said. “What are we going to do with this?”

Before I could answer, tragedy struck. We were both getting enough of the shower stream to feel that 5-degree drop in temperature that every apartment dweller dreads–the hot water was gone!

As I turned off the water before the freezing blast that usually followed, I looked Melanie right in the eyes and said, “I’ll be sure to let you know!”

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