Stiff Your Server


So the past few months things have been rather uneventful. I have been spending a lot of time with both Abbie and Chelsea after our shifts drinking, smoking and having some seriously intense girl on girl on girl sex. I find myself more and more wanting to just eat pussy, suck titties and play tonsil hockey with the bubblegum tongues of my fellow servers.

Abbie and I have both been awarded keys to Chelsea’s place and we pretty much spend all of our free time there between shifts at the restaurant. Being a tom boy from way way back I do like me some sports whereas the other gals can’t stand watching anything involving a ball or puck. I chose to spend the past weekend at my place where I could keep up with my bracket to the big dance without catching constant shit from my besties.

Unfortunately I was not able to get the whole weekend off from work so I did miss quite a bit of the action during my shifts Friday and Saturday night. Thank God for streaming and my new iPhone 7. After a quick trip to the grocery store I was well stocked with beer, soda and snacks in the event I had any visitors. I planned on spending my free time in my number 4 Chris Webber jersey. Although he played before I was born he was an alum of my high school Detroit Country Day and has always been my favorite player.

I had a poster of him and the Fab Five on my dorm bedroom wall and spent many a night masturbating to the thought of being taken by all five of the famous U of M players. Til this day I would fall to my knees and service one or all of their beautiful black cocks. But I digress. Just me and my Maise and Blue jersey and a pair of my lucky panties sat back and enjoyed the early first round games. The action was fast and furious but not a lot of upsets yet. Then I got the text that would change the course of my weekend.

My brother Robby, who I hadn’t heard from for months, sent a text saying he was coming to town to visit some of his buddies and would be stopping by for a visit. I didn’t think a lot of it as he often would invite himself over all through my college years. A couple hours later there was a knock at the door and there stood my brother with two buddies in tow. I recognized them both as his two friends who he once, in a drunken stupor, loaned me out to for a night of rough sex. ‘Great’ was all I could think as they welcomed themselves into my place.

“Make yourselves at home” I said in my snarkiest voice.

“Oh we will Ciara” said Tommy, one of the two ass wipe buddies of Robby.

Tommy helped himself to a beer and grabbed two more for Robby and Kenny and they sat down to watch the game in progress. Helping themselves to the bowl of chips on the coffee table like it was their own place. I felt their eyes lusting after me as I was wearing only the jersey and panties, serious side boob was evident and the jersey was not quite long enough to cover up my ass.

“Pardon me while I get some clothes on” I said as I headed to the bedroom.

“Don’t cover up on our behalf” was Kenny’s smart ass reply.

Even though I was disgusted, my pussy was twitching at the thought that I could still elicit such a response from those perverts. Robby jumped up from the lazy boy and followed me into the bedroom. “Wait sis” he chirped.

“What Robby?” I asked exasperated.

He came up close to me as we entered the bedroom and gave me a hug. His hug was not a normal hug as he moved in for a deep wet kiss as his hands moved in to caress my boobs as he had easy access through the sides of the loose fitting jersey. I pretended to fight him off but truth be told I had so missed his firm touch and the way he always took what he wanted from me. My damn pussy was giving me away as there was now a visible trickle of girl juice dripping down my inner thighs.

“Happy to see me?” he said with a smirk.

“I’ve missed you so” was all I could manage as my knees were getting weak. I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. I was done like dinner.

“I need a huge favor sis” he said.

“Sure what do you need Robby?” was my reply.

“So here’s the deal” he began. Anytime he began with that meant that he fucked up big time and needed me to save his ass.

“Oh my God Robby, what did you do now?” I blurted out.

He got that look on his face. The one that I can’t resist. The one that he has always used to get anything he wanted from me.

“Remember the big game?” he asked.

“Yeah” I said “it was unbelievable” I replied.

“Well I fucked up” he offered. “I owe these two idiots a grand a piece” he mumbled.

“What the fuck Robby? What were you thinking?” I demanded.

“Seemed like a good bet at halftime” he reasoned.

“So you need me to work off your loss?” I asked in a disgusted tone. Once again, my pussy was giving myself away as the thought of having to pay off my brother’s debt with my three holes.

“Yes sorry sis” was all he could come up with.

“And if I refuse?” I asked earnestly.

He shot me the look, like really?

