Table for Two Ch. 04


On Tuesday afternoon Emily was sitting in the living room sofa, wearing her light blue pajamas under a white bathrobe and white slippers. She was reading through the pamphlet from Jennifer while listening to TV and eating a late lunch – pizza leftovers from yesterday evening. It was three o’clock and Stephanie would probably be soon back from school. Dad was working the day shift and wouldn’t be in until past eight.

After yesterday’s success with Jennifer, Emily got the first good night’s sleep since before the night at the club. She slept in till noon and felt much better – her headache was all gone.

She was about to finish her lunch, when she heard her cellphone ringing from her room. The phone was on her desk, where she left it when she used it to look up reference pictures for a watercolor landscape. She entered the room and proudly looked at the unfinished painting. She was feeling inspired today.

Checking the phone, she saw it was Sam. Her friend’s name brought back the feelings from Saturday night, making Emily sit down at the foot of her bed. She couldn’t handle talking to Sam yesterday, but her counseling session gave her enough confidence to try now.

“Hey, Sam,” she said after lifting the phone to her left ear.

“Hi Emily, so, uh, where are you? And why don’t you return my calls?” she heard Sam say in a confused voice.

“Yeah, I’m home. I was gonna call, but-” Emily started explaining.

“What? Why? Are you sick?” Sam wondered.

“Yeah, sort of. I won’t be back for a few more days I guess,” Emily said.

“You sure? Say, you don’t sound sick,” Sam said jokingly, Emily could hear her friend smiling, “Go ahead, cough for me.”

Emily coughed in an theatrical, exaggerated way, “There you go. But it’s not that kind of sickness anyway.”

“What is it then?”

“Well, it’s a concussion, I hit my head on the floor, I think.”

“My god, Em, you think? What the hell were you doing? When did it happen?”

“On Saturday. I was- it was sort of an accident.”

“So? Tell me about it!” Sam pried.

Sam was Emily’s best friend, for sure, but what Emily and her sister did was so weird, she was scared to tell even her. Unlike Jennifer, Sam’d label her a freak for sure. So she told Sam all about the events at home, how Stephanie heard her talk to Sam, how she freaked out, accusing her sister of raping her, about Emily’s desperate act in the bathroom and the visit to the hospital. All that time, Sam was mostly quiet, not really asking anything, just confirming she heard her friend.

But Sam sounded just as supportive as Emily’s counselor. Finally, she admitted, without going into specifics, that she and Stephanie did ‘meet’ at the club, stressing that it was before they knew who they were with and that before or after, there was no sexual attraction between them. She decided not to mention how good it actually felt, despite everything. Again, Sam was quiet, but supportive. She wasn’t the quiet type, but Emily was glad her friend understood.

“I just don’t know what to do, Sam,” Emily said honestly, now laying back on her bed, with feet still on the ground, “It’s so weird around her now. I mean, we were always close, more like friends than sisters, but not in this way.”

“Em, I’m sorry I messed up your date. I know it wasn’t what you expected.”

“Yeah,” Emily said with a small laugh, now relaxed, “Definitely not.”

“I admit I didn’t expect it. Wow, two straight girls doing such stuff..and sisters,” Sam said in a far away, contemplating tone, but still making Emily cringe. Finally, Sam added an intriguing word, “Although-“

“What?” Emily was interested.

“You know, this doesn’t mean you’re lesbian, Em. Women are usually more open to experiences with other women, at least compared to men with other men. I know girls who say they are straight, they even have boyfriends, but still sometimes fool around with other girls. They help each other out, there’s nothing to it. You know, a kiss here, a touch there, who cares?” Emily heard Sam say in a tone that indicated it was not a big deal.

“You’re so supportive, you sound almost like Jennifer,” Emily tried to deflect.


“My, uh, counselor. I sort of had to take therapy after I went to the hospital.”

“So good old Sam is as good as a trained counselor, right?”

“Nah, you’re way better,” Emily joked back.

But a few seconds later, Sam pressed her point, “So, on your date, how far did you guys actually go?”

How was Emily supposed to answer such a question? She suspected even seasoned lesbians would think twice about what the two sisters actually experienced together.

“Um, we, uh,” Emily stammered, trying to find the right words. Finally she took a deep breath and dropped the bomb, “All the way.”

“My god, Em!” she heard an excited Sam on the other end of the line, “So you actually, you know, you had an orga-“

“Yes!” Emily interrupted her friend, “Just please don’t say it Sam. I feel bad enough about it.”

