Step Sister, Step Mom


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o)

I was lying in bed, “relaxing” when the door crashed open!

“Hey, Josh, do you…Oh My Fucking GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” It was my step sister.

I rolled onto my side and pulled the covers up as fast as I could.

“Get out! Get OUT! GET OUT!” I shouted.

“OH, hell no! Not until you show me what I thought I saw! Come on,” she wheedled. “Just show me once!”

I wasn’t about to roll back over and show her my dick! No chance in hell! We hated each other and had ever since she and her mom, my new step mom, had moved in. Dad had married a trophy wife and her daughter was part of the package. The fact that they were both pure-bred bitches seemed to have escaped my dad’s notice. Probably because he was getting occasional sex from a smoking hot, bleach-bottle blonde with pumped up fake tits!

Or maybe not, since he was spending so much time at the office and when he went on a business trip he didn’t take Candi with him. Right, Candi! Thirty eight years old and she probably signed her name with a little heart over the “i”!

Her daughter was Bambi. And I knew that she used a little heart!

And she was still standing in my room with the door shut behind her.

“Josh, you better show me or I’ll make your life a living hell! And I can do it too, you know!”

“Worse than it is now?” I asked.

“You have no idea!” she promised.

With a sigh of resignation I rolled over and flipped the covers to the foot of the bed. I lay there, naked, while Bambi stared at my groin. Our discussion had caused my erection to subside.

“It was bigger,” she pointed out. “Make it bigger, Josh!”

“You want me to play with myself while you watch?”

“Yeah, I want to see how big it gets. It looked a lot larger when I came in! A lot larger,” she repeated. She had a hungry look in her eyes.

“I’m not going to do that! That would be weird!” I told her.

“Well, let me help then,” she said with at little grin. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

She reached down and pulled her sweater up and off. Her tits tumbled out and bounced in front of her! And i do mean BOUNCED. Bambi had a pair that were nearly the equal of her mom but they were all natural!

Just the sight of those big bouncy boobs was starting to make my dick stiffen! And so I grabbed hold and stroked myself a few times while she watched. In no time I was back at full strength. Her breasts were jiggling and bouncing as she watched. I could tell that she was getting excited because her nipples were getting harder and harder! And she was helping by squeezing her tits with both hands. Juggling and jiggling her big bouncy boobs! The question flashed across my mind; ‘How big ARE those puppies?’

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. “You are really hung, aren’t you, little brother.” She was twenty, only one year older than I am. Instead of sneering at me she was admiring me. More exactly, she was admiring my now full blown hard-on. Just over a foot long it was thicker than I could wrap my hand around.

She was wetting her lips as she sat on the bed next to me.

“I’ll never tease you again, I promise. Just let me…” her voice trailed off as her head dropped down and she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock! It felt amazing! And she was using both hands to stroke my hard-on.

It didn’t take long before the first blow-job I’d ever had reached its climax.

The first shot almost forced her mouth off my cock head. The second and third followed right along and Bambi was starting to have trouble keeping up with my cum pump! But she hung in there and managed to swallow it all down.

I was panting heavily as she licked up everything that she had let slip out of her mouth. To my surprise and to hers as well, I didn’t lose a bit of my stiffness.

Bambi pushed my dick so it stood straight up in the air. With her chin nestled in my ball-sack my dick head towered above her head. She pulled back and looked at what she was holding.

“Holy Hell, you have the cock of a stud horse, don’t you Josh? I’ve never seen such a huge, stiff hard-on! It’s this hard because of me, isn’t it. Well I suppose I should take responsibility to make it go down!” She gave me nasty, sexy grin and pulled her pants off.

She wasn’t wearing panties so it was easy for her to slide up onto me and push her pussy onto my dick.

“OOhhh, fuck! It’s hard to get it in! I’ve never taken one this big before! UGH! More! I need help! Help me push it in, Josh!”

So I bucked my hips up at her. Together we managed to get the head into her hungry pussy. And then, slowly she absorbed more and more. She had an orgasm after she had taken about four inches. And she had another when she reached just over half way!

Her hips were rocking back and forth, bouncing up and down on my stiff cock. She kept telling me how good it felt and how much she was enjoying the ride.

