Morning Coffee

Having Fun

I was sitting in the corner of the couch, propped up, one leg over the side onto the floor, and the other propped up against the back. I was thumbing through my IPad getting my morning news, email, messages, Facebook, and everything as I always do. I heard him rustling in the kitchen behind me.

“Good morning hon.” I said.

“Morning” returned with a telltale moan and groan of a stretch and yawn.

I was wearing one of his extra large t-shirts from bed. No bra. No underwear. My hair was still a mess of bedhead. I had pulled it back and run my fingers through so it wasn’t a total rat’s nest. With my legs up like they were, I was exposed to the living room but I didn’t give it a second thought. It was the norm in our house.

I heard him pour and smelled his coffee. The reminder made me lift mine and take a big gulp.

“Need a fill up?” he asked.

“Sure” I answered.

His footsteps neared without me even looking up. I held my cup out. I looked up and watched him fill it, then up at him. I smiled. He had a gleam in his eye. A big gleam and one of those grins. I smiled bigger back.

“Nice view..” he said softly

I intentionally opened up invitingly, a little further than I already was. And I knew I was already starting to get moist just from him saying that.

“Thanks sweetie.” I whispered.

As he turned to take the coffee back to the kitchen, I scanned down his body. He was topless, as always. Wearing only a pair of gym shorts. Bulging gym shorts!! Mouthwateringly bulging!! I gasped a little.

“Please bahis firmaları put the coffee down and come here.” I calmly said as I put my coffee to the side. He sat the pot on some magazines on the coffee table along with his cup and turned back toward me.

Without saying a word, I reached out and took the bottom of each pant leg in my fingers. I slowly pulled them down. I pulled slow as I loved watching his erect cock exposed slowly, from the thick base of his shaft, stretched down from his torso, up to the head. And then that final spring free and bob around.

“Mmmmm!” murmured as it sprung in front of me. I gave a slow side to side shake of my head and unintentional “fuck” came out of me to express my enjoyment. I gave a quick look up at him to see if he had heard it. He was smiling.

I left the shorts fall natural and grabbed right onto him. One hand cupped his beautiful bare balls and the other the base of the shaft. I gave a few gentle teasing strokes just to watch and then went right to what I wanted. Him deep in my mouth.

I loved when he was SO hard like this! We’d never measured but I swear he was an extra inch longer when he was rock hard. I stretched my mouth to get him in! He was thick. I bobbed on the head and swirled my tongue a few times letting my spit flow freely lubing him for deeper. I stroked his foreskin towards my lips as I bobbed, each time a little deeper. I let go of his balls and cupped his butt cheek tightly squeezing and guiding him in towards me. He began rhythmically but gently mouth fucking me matching kaçak iddaa the timing of my bobs. I quit stroking with my hand as I got deeper and cupped his other butt cheek. Both hands were now guiding him. His strokes were getting harder and each a little deeper. The head was hitting the back of my mouth each time. He was almost entirely in. I pulled him harder and gagged a few times as he entered my throat. He slowed and even pulled back. I held on tight and pulled him back in as deep as I could.

I looked up at him with my eyes watering. His cock was entirely in my mouth and throat. He had that look of ecstasy that I wanted to see so bad. I took my one hand off his butt, re-positioned on the couch and got ready to take him to the hilt.

That surprised him. Our play typically followed a mold of five to ten minutes of foreplay including five minutes or so of oral sex for each of us. Wonderful oral sex! Then we fucked. It was always awesome and always what we both wanted. So that’s what we led into. I think he was ready for that now. I wanted different.

Once re-positioned, I reached down touching myself. I was so wet!! I rubbed my swollen clit gently as I started bobbing again. I guided him with my right hand on his butt pushing him harder with each entry. My gentle clit rubbing turned to swirling with a few deep two finger probes to satisfy that need to be filled. He took over the bobbing and started thrusting into my mouth. He pushed me back a little with each thrust. I went with it and eased back into the corner of the couch. I rubbed faster kaçak bahis and harder. I was going to cum quick. God, I hoped he would too!! He lifted a leg back over me to the back of couch and started again. My head was pinned to the cushions. I watched his face. His head was back. Then he’d look down at me. He got more intense, needing it! His hand grabbed the back of my head holding me steady. My lips felt raw from the shaft bruisingly thrusting in. But I wanted it so bad!! My groin was tingling and aching. My leg began quivering on the couch uncontrollably.

My whole body just drained underneath him. His strokes slowed. He went gentle, slowly pushing in, and out, then slowly out a little, then in deep, then stopped. I was coming underneath him but still felt the need to reach up and feel for his tight balls. It was if they’d disappeared. All I felt was the puckered skin pulled up inside him and the pumping. At that moment, I felt the heat and the gush of his semen hitting the back of my throat. It surrounded my teeth and filled my cheeks. It was so hot in my mouth! I loved that feeling! I loved him filling my mouth. I missed it. I gagged a few times as it kept filling, then swallowed what seemed like a gallon of thick sperm. He eased his cock back to my lips. I sucked the tip and swallowed a few more times. I pushed my fingers deep inside myself down below. My lips were swelled and in full bloom. He was looking and reached down with two fingers replacing mine. He loved when I bloomed.

He pulled his softening, still throbbing, member from my lips. Eased down against me below and kissed me deeply. I hoped he could still taste his cum in my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled at him. Then I reached back up filling my mouth with his tongue again.

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