The Baseball Trip Pt. 02


Second Inning

Second part of a nine part series! Definitely check out part one before reading on. Also, this one has some light incest play (no actual incest) so be warned if that’s something that bothers you.

As always, everyone is over the age of 18. Now on with the show!

When I woke up the next morning, Sarah was already gone.

After everything we’d done together the night before, I assumed we’d at least wake up together and talk. Share some flirty looks before starting another round of rubbing off in the backseat of the car.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’d taken enough rides on Sarah’s merry-go-round by this point — desire followed by dismay at what we’d done followed by desire again — I was dizzy with it.

Did I expect a relationship? No. I’m not that naive. She had a boyfriend, after all. And it’s not like what we’d done was exactly romantic. But we’d gotten each other off in a way that was far more intimate than some of the “serious” relationships I’d had and I guess I thought… I don’t know what I thought.

Instead I got dressed and went down to the lobby.


I found Kelsey and Julia — my other two car-bound companions — sitting at a table in the hotel lounge. A small breakfast of warm yogurt and cold pastries was set up on the far side.

Julia’s mahogany hair hung limp in her ever-present ponytail. Her black-rimmed, square lens glasses were slightly askew. Yet I knew her loose fitting clothes hid a tight, toned body.

And Kelsey, my best friend’s little sister? The tall, lithe blonde in wrinkled clothes with her eyes still sunken from sleep? She was still somehow knock-you-dead desirable. The mild mannered, milquetoast girl I’d known in high school had transformed into something like a supermodel.

Two absolutely amazing women were sitting there, waiting for me. But I was still obsessing over the third member of our car crew.

“Where’s Sarah?” I asked.

“Getting coffee,” Julia said.

“Oh. OK.”

“I heard you kept her up all night,” Kelsey said, big blue eyes bright and teasing.

“Wait, what?”

“Snoring, dude,” Julia said, “You snore.”

“I do not.”

“I’m pretty sure I’d know, being your roommate and all.”

Just as I was about to sit down and get comfortable, Sarah swung past us, coffee cup in hand. Suitcase already slung over her shoulder. Ready for take off.

Unlike the three of us, Sarah seemed energized and it made her look even more amazing. Her immense chest bounced as she walked by, straining against her baby blue blouse. Her brown eyes flashed fire. Anger or passion I couldn’t