And I was bahis firmaları too! Watching the passion wash over her as she came time and again. Watching those big tits bounce and shiver was exciting. ?

I reached up and grabbed hold with both hands. I squeezed and pushed them together to make them form a cleavage. Her nipples had come out to play and I pinched them and made them bigger. Pulling on her tits I brought my mouth to where I could suck and lick her. She loved it all!

She pulled my head to her and swung her tits left and right. She was battering me between her melons. And she was swiping herself against my face which I was really enjoying. I had fantasized about motor boating Bambi and Candi a lot since they had moved in.

Bambi and Candi had a habit of showing off their bodies. Flaunting their curves for everyone to stare at and teasing all the guys with those big melons. And now here I was having a big set of titties mashed against my lips so I could suck and lick them as much as I wanted!

“Oh, yes! You randy little boy! You like my big titties, don’t you? Suck me! Lick me! I want to feel your mouth all over my big titties! Play with Bambi’s big boobs while I ride your huge cock! So big, it’s hitting the back of my cunt! I’ve never had the chance to ride a cock this big! More, darling, I want to feel you as deep as I can get you!”

I was more than willing to help out. I drove my hips up at her as hard and fast as I could. Bambi appreciated the effort. She was groaning in excitement!

We finally got to the point where I couldn’t make any more progress. I was as deep into her as she could take me. There was no more room for me in her tight pussy. I was pounding on the back of her cunt with every stroke.

She was loving it!

“I’ve never been fucked like this, Josh! You are SO long, and SO thick! I can’t believe it but it seems like there are a few more inches to be had. But I’m not going to be able to take them! You have filled me up! And I love it! I have cum more often with you than with any one!

“Now I want you to roll me over and fuck me until you cum! I want you to fill me up with your seed! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Her voice ended in a strangled shout as we rolled over together. It was as if we had practiced it.

I was looking down at her as she came again. She was clutching me to her with arms and legs. Her big firm titties were rocking up and down on her chest as we went. Watching her big boobs rock and roll was the most exciting, the sexiest, thing I had ever seen.

Watching her squeezing her tits with both hands, pulling on her stiff nipples, tweaking herself, she was having a lot of fun as I tried my best to fuck her brains out!

I started to spurt into her sloppy liquid cunt! I could feel her walls pressing around me as I shot more and more cum into her. When I finally pulled away from her I could see a small river of cum start to ooze out of her.

As I watched she reached down and scooped up some with her second and third fingers. She brought the bounty to her mouth and she licked it up with a nasty smirk on her face.

“The best Josh! The best! I love the taste of you! And you did such a good job of fucking me! Let’s not wait too long before we do this again, honey!”

She pulled me to her, gave me a hot, tongue twisting kiss and then, having grabbed her clothes, was out the door!

And sure enough that was not the end of it. I seemed to have made an impression on Bambi. I noticed that she wasn’t going out with her bimbo slut friends as often. She was staying home more. And when she was at home her attention seemed to be on me!

She was a bitch, it was true. But she was a good looking bitch. She had short cropped hair that exposed her neck and ears. She liked getting nipped and nuzzled when we were making out. It turned her on to feel me licking her ears and the nape of her neck.

She had a small pug nose, big round blue eyes that seemed to get darker as she got more and more aroused. And she had a habit of chewing on her lip when she would stroke my hard-on.

Which she was doing a lot! There weren’t that many days when she didn’t make it a point to snuggle up to me and run her hand over my groin. Most of the time she would pull me into the bathroom or her bedroom to deal with the stiff cock that she had created when pawing at my groin.

And her amazing body was a constant source of excitement to me. Which she knew and did her best to encourage. She was wearing the tightest little shorts you could imagine. And she would make a point of bending over, shoving her ass in my general direction. And then twerking or swiveling her hips to make her ass look even more fucking amazing!

And those tits! She knew I liked her big bouncy tits. And made a point of making them bounce when ever she could. When she wore bras they were a little too small, a little too tight. Just to show off for me. Bending over, flashing her cleavage, showing me her bulging boobs. Brushing them against me. Pulling my hands to her kaçak iddaa bosom, getting me to play with her tits and big nipples!

And she really wasn’t a tease. If I sprouted a hard-on Bambi would eagerly get me to fuck the hell out of her!