“Sorry Em, I just, pendik escort wow. I didn’t expect that,” Sam admitted.

“Not helping, Sam,” Emily complained.

“Look Em, I admit it sounds as you may have gone a bit further than the usual adventurous girl. But I still think there’s nothing bad about it. We all have needs and sex feels good, especially if the other one knows what to do. I think if people understand and trust each other, it just works. Even if you don’t think of her in that way.”

Sam’s words were encouraging, Emily wanted to believe her friend. She was looking up at the white ceiling, thinking about her sexuality. She didn’t feel like a lesbian, she just needed the release and liked the pleasure.

She was able to respond to Sam more openly than she planned to.

“I think that’s true. Stephanie, well, she did know what to do. Her actions were, like, effective,” she said with a smile, then added, “But she’s still my sister.”

“Yeah, listen, about that,” Sam continued after a few seconds, Emily now listening closely, “I think, you said that even though you have the same parents, you didn’t know each other until you were in kindergarten, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right, but what does that have to do with anything?” Emily asked, confused.

“Because I read that people who know each other in the first years of their lives find each other sexually unattractive. It’s called reverse imprinting. Like siblings and stuff.”

“So?” Emily asked impatiently. It didn’t occur to her to ask why Sam was so educated about this.

“So you probably wouldn’t hate sex with Stephanie any more than with other girls. Actually, it may be the opposite.”

“The opposite? What, that I’d like it more? That’s ridiculous Sam,” Emily said, trying to dismiss Sam’s uncomfortable theory. It seemed as if Sam knew all about her relationship with Stephanie, even better than Emily.

“Wait Em, if she did it well, I think you would. Even you said she was effective. I’d bet you don’t cringe at having sex with Stephanie any more than, say, having sex with me, right?” Sam confronted Emily.

What was Sam asking?

“Sex with- you’re a lesbian?” Emily was confused.

“No no, I’m not. That’s not what I’m saying, I’m asking if you find sex with Stephanie worse than sex with any other girl,” Sam explained.

“Of course, she’s my sister, it’s not supposed to happen,” Emily answered immediately.

“Em, are you honest? Forget about what is supposed to be. Forget about her being your sister. But how do you really feel about her as a person?” Sam insisted.

Was sex with Stephanie any worse than sex with Sam? Emily wasn’t so sure anymore.

“I don’t know,” she answered, then she resigned with a sign and added, “OK, well, I suppose in that case it wouldn’t be any worse than with any other girl.”

“See? That’s my point.”

“I don’t get you Sam, I don’t find girls attractive,” Emily stood her ground.

“I’m not saying you do, or whatever. But, how does she make you feel? How many guys could you say were as good as Stephanie, sexually?” Sam attacked again.

“Sam, do you realize how creepy that question is?” Emily tried to evade the uncomfortable thought.

“Fuck that Em,” Sam insisted, “Just answer. How many were better?”

It seemed like Sam saw through her, she had to be honest, “Frankly, none of them even came close.”

“So, was Steph that good or those guys so bad?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know, maybe both. I didn’t have that much experience with guys either,” Emily admitted.

“Trust me, most of them aren’t really that good either. But since you two are so similar, I think it makes sense she knew how to do it, more than any guy, or even other girls. If she wanted to,” Sam explained, “And it sounds like she did want to. Maybe she still does.”

Emily’s heart was starting to beat fast.

‘Maybe Stephanie still wants to,’ she thought. It’s been three days since Emily’s last orgasm and now, thinking back to it, she could feel an itch in her pussy again.

“What do you mean, she still does?” Emily asked, then quietly and carefully she voiced the dangerous thought, “She wants to have sex with me? That’s stupid.”

“I’m not sure, but it’s possible,” Sam reasoned, “Em, she seemed pretty willing when asking about her date at the phone. Of course, at that time, she still didn’t know it was you.”

“Well that explains that, don’t you think?” Emily responded, “While I didn’t know it was Steph, even I though I might be falling in love with her.”

“What? Wait, really?” Sam sounded surprised.

“Yeah, no. I don’t know. That was just sometimes. You know,” Emily couldn’t really express it.

“I don’t think I do. You obviously love your sister, but in love?” Sam asked.

“Wait wait, this was before I knew it was her, remember?” Emily said, trying to make the key point clear. Experimenting with someone, anyone really, was way different than doing it with Stephanie. One was just strange, but the other was simply unacceptable.

She escort pendik took a deep breath, “Look Sam, when I said effective, it was an understatement. The way I felt at the club was just amazing. Her kissing, it was, I can’t even describe it. That’s when I thought I was in love. I thought I’d only feel that with someone I loved. I know it’s silly.”