Knowing that look I was relegated to bahis firmaları the fact that I could enjoy the experience or fight them all and get the hell beaten out of me while they took their two thousand dollars worth out of me regardless. Knowing that I still had to do my shift that night and the next I really didn’t want to go to work with black eyes or a broken nose.

“You’re a fucking asshole Robby!” I stamped my feet like a brat having a tantrum.

“But I’m YOUR fucking asshole Ciara” he smiled. “You’re also my fucking worthless whore sister” he added.

“Yes I am worthless” I offered, already defeated. “Let’s get this over with” I said as I pulled off my jersey and tossed it on the floor. Donning only my panties I headed back to the living room to begin paying off my brother’s debt.

“Oh shit Robby, what about daddy?” suddenly realizing that daddy was due home after work.

“I already texted him and told him to report to mom’s house after work, do not come home, go there directly and she had plans for him for the weekend.” He had thought of everything evidently.

“Daddy will be so excited he gets to service mom and her lover” I mused.

Upon returning to the living room, two horny guys waiting for me and their eyes popping out of their heads at the sight of this petite little blonde girl in only a pair of panties.

“Okay dickheads, let’s get a couple things straight” I announced. “I have to work tonight and tomorrow and I will not be going to work with a fucked up face, neck, arms etc.” “Any hickeys, bruises, carpet burns have to be out of sight, understand?” I demanded.

“Yes Ciara” was all they could muster as I saw their dicks springing to action in their pants.

“Also, my safe word is TIMEOUT” I added. Throwback to my hero Chris Webber. They both nodded in agreement.

“Finally there will be absolutely NO cell phones or cameras. Remember this as there will be no record of this happening.” The boys nodded in agreement.

Without waiting I knelt down in front of Tommy and pulled down his sweat pants and began to work on his semi erect cock. I already had my hair tied back into two pony tails which would make it easier for them to face fuck me, using my locks as handles to force their thick cocks all the way down my whore throat. I slowly worked the head of his cock licking the piss hole while I massaged his huge testicles. I teasingly started to take his girth into my mouth and was soon rewarded with his tasty pre-cum.

Tommy had his hands on my pony tails ready to force my slut mouth deeper down on his huge cock. Kenny was pinching my right nipple and Robby was pinching my left. My cunt was soaking my panties straight through and my juices were oozing out and were making their way down my thighs.

“Suck my cock you skank!” he demanded.

Before I could respond he grabbed my pony tails and forced me down until my lips were buried in his pubic hair. Not prepared, I gasped for air but could not catch a breath. He refused to let me up for air and kept me pulled tight against his abdomen. I tried my best to break free but was unsuccessful. His cock had stretched my throat to it’s capacity and I flailed like a fish while he kept applying pressure. I felt my eyes rolling back in my head and was about to pass out when Robby pulled my head back and gave me a much needed breath of air.

My lungs barely restored I was again pulled down and my larynx was being punished by this monster cock. I didn’t even feel my panties being pulled down nor did I know that without warning or the aid of lube my ass was about to be split in two by Kenny. His cock was hard and he was getting impatient so he just took my ass without warning.

“Suck it bitch!” Tommy demanded, “suck my cock you fucking cunt!”

Not like I had any choice in the matter, I thought to myself as he continued to rape my mouth. Kenny was thrusting in and out of my sore asshole riding me like a bunny. Robby was helping Tommy by holding the nape of my neck and helping me bob up and down on Tommy’s dick. Tears were running down my cheeks as I was totally helpless. I entered my sub space as a means of self preservation. It was like an out of body experience. I don’t remember ever being violated to this level before and trust me I have been violated many many times before. I was in heaven.

It seemed like an hour. I have no idea how long the abuse continued but I could tell by the tightening of Tommy’s ball sack that he was about to release the flood gates directly down my throat. I didn’t even feel it as he started to gush sperm down my throat, holding me tight against his stomach as he pumped his man juice directly down the gullet. Semen was everywhere, oozing out my mouth, and even coming out my nose through my nasal passages. I had never experienced that before and hope that I never have to experience that ever again. My nose burned as cum was dripping out of both nostrils. I was a fucking mess.