We almost got caught by her Mom once or twice. One day I had to slide off the bed onto the floor behind the bed so that she didn’t see me. Bambi made up some excuse about taking a nap.

So I wasn’t too surprised one day when I came home early to hear Bambi and Candi talking in the living room.

“Bambi. what’s going on with you and Josh?”

“What do you mean, Mom?”

“Don’t play dumb, Bambi. You’re acting all nice and everything. You have never liked him before, so what’s going on?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Mom.”

“I saw you snuggle up to him on the couch the other night. And as soon as I came into the room you got up and walked out. But I know what I saw. So, tell me. What’s gotten into you? And why are you laughing?”?

“What’s gotten into me is Josh! Mom, he’s got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! He’s huge!”

“Well, I know his Dad is pretty well hung! His eight inch stiffie is the only thing that keeps me interested. I wish he’d slip it to me more often, tell you the truth!” Candi admitted.

“Eight inches? Josh has to be almost twice that big! I used a desk ruler once and he was so much longer than that! Inches longer. And thicker than I can reach around with one hand. And he fucks like a wild animal! He makes me cum like a cannon when he slams his gigantic cock all the way in me! I love it!” Her voice was dripping with excitement as she recounted her experiences with me.

I just stood like a statue in the foyer eavesdropping on them.

“Oh, my God, Bambi! Are you kidding me? Is he really that large? I never would have expected it.”

“Well, I barged in on him one day when he was playing with himself! And I’ve never been the same! His huge dick is all I can think about! He makes me cum better than any other lover I’ve ever had! He’s cute and he makes me see stars when he pounds that big dick into my cunt! What a stud!”

“Really?” Her finger was running over her lower lip as she imagined a dick twice the size of her husband’s.

“Yes, really. I’m going to ride him every chance I get, mmmm!”

I snuck back to the front door and made a production of coming in. When I got to the living room everything was normal. But I did notice that Candi was staring at me. Or, rather, staring at my groin.

And over the next day or so she kept doing that. When I was in the room Candi would check me out. And, just like Bambi, her choice of clothes slid toward the slutty. Tight, low-cut! Short-shorts that clung desperately to her curves while her t-tops didn’t even cover her under-boob much of the time! Her ever-stiff nipples were visible through what ever she was wearing.

And I did my best to ignore it all! It drove her crazy when she would parade herself in front of me and i refused to look up and watch her as she strutted by in her slutty little outfits!

One day I was doing laundry when she walked in on me. Thinking that she was there to get her clothes out of the dyer I pointed to the laundry basket that i had put clothes from the dryer in.

“Your stuffs there, Candi,” I told her.

“My stuff?” she asked as she picked a bra up off the pile. “This is isn’t my stuff! This little 34-FF bra would be like a training bra on me!” she bragged as she made a point to stick her tits out as far as she could. “When I do wear a bra it’s a Triple-L, a 36 Triple-L!”

“No,” she sneered, “this tiny thing is Bambi’s, not mine!”

She held the bra up to her chest and it was obvious that it was too small for her. She would not be able to fasten it around her boobs. Even under the silky-thin top she had on her huge spherical breasts seemed to overwhelm the bra she was holding.

“See, Josh? Too small!” As I watched she whipped her top off and posed proudly in front of me, naked from the waist up. God, those were big fucking titties! 36-Triple L’s? They looked to be the size of basketballs! There was no droop, no sag, no flex to them! The stood straight out from her body. Pressing against each other when she was holding her hands on either side. Her nipples were erect, as always, and yearning toward me while she smiled proudly down at herself.

Well, I grabbed my clothes and got the hell out of there! She was too much of a tease. I was afraid I’d lose my self-control!

And then I decided to see if I could turn the tables on her.

I came down to breakfast the next day wearing sweat pants and a crop top that I used to wear when I worked out. I had stopped at the top of the stairs and played with myself until I was partially erect.

I was looking at a magazine as I walked down the stairs. I could feel my dick bouncing in my pants as I made my way to the kitchen table.

Bambi was openly gaping at me as I approached. And Candi did a double-take when she saw my big cock pressing against kaçak bahis the fabric! I saw her tongue come out and lick her lips as she followed the bouncing prick.