“Wait, you guys kissed?” Sam asked, surprised.

Emily could now vividly remember what Stephanie did, and how it felt to her. Now she was definitely getting aroused. She opened her bathrobe with her free right hand, just to check on her state.

“No, she was beneath the table,” Emily rolled her eyes as she slipped her right hand under her pajama bottoms, “I mean she kissed my- you know.”

As she touched the body part she was just referring to, she felt that she indeed was wet already.

“Your pussy? God, Em that’s, just, wow,” Sam sounded very excited.

Too excited. Breathless? And that last word was more of a sigh.

“Wait a sec. Sam, you’re getting some kind of kick out of this, right?” Emily asked. She subconsciously started stroking her lower lips with her fingers. It just felt good. Sometimes she just did it like that while doing other stuff.

“Well, honestly, yes. That idea, it’s incredible,” Sam answered, “Are you mad at me?”

“Maybe I should be, but not really,” Emily answered.

Her right hand was still a bit oily from the pizza and felt deliciously slippery against her pussy. Usually she kept her hands clean, but it’d be OK as long as she was careful.

She also enjoyed being admired, even it was just as a part of her friend’s sexual fantasy. She couldn’t find a good reason to be mad at Sam, “I mean, it’s a bit creepy, but I’m not the one to throw stones here.”

“Um,” Sam sounded like she was trying to say something, but couldn’t think of the words. Emily could hear her deep breathing, as she said, “Do you think you’d like to do it with her again?”

“No, no way. That’s just too weird. Even if it felt that good again- no, no way,” Emily answered, even as she spread her legs and started wetting her fingers between her lips, moving the fluid up towards her clit. Just a bit more, then she’ll stop. Actually masturbating while talking to Sam on the phone would be too weird as well.

“Did it feel good last time?” Sam asked in a low voice.

“Yeah. Actually, I never felt that good before. I can’t even describe it. Just beautiful, I guess.” Emily answered as she carefully spread her juice around her sensitive clit. It was getting too hot in the room.

Reluctantly she pulled her hand out and stood up, slipping out the bathrobe, one hand at a time, then kicking away the slippers.

“And would you like to feel like that again?” Sam kept pushing while Emily disrobed. She was now just in her pale blue pajamas.

“I guess?” Emily replied carefully. She laid back down, moving her right hand back beneath her bottoms.

“Even if it meant having sex with Stephanie?” Sam asked, making Emily realize this was her goal all along.

“Now you’re really pushing it,” Emily objected.

“But you’d still like it, wouldn’t you, you little minx,” Sam teased her.

Emily tried to avoid the idea of having sex with Stephanie again, instead focusing on passion in Sam’s voice, now carrying over to Emily too. With her hand on her excited sex, she could understand her friend’s current state only too well.

She decided to agree for now, just for Sam’s sake, “Yeah, I guess. If we both enjoyed it.”

“My point exactly. Tell me- ah,” Sam’s words were interrupted with a soft moan, “Can you tell me what Steph did, specifically?”

Sam’s voice was getting quieter and her breathing was getting stronger too. The sounds were unmistakable.

“Sam, you’re touching yourself right now, admit it.” Emily asked, softly slowly moving her own fingers all the way from her clit to her hole, then back again.

“Yeah, could you tell?” Emily heard a smile in her friend’s voice.

“I can,” Emily responded, “Actually, I’m thinking of doing it now too.”

“Can you tell me more about Stephanie? I love hearing about it.” Sam said in a longing voice.

“I don’t know if this is right, Sam.” Emily said, but didn’t stop rubbing.

“Please Em, you’re my best friend. Please!” Sam pleaded between breaths.

“OK, what do you want to hear?” Emily couldn’t resist anymore. Sam’s pleading combined with the feelings washing over her were getting to her.

“Tell me what your sister did to you, under the table. And how it made you feel. Quickly,” Sam said, breathlessly.

“She, she first kissed and licked up my stockings, then my bare thighs,” Emily said, rubbing her juices around her clit in small circles. The feeling was delicious.

“My thighs are very sensitive, so I was wet immediately.”

“Oh, wow, sounds amazing. I wish I could feel that too,” Sam encouraged her.

“Then she licked my pussy, lightly at first, then deeper and stronger,” Emily continued.

“Your sister licked pendik escort bayan your pussy,” Sam repeated for herself, “Do you think your sister liked your taste?”

It was obvious Sam liked the fact that it was Emily’s sister that did it to her. She had no idea Sam was so perverted, but in Emily’s current state, she didn’t mind indulging her friend a bit.

“Yes, actually, when we talked yesterday, she told me I smelled and tasted nice,” Emily answered, biting her lower lip as she increased the speed on her clit.

“Oh god, yes. This is so great, Em,” Sam moaned, “Please go on, what happened then?”

Doing this with Samantha was a bit weird, but it felt good and Emily was feeling adventurous.

“I want to feel it more, so I grab her head, press her face into my crotch. It feels so nice I want to stay like this forever,” Emily said, breathing deeply. Her friend’s moans were pushing Emily along too and she was getting close.

“Oh my g-” Sam moaned, talking quickly between breaths, “Em, I’m almost there. Say it Em, say, you fell in love with your sister because she licked your pussy to orgasm. Please, say it.”

“OK,” Emily moaned in pleasure, then smiled as she said for Sam, “I fell in love with my own sister, because she licked my pussy to orgasm.”

“Yess-” Emily heard Sam’s high voice, moaning quickly in an ascending tone. Sam was clearly coming. Emily wanted to sweeten it for her friend. Just a small favor between best friends.

“She sucked my clit and I orgasmed into my sister’s mouth. My own, biological sister, she drank my cum and she came from it too. That’s when we really fell in love,” she said while rubbing her clit quickly and listening to Sam’s desperate moaning, now past it’s peak.

“Oh my god, oh fuck,” she heard Sam’s moans slowly get quiet, breathing deeply into the phone.

Ten seconds later, Sam slowly continued after a deep sigh, “That was amazing. Thank you Em.”

“I’m close too Sam,” Emily moaned as she felt her orgasm stir inside, threatening to explode, “Tell me- Tell me how it makes you hot that I did it with Stephanie.”

“What you did with your sister that night, it’s incredible,” she listened to Sam’s seductive voice as her orgasm overpowered her and she started moaning from waves of pleasure, “I love thinking of her sucking at your pussy until you exploded into her mouth. And her drinking your nectar makes you really fall in love with her, just the forbidden thought makes me want to come all over again.”

“So forbidden, it makes you so hot,” Emily moaned, rubbing all over her clit, her pussy contracting and releasing furiously, making her body and voice twitch.

“Your sister loves you,” she heard Sam’s supporting voice.

“She does, yes, she does,” Emily exhaled as her contractions gradually weakened, still twitching occasionally, leaving Emily sweaty and breathless. She felt her face and breasts flush crimson as she swallowed, “Fuck.”

She just laid there as they listened to each other breathing into the phones.

“Thank you Sam, that was great. And weird,” Emily said between breaths, slowly stroking her wet pussy with her hand.

“My pleasure,” she heard Sam say, then start laughing.

Emily couldn’t help but join, removing her hand from her pajamas, crawling up her bed and rolling around. The girls were laughing together for a good minute, enjoying their afterglows, until their laughter fell silent and turned to breathing, only to start laughing again, until Emily’s eyes were full of tears and she had to wipe them with her free hand.

“Sam, Sam I was just eating before you called,” she said between laughs, “Guess what, now my hand smells of both pizza and pussy,” she added. She stretched to grab a napkin from her night table as she wiped her hand and crotch.

“Yum, I love my pizzy,” Sam replied as both girls fell into another wave of laughter.

When they finally couldn’t laugh anymore, Emily stretched and laid on her right side, spread out on her bed.

“So what now?” Emily asked with a smile, eyes closed.

“I don’t know. Personally, I could go for another round, but we can just talk,” Sam suggested.

“I’m getting a bit sleepy I think,” Emily confided, stretching again with a moan.

“Yeah, I always get sleepy afterwards,” Sam replied and the girls laughed again, although by this point it sounded more like a sigh.

Her hormones satisfied, Emily was able to think clearly again. It was curious, knowing Sam’s sexual side like this. They used to talk about sex and boys, even going into details, but Emily never got to know Sam as intimately as this. How her breathing went faster when getting close, how the tone of her voice increased when coming and her sighs of contentment when she was done. Her friend had a whole sexual side she never met before.

‘Do I sound like her when I have sex?’ Emily wondered. It was cute, she realized. She wanted to sound like that.

Still, her feelings for Sam didn’t change and the experience didn’t make Emily question her sexual orientation. She didn’t desire a sexual relationship with her, or any girl, but she felt such intimate knowledge about each other helped them become better friends than before.

“What are you thinking about?” she heard Sam ask.

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