Teasing Joel


I love being a cock tease. I love it because when I finally am taken, it is hard, rough, and oh so explosive. I actually consider the teasing part of my foreplay.

Joel and I met at a bar where one of my favorite bands was playing. I had gone out to meet some friends and he was a high school buddy of one of my acquaintances. My best friend told me that he wanted me to mess with one of the other guys there and so I started to by sitting on his lap. Joel was sitting across from us and after a minute leaned forward towards me. “You can play with me.” He said with a smile. I gave him a wicked grin back. “Okay.” I said with that playful upward note in my voice saying he might regret it. I figured I might as well give him some warning.

I moved over onto Joel’s lap and started playing with his ear. I ended up teasing and playing with Joel for the rest of the night. We would dance together, my back against his as we ground our hips together. He would run his hands up and down my torso and around my hips pulling me to him. Then he would gently kiss my neck. Oh if he had known that that was one of my sensitive spots. I was beginning to wonder who was teasing who as I became more aroused. My nipples would harden every time he pulled me against him and kissed me. I so wanted to turn around and kiss him, but any good cock tease knows not to. We would go back and sit at the table every so often to drink and catch our breath.

During one song, instead of going back to the dance floor, I turned around and straddled Joel’s lap. I ended up giving him a lap dance as his hands roamed my body. I was tempted to kiss him several times but still didn’t. I also expected him to touch my breasts and he didn’t. Later on in the evening, I was standing next to him as he sat on the bar stool. He reached down and picked me up and set me on his lap. OMG, I fell in love right then. I have always been drawn to the bigger or stronger type guys because I feel they can protect me. Protect me from what, I don’t know, but Wow, was I hooked. I got off though because my pussy was so wet at that point, I wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t feel it through our jeans.

He friended me on facebook at the end of the night through his phone and I told him I would accept as soon as I got home.

When I did get home that night, I went immediately to my computer. I accepted Joel’s friend request and then perused his pages for more information about him. This guy really sparked my interest, and our chemistries matched up so well.

Over the next week, we would message each other back and forth asking questions about each other. The sexual tension ataşehir escort bayan in our messages got hotter each time. During our messages, I found out that he lived in an apartment complex about 5 miles from my own. We didn’t exchange addresses, but just general location. I let him know where I was going out that weekend so he would come meet me.

We ended up going back to the same bar, where we had a repeat session from the week before. However, this time, I was a little more aggressive. I touched Joel more and was more physical in my desire. Anyone looking at us could see that there was some serious sexual tension and sparks flying between us. At the end of the night, I asked Joel if he wanted to come over to my apartment and watch a movie. He didn’t hesitate affirming and so we went out to our cars after I told him my address. When we got to the apartment, we went upstairs and I let him in. I offered him a drink and snacks and we got them and then set ourselves up in my living room. I asked him what kind of movies he liked to watch and he asked for the titles. As I was reading the titles off, I was on my hands and knees with my ass towards Joel. I swayed it gently and kept looking back at him over my shoulder. He was grinning at me watching the sway and licked his lips. We finally decided on (movie title) and so I started it.

I went and sat back on the couch next to Joel. I leaned against him and he put his arm around me. A few minutes into the movie, I decided to be more of a tease and so I scooted down and put my head in Joel’s lap. I turned and looked up at him grinning, “Hope you don’t mind.” I stated, not caring because I knew he wouldn’t. “Not at all,” he said back to me saucily. I put my hand up on his jeans right above his knee and noticed he was stroking my hair and combing his fingers through it.

Now, if there is anything in the world someone wants from me, all they have to do is massage my head or brush my hair. Good Lord, I just love it. My hairstylist get’s the best tips from me because he incorporates head massage into my appointments.

I started stroking the inside of his thigh lightly dragging my fingers back and forth. Once in a while, I would stroke a little higher on his leg. I was rewarded with an increase in his breathing rate; however, mine was also increasing as I thought of what I was doing. Joel reached around and dragged his finger over my lips. I slipped my tongue out and gently flicked the end of his finger. Then, moving my head forward I put his finger in my mouth and started sucking on it and swirling my tongue around it. I could escort kadıöy feel his dick getting harder underneath my head and so I gently rubbed my head against his crotch earning a gasp from him.