Gathering a bowl of cereal and some OJ I sat at the table next to Bambi. She leaned over to me and whispered “What are you doing? Your dick is swinging around for the whole world to see! It’s obscene!”

“More obscene than the way you and Candi are showing off your hooters and what-all with those cootchie pants you have on?” I whispered back.

“Yesss!” she hissed at me. “I can’t believe you’re letting your huge cock bounce around like this!” Her left hand was running up and down my shaft while she was talking.

“Well, I’ll tell you what. How about after we finish breakfast we go back to your room and we’ll find someplace to put it that it won’t be out in the open. How about that?”

“Oh, yes! I can’t wait. Finish up and let’s go!” she was eager!

Fifteen minutes later she was rising and falling on my big hard-on! She was taking 12 inches of steel hard cock. And loving it! Yips of pleasure were forced from her as she rose and fell.

Somehow the door had been left ajar (wink, wink) and I wasn’t all that surprised to see Candi peeking into the room. When she got her first look her hands flew to her mouth in surprise as she watched her daughter fucking my big rod. I didn’t quite know how she was going to react but she didn’t move.

After a few moments she moved one hand under her skintight shorts and began to finger herself as she watched. She knew I was watching! She blew me a kiss and slowly licked her lips for me.

I reached up and grasped both of Bambi’s big titties. I was playing with them, piling one on the other, pulling on the nipples to make her tits stretch out in front of her and then letting them go to watch them bounce and jiggle in front of her. She was laughing and moaning as I worked. Her eyes were closed in pleasure.

“I really like your big tits,” I told Bambi while I was looking at Candi.

Candi stopped what she was doing in her shorts and pulled both hands to the bottom of her crop-top. While she smirked at me she slowly pulled her top up until those big tits spilled out. They were clearly larger than Bambi’s but they weren’t natural. She had had implants put in at some point. Her boobs pointed almost straight ahead instead of sloping down her chest the way the ones I was feeling did!

I wasn’t sure which I preferred. But it was terrific to be able to see both pairs at the same time!

Candi pulled her tits up to her mouth and kissed and licked them while watching my reaction. She was proudly showing off her boobs. And smirking at me, while I was pounding my dick up into her daughter!

And Bambi was now grinding herself down onto as much of my hard-on as she could take. As usual there were at least a couple of inches that she couldn’t cram into her, no matter how hard she tried!

We went at it for another thirty minutes. Candi watched the whole thing from the doorway. She fingered herself. She played with her tits, She licked her lips and made kissing motions toward me when our eyes met.

Later that day Candi slid onto the sofa next to where I was watching TV.

“Josh, I’m tired of trying to be subtle.” Really? She had been subtle?

“I know that you and Bambi have been hooking up and she tells me that you are exceptionally well endowed. And I could tell from watching the two of you this morning. Well, I like big, hard cocks!” Her hand was smoothing up and down my thigh. “The bigger, the better. And I know that I may not have treated you as best I could. And I’m sorry for that. Can you forgive me?”

She was now grasping my dick, squeezing and stroking it thru my pants.

“No. You’re a bitch!” I told her and walked away. It made me feel good to tell her off! I was going to make her work for it! When I looked back she had a stunned look on her face. I guess she didn’t get turned down that often.

I have to give her props, tho. She didn’t let my ‘No, you’re a bitch!’ stop her. If anything, she grew more determined. And she kept watching me and Bambi when we were fucking the hell out of each other. And her approach became even more direct. Tops became tighter and skimpier. Skirts and shorts even shorter.

And then one day she just waltzed into my room while I was sleeping and had her way with me! I mean she pulled the covers off me and removed my PJ’s and started to give me a hand job!

Of course I woke up but I didn’t make much of an attempt to ward her off. She was pretty skillful as she stroked me to full hard-on.

Seeing that I was awake she ripped off her t-top and pulled me on top of her. She had no panties on under her skirt, so it was easy for her to get the tip of my erection into her pussy.

And I admit I was weak. I could have pulled myself off her and tossed her out of my room. But what the hell. I’m a young man and I had a good looking woman almost literally throw herself under me and make me fuck her.

So I did. As with most women it took some effort to drive my dick head into her pussy. It was more that I was big than that she was snug. After all, she had been sexually active for almost as long as I had been alive.

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