Tommy pushed me off of him as he was trembling from his volcanic eruption. I was spun around and Tommy’s kaçak iddaa cock was immediately replaced with Kenny’s now lubed cock, my ass juice covering it and now being cleaned off my my whore mouth. Balls slapping off of my chin as he fucked my mouth. His cock much easier to accommodate as it was a few inches shorter and about an inch less in diameter.

“You love this don’t you?” Kenny asked, rhetorically. “You are a dirty little girl Ciara!” he announced.

All I could do was nod my head in agreement. “You think so Captain Obvious?” I thought to myself, still unable to speak.

Kenny didn’t last long and he decided to pull out and shoot his goo all over my face and hair. The fucker. I hope this comes out when I shower was my first thought as I was soon blinded by sperm covering my eyes, nose, forehead, lips and beautiful blonde locks.

The two assholes layed back on the couch taking a much needed rest. Robby’s turn. He made me kneel on all fours and decided that he would be the first to fuck his sister’s moist pussy. He stood in front of me and pulled me up by my hair handles and made me lube up his cock which I did with eagerness and gusto. I loved sucking my brother’s beautiful cock, it felt right and fit just perfectly into my mouth, tickling my tonsils as he thrust in and out. I had it all slicked up with my saliva and was aching for his penis hoping he’d fill my womb with his brother batter. I still craved the chance to carry his baby. Oh shit, that reminds me, I’ve been off the pill since I haven’t had any normal dick and daddy’s been fixed for years. I would love to have Robby’s baby but not one of his dick head buddies, that would be tragic.

I voiced my concerns to Robby but he of course had already planned for that and told me he had a supply of morning after pills for me in case. He always thought of everything.

Robby pulled out of my mouth and went around to the back of me and began to fuck me like the dog that I am. Tommy leaned forward and commanded that I bark like a dog for him.

“WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF” I choked out of my sore as hell throat.

Kenny was tickled by my submission and decided it would be fun to make me oink like a pig. The fuckers.

“OINK OINK OINK OINK” I continued eliciting laughter from the duo. I bet that Robby felt bad. I am a worthless piece of fuck meat and this is what I deserve was my thought.

Kenny and Tommy whispered something to each other and were suddenly standing in front of me. They each grabbed a pony tail and lifted me up. They decided it would be fun to have a sword fight in my mouth and was soon jamming both of their semi erect cocks in and out of my mouth, my cheeks taking a beating as they poked side to side.

The sight of this was enough to send Robby over the edge and I felt him release his precious sperm deep into my cervix. I reached orgasm just at the thought of my brother breeding me. The other two cocks battling for position in my wide open mouth were not able to produce another load and frick and frack got tired so they eventually pulled out and returned to the couch to catch their breath. Lightweights.

It was time to shower and get ready for my shift. I spent extra time scrubbing the filth off of my face and hair, taking an enema to clean Kenny’s filth out of my gaping asshole. I blew my nose as best I could but could tell that I would be smelling semen the rest of the evening. Mouth wash and throat spray barely brought my voice back. My nipples were purple from the tweaking the boys had given them. I didn’t receive any marks that would be visible to my customers so I consider it a success.

I did my makeup and hair and got into my uniform and headed out to the living room. The boys were looking through my clear plastic tote of sex toys that they helped themselves to while I was showering. Damn perverts are non stop horny I thought to myself.

They had my monster dildo suction cupped to the hard wood floor and demanded that I lose my panties and mount this thing. I had about ten minutes before I had to leave so I kicked off my panties and mounted the monster. It was like being impaled by a baseball bat. I got about a foot of the two feet worth of rubber deep into my cunt. Kenny shoved my biggest butt plug up my still semi gaping ass hole and it was decided by the group that I would wear this for the entire work shift. The dildo drew some blood so I had to put a maxi pad into my panties so I wouldn’t spend the night having a blood trail following me around. I was walking like a bull rider as I left the house dreading greatly the next eight hours on my feet, taking care of the public, complete with a butt plug up my ass. Kenny secured the plug with a couple pieces of duct tape.

When I got to work Chelsea pulled me into the break room and landed a huge wet kiss on me asking how my day was.

I fought back tears as I lied and told her that I was fine. I’m pretty sure that she knew I was lying through my teeth. I did my best to walk normal as I struggled through the shift busting my ass for almost eight straight hours kaçak bahis without a break. The kicker is that I was instructed to bring home three steak dinners for the boys and a case of beer. So basically I spent the entire night kissing ass and breaking my back just to cover the cost of feeding and buying beer for the three men who just spent four hours using me like the worthless whore that I am.

I got back to my place and was able to rest for a whole 20 minutes while the boys ate their steaks and baked potatoes. The beers started to flow again and although the late games were on I couldn’t care about the results any more. I stripped naked and showed Kenny that I was still impaled by the butt plug and felt the sting as I pulled off the tape and removed the beer can sized plug, leaving my ass hole gaping enough to accommodate a fist if they so chose. I fell back on my bed exhausted. Just waiting for the abuse to resume. I was not disappointed.

I was used to having three cocks filling all of my holes at once. That was something I had experienced several times being a true whore. What I was not used to was two cocks in one hole which was the boys’ goal. I was flipped over and ass stuck up in the air and they did their best to get two dongs into my gape. I had no feeling back there any more. The plug rubbing against the side walls of my anus had killed the feeling by the end of my shift.

I quickly found my sub space and stayed there as Kenny and Tommy used me like a rag doll, trying every combination possible. Robby decided to sit out the late night session as he felt bad for me. Not bad enough to stop his buddies from taking out their bet winnings out of his little sisters’ holes though.

The two amigos evidently discovered poppers and used them all night long keeping their cocks hard and fucked me until they were raw and then decided to keep up the abuse with my toys. I was passed out for a couple hours so I’m not sure what happened to me during that time. I was rudely awakened around 8 am in order to cook them breakfast.

I was broken. Never even thought about using my safe word as deep down I crave the abuse. The only way I can reach orgasm is when the depravity is at a high level as it was so far. As I mentally tried to prepare myself for the next several hours of loveless sex I was expected to provide in order to pay off my dumb brother’s bad bets my attention was broken by the sound of my phone ringing.

“Hello” I said in as cheerful a voice as I could muster.

“Hi C, it’s Abs” replied my best girl Abbie. “Chels said that you sounded down yesterday, is everything Okay?” she asked.

I lost it and started blubbering about how the last 24 hours had transpired and what the next 12 hours would involve. She listened with empathy and offered to help me out.

She offered to tag in and finish what I started. I was dumbfounded at her offer.

“I told you before C that I live vicariously through you and this is my chance to become the whore I always fantasize about becoming” she offered. “Really, let me do it please!”

“Well what the hell?” was all I could say, “I’d owe you big time hun.”

“I will be right over babe” then she hung up.

I struggled to get up and headed to the living room and announced that I had a surprise for the boys. “Just wait” I teased.

About twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and I let Abbie in. She was dressed in a short skirt and crop top, her perfect tits struggling to break free. She oozed sexuality.

Her mid length brown hair and beautiful brown eyes and tanned skin brought the boys’ cocks to attention. Abbie took the floor.

“Okay boys, this is how it’s going to work. I am going to complete Ciara’s duties paying off assholes’ bets here and you two are the lucky fuckers who are going to get the honor of fucking me silly, that is if you’re up to the job?” she smirked.

“Yeah baby” Kenny and Tommy chirped in simultaneously. “Let’s get down!”

Abbie kicked off her heels and dropped her skirt and pulled off her top exposing her perfect fuckable body. She walked to the bedroom and the boys followed. Robby was there too and she directed him to the love seat.

“You asshole will sit and watch. You are not worthy of touching this body you fucking loser” she announced with certainty. “You will sit and watch and tend to your little sister’s needs” she commanded. Robby’s head was downcast as he understood that he would still never be able to have sex with my bestie. He sat on the love seat and I cradled in letting him caress my hair and rub my arms as he could do nothing but watch as Abbie paid off his loser friends as the three of them jumped up oh the bed.

Abbie orchestrated the trio with the expertise of a porn star. She took both their cocks in all of her holes and was impressive at her cock sucking skills. I felt so inferior not only to her beauty but to her sexual acumen as well. It was like art in motion as she kept them edged until they finally blasted their loads on her perfectly pert titties just as she directed them to do. “No kissing on the mouth” she announced. Doesn’t matter that she had just swallowed both of their cocks. LOL. The two boys were sweating profusely and were laying on their backs trying to catch their breath.

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