I decided to get really evil and so I suddenly sat up looking at Joel wide eyed and said “Oh Crap, I just remembered that I have an appointment tomorrow at 9. I’m really sorry, but I should be getting to bed. Can we finish the movie tomorrow night?” He looked at me incredulously and so I just smiled sweetly. “I know, I’m really sorry,” I said again, “I am just so forgetful.” I jumped off the couch and grabbed the bowl of potato chips to take to the kitchen.

As I walked back around the counter Joel was standing there with a predatory look in his eyes. “I don’t think so.” He said moving closer to me. I backed up, my eyes widening in slight alarm, but at the same time, knowing that I was going to get what I had wanted. “You told me earlier that you had no plans for the weekend.” Ah, yes, I had emailed him that. “How far do you think you can push me? How far do you think I’m willing to let you tease before you reach my breaking point?”

He had me up against the wall now and he placed his hands on either side of me. “No, love, not this time,” he said softly to me as dipped his head to mine. He softly brushed his lips against mine and I closed my eyes sighing. My palms were pressed up against the wall behind me and I felt his hand come around my throat and gently frame my chin. He leaned his weight into me a bit and kissed me more firmly. He traced my lips with his tongue and I parted my mouth letting him in. Our tongues played together in a sensual dance as old as time. I felt his other hand come up and gently cup my breast. I groaned into his mouth as he found my nipple and started to roll it between his fingers. Suddenly, he stepped back from me leaving me cold where he had been. I opened my eyes and he looked at me with a satisfied smile. “So, you’re just as affected as I am.” He huskily murmured and then stepped back into me crushing me into the wall and taking my mouth in a hard kiss.

He grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head briefly breaking our kiss. I lifted my hands to his hair and he slipped his hands behind my back and with a twist of his wrist, undid my bra clasp. He then skimmed his hands up my back and over my shoulders taking my bra with him. He threw it to the side and started fondling my breasts again pinching my nipples and drawing pleasured gasps from me.

I felt him start kissing down my neck and collar bone as he made his way to my breast. He knelt in front maltepe escort of me and taking my nipple in my mouth, sucking and lathering it with his tongue. With his hand, he played with my other breast weighing it and cupping it in his hand. He then moved his mouth over to suck on that nipple and play with it. Now I have never cum before with nipple play, but I was feeling pretty close with the worship Joel was giving my breasts, back and forth, both at the same time, pinching and rolling my nipples, causing jolts of pleasure to shoot down to my pussy; which by this time was sopping wet.

Still using his tongue on my breasts, I felt Joel undo my jeans and start sliding them down my legs. He hooked his fingers into my panties and slid them off as well. I stepped out of them and Joel buried his face in my wet curls. “Oh God, you smell so good.” He said and he flicked his tongue out pushing into my wet slit and making contact with my clit.

“Oh God.” I cried out, the pleasure overwhelming me and making my legs weak. Joel slipped back up my body and when I could reach, I quickly undid his jeans and slipped them down over his hips. His hard dick sprang out and me and as I reached for it he simply said “No.” He then surprised me by picking me up. Holding and bracing me against the wall, he rammed his wonderfully hard penis into my slick pussy. I screamed in pleasure as his hot dick filled me to the brink. I could feel him pressing into me deeper than I had ever been penetrated. He slowly pulled back to the head and then surged into me making me cry out again.

“Oh yes, please,” I practically sobbed into his shoulder as he continued pumping his rigid cock in and out of my pussy. His body pushed me into the wall as he continued to fill me, fucking me completely. The position we were in had my clitoris rubbing against his coarse hair as he filled me and I knew my orgasm was close.

“Come for me.” He whispered to me, amazing me with the control he seemed to have. “Come Now as I fuck you.” He demanded and the words triggered a cascade in me as I started shaking and screaming and an intense orgasm overtook my body. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, JOOOEEEELLLL.” I screamed and amazingly, a second orgasm started. “Oh God yes” He said shoving his cock as deep into me as possible. I felt him tense and then he shouted as he spurted load after load of hot cum into my waiting body.

He collapsed against me pushing me into the wall as our ragged breathing and rapid heart rates slowed down. After a minute or two, Joel stepped back from me and we stared at each other with twin looks of shock and awe at the power we had just shared. “Holy fuck was that awesome.” He said to me and I could only nod my head. “Would you like to spend the night?” I asked shakily. He smiled and so I led him back to my bedroom so we could spend the rest of the night pleasuring each other.

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