The Fragile Abandoned Ch. 05


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Just a heads-up: his chapter is heavy on plot, light on sex. As a result, you should read the previous chapters Thanks for reading!



Andy and I needed to talk. I was sick of him being cold to me and I needed an explanation. I needed my best friend back, with or without the sexual relationship.

Once I had showered and put on my face, I decided to wear my new dress, which I hoped would grab Andy’s attention. It wasn’t risqué or anything, but it was more skin than I was used to showing with my semi-formal attire.

The dress was dark blue and cut off upper-mid thigh. It was low-cut and showed off my cleavage, or as much cleavage as I could possibly show. It was dresses like that, which made me wish I had Jessica’s breasts. She had such a sexy, womanly figure, while I was stuck with this little girly one. Regardless, the dress looked great and I was ready to take on the day.

I walked down the hall, but stopped to knock on Andy’s door. I figured that this was as good a time as any and it’d be good to get it out of the way.

I knocked a few times, before Andy poked his sleepy head out. He was shirtless and wearing just a pair of flannel pajama pants.

“What is it?” Andy mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“Good morning! Can we talk?” I asked, in my most cheery voice.

“About what?”

“About… us.”

Andy rolled his eyes. “Not now, Natalie, later.”

“Okay, but can we talk today?”

“Alright, fine.”

And with that, Andy shut the door in my flabbergasted face. What did I do to make Andy like this? I decided to just let it go. Maybe he just needed to wake up. I wished he had noticed my dress, though.

Wandering into the kitchen, I noticed that I really was the first one up. I looked at the clock on the microwave to see that it was 10:00. We really needed to get Thanksgiving dinner started.

I went back upstairs and tapped lightly on Jessica’s door to see if she was awake. I opened the door a little to see that she was fast asleep.

I shut her door, sighed, then went downstairs to start Thanksgiving dinner alone.


If Natalie was trying to get my attention in that dress, it worked. She looked stunning and sexy. It was a casual one, but she managed to still make it elegant and gorgeous.

I wished she would just leave me alone. It was difficult to look in her adorable, sweet face and keep telling her to fuck off. We did need to talk, but I wanted to put it off as long as possible. I didn’t want to look in her face when I told her I didn’t love her, romantically. I didn’t think I loved her in that way, at least.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t go back to sleep. My mind kept wandering back to Natalie in that dress and out of that dress. She had the cutest, sexiest body I’d ever fucked (since high school).

If she wasn’t my sister, I would have been fucking her a long time ago, maybe even married her. It was the fact that she was my baby sister that made the whole thing a clusterfuck.

Natalie had always clung to me and worshipped everything about me. She was always there for me and it felt wrong to be taking advantage of her like I had been doing. I hoped I could tell her all that in a gentle way, when the time came. The last thing I wanted to do was break her heart.


I forgot how comfortable my bed at home was. The bed in my dorm room was serviceable, but this one was like sleeping on a cloud. No matter how hard I tried to distance myself from this life of luxury, my soft pillow-top mattress always pulled me back in.

The view from my bedroom was a breathtaking view of the canyons behind the house. At night, you could see the twinkling lights of the city off in the distance. Sure, it was a great view, but the instant you step outside, you’re miserable.

I looked at my phone to see a couple messages from my roommate, Chloe:

1) HEY, HOW R U? =)

2) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! <3 Before I left, the two of us got drunk while talking about our exes. Chloe had just gotten out bahis firmaları of a four-year relationship and I had just ended a two-month one.

Well, one thing led to another and the two of us made out, got naked, and fingered each other. I’ll admit, it was hot, but it could never happen again. Chloe was more emotionally fragile and clingy than I was, which made things complicated. I decided to deal with it later and ignore my phone for the moment.

I wandered downstairs to see Natalie cooking and fully dressed in a very cute, short dress that showed a lot more skin than she usually did.

“Well, you look sexy!” I said, to which Natalie blushed.

“Thank you! It’s new. I was hoping it looked good! I hope Andy likes it,” Natalie continued her cooking, before looking back up at me. “Why aren’t you dressed?”

“What time is it?”

“Like, 12:15.”

“Shit, I must have slept in. I’ll go change.” I turned away and started going back upstairs.

“Hurry, please! I need help in here!” Natalie called after me.

As I got ready, I kept thinking back to what Natalie said.

I hope Andy likes it.

Natalie was always needing Andy’s approval. It irked me, not because I was jealous of their relationship (even though I was), but because she couldn’t make decisions on her own. She always relied on Andy for everything and it wasn’t healthy. Andy wasn’t always going to be there for her.

However, Natalie was in an incredibly lonely place and she needed Andy the most. With nearly the whole family leaving her, I could only imagine her abandonment issues. I wished I could have stayed and kept her company. If she asked me to move back, I’d say yes in an instant. That’s what family’s for. Not that that saying applied to our family, apparently.

I got ready and went downstairs to help Natalie cook. We worked on Thanksgiving dinner for a few hours, with Andy occasionally dropping in to help a little. The whole time, though, Natalie seemed to be elsewhere, mentally.

“Natty, are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine! Why?” Natalie replied, snapping out of her little trance.

“You just seem to be distracted by something.”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”

“You can tell me.”

“I know, but it’s stupid. Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, but if you ever needed to talk, let me know.”

Natalie rarely dodged stuff like that. We told each other almost everything. Why was this subject so secret?


Andy had smiled at me when he came in the kitchen to grab a snack. Everything was going to be okay. He was just tired in the morning, that’s why he was so short with me. I could relax.

Soon, it was Thanksgiving dinner and all three of us sat down. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. It was a small Thanksgiving dinner, but it was impressive enough, considering that Jessica and I never cooked Thanksgiving before. We ate silently for a while, before Jessica broke the ice.

“We’re not going to say what we’re thankful for or anything shitty like that, right?”

Andy snorted, his beer shooting out his nose and into the glass, which made me laugh.

For the rest of the dinner, Andy talked about his movie and Jessica talked about her classes back east. I didn’t have much to say, so I just sat back and enjoyed the company of the two people I loved most in the world.

As dinner was getting close to ending, Jessica had to go to the bathroom, leaving me with Andy. The two of us were silent for a moment, before I spoke up.

“Can we talk about us, Andy? Just briefly?” I said, which came out as more of a squeak. Andy’s cheerful disposition faded, being replaced with annoyance.

“Not now, Natalie. Jessica’s going to come back soon.”

“I just wanted to-“

“Later.” Andy said, his eyes narrowing.

“Okay. I’m sorry.”

I felt so insignificant. I was glad that Andy and Jessica were getting along, but I felt ignored and I wished Andy wasn’t so rude to me.


Natalie was really quiet at dinner. She was normally kaçak iddaa a quiet girl, but when Andy and I were around, she would be chatty or at least say some something. I was really worried about her, more worried than I usually was.

When I came back to the table, both Andy and Natalie were quiet. Natalie was eating the last small bites of her dinner, while Andy was sipping his beer, staring off into space.

I took my place at the table and looked over at Natalie in her cute dress.

I hope Andy likes it.

“I really love your dress, Natty, where’d you get it?”

Natalie perked up and gave a shy smile. “Forever 21.”

I turned to Andy, who wasn’t paying attention. “Andy, don’t you love that dress?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool, I guess,” Andy shrugged.

Natalie looked back down at her plate and my heart broke for her. What the fuck was going on between those two?

Suddenly, Natalie broke the awkward silence with her soft voice. “I know we’re not supposed to say what we’re thankful for, but I just wanted to thank you two. It’s been a hard couple months and I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you for being there for me.”

Natalie’s eyes were wet with tears and so were mine. I grabbed her hand and looked over at Andy. He gave Natalie and I a little smile.

Dinner was soon over and we cleared the table, then put the leftovers away. I suggested we watch a movie, to which the others agreed.

Andy chose the movie and started it. I tried getting Natalie to come watch with us, but she wanted to wash the dishes instead. After failing with Natalie, I went downstairs to the home theater.

Andy was lounging on the couch and I plopped down next to him. I turned down the volume of the sound system, then smacked him in the arm.


“What the fuck was that at dinner?” I said.

“What are you talking about?”

“You didn’t compliment Natalie’s dress! I gave you the easiest hint in the world!”

“I did compliment it!”

“You said it was ‘pretty cool.'”


“She really wanted you to like it, Andy.”

“Oh, whatever. I’m a guy, I don’t give a shit about dresses.” Andy turned back to the TV.

“What’s going on between you two? You guys were best friends before.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I am worrying about it! You’re all she has out here, Andy! What’s going to happen when I go back east?”

Andy ignored me and kept watching the movie. I took his face in my hands and turned it towards me.

“What’s going to happen?!”

“I don’t know! Fucking leave me alone!”

“Natalie’s not emotionally stable. You need to be there for her.”

Andy jumped out of the couch and started marching upstairs.

“I have to pee.”


Everyone was jumping down my goddamn throat that day. First Natalie, then Jessica.

I bounded up the stairs to the main floor, then up the stairs to the second floor. I was on auto pilot when I burst into the master bedroom.

Natalie was pacing in the bedroom, wringing her hands. My entrance startled her and she gasped. That’s when I realized that there were five other bathrooms in the goddamn house.

“Andy, I-” Natalie started.

“I just need to use the bathroom.”

I tried heading for the bathroom, but she stepped in front of me.

“Andy, can we please talk?”

“Goddamnit, Natalie, not now!” I tried leaving, to find another bathroom, but she jumped in front of me again.

“Andy, please!”

“What happened between us was just a one-time thing. Our lust got the better of us and it will never happen again. It meant nothing!”

Natalie was quiet and looked as if I had just slapped her in the face. I wished she would sob. I wished she would yell at me. Fucking something.

“Nothing?” She said, softly.

“I need to pee.” I brushed past her, but she followed me.

Natalie’s voice was raised, yet quivering. “How can you say it meant nothing? I gave you my virginity! I thought you loved me!”

“Fuck, Natalie, I do! I’m just kaçak bahis not IN love with you.” I slammed the door in her stunned face.

There couldn’t have been a worse way to handle that. I could have chosen any other bathroom in this house, but for some reason I levitated toward the master bathroom.

I took the biggest piss of my life, then washed my hands, washed my face, and took a couple minutes to try and calm myself down. I knew I had to face Natalie again, but I had no idea what to say. I figured the best way to start would be to apologize. Maybe then we could have that conversation she wanted.

With the door handle in my hand, I took a deep breath and went into the bedroom.

The first thing I saw was Natalie’s dress, bra, and panties in a puddle on the floor. Then I looked up to see Natalie shaking, sobbing, and naked. Her arms were wrapped around her midsection, as she tried to keep herself together.

Through her sobs, Natalie tried speaking. “What do I need to do to get you to love me?”

“Natalie, don’t.”

“Please, tell me! I’ve given you my virginity, I’ve let you cum inside of me twice, I took the pill you wanted me to take,” Natalie interrupted herself with a gulping sob. “What do I need to do? Anal?”

“No, I don’t-“

“I’ll do it, Andy! If you want to fuck me in the ass, I’ll let you, just please love me!” Natalie practically collapsed, but still managed to hold herself up.

There was no way I could have a reasonable conversation with her. Natalie was a complete mess and I needed to get far away from her.

Natalie approached me, then dropped to her knees in front of me. I was completely frozen, not knowing how the fuck to deal with the situation.

Between sobs, Natalie undid my belt, button, and zipper and pulled my cock out. She lunged for it and took my flaccid dick in her mouth.

Natalie looked up at my terrified face. Her own face was soaked with tears and runny mascara. As fucked up as it was, her tears made me rock hard. She was then deep-throating me, her cocksucking skills improved out of her own desperation.

Natalie then turned around, bent down, and used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart, presenting her pink little asshole for me.

“Please, Andy!”

Without thinking, I got down on my knees and lined my cock up with her asshole. I briefly looked down to see her little face, terrified and desperate.

“I can’t do this.” I put my cock away, zipped and buttoned my jeans, and tried getting away, but she was quick and clung to my arms.

I tried shaking her off, but that didn’t work. I grabbed her skinny arms, perhaps a bit too tight, and pushed her onto the bed.

“Leave me alone! Do not call me, do not text me! I don’t want to deal with you right now!” I yelled.

“Please don’t leave me!” She sobbed.

I burst through the bedroom door, leaving Natalie a sobbing mess on her bed. After I grabbed my things from my old room, I left the house.


The front door of the house slammed and I scrambled upstairs, to the front door. I opened it to see Andy’s car speeding off. I ran up to the second floor and into the master bedroom, not knowing what could possibly await me.

Natalie was on her bed, naked, curled up in a ball, and sobbing her little heart out. I crawled into bed next to her and held her. Natalie turned over, clung to me, and pressed her face into my chest, as she cried the most heartbreaking sobs I had ever heard.

“What the fuck did Andy do to you?” I asked, not really expecting an answer.

“I’m a stupid slut!” She cried.

“Natalie, no!”

“I’m nothing!”

“Please, stop!”

Natalie squeezed me tighter and sobbed harder.

“What happened, Natalie?”

“I gave him my virginity and it meant nothing to him!”

“Wh- what? I was speechless. I knew Natalie had a crush on Andy, but I had no idea she would let it go so far as to let him fuck her.

I finally found my voice. “Why, Natalie?”

“I just wanted him to love me! He said he’d never abandon me!”

I kissed her on the forehead and let Natalie sob herself to sleep.

I looked over by the bathroom floor to see Natalie’s dress in a wrinkled little pile.

I hope Andy likes it.

To Be Continued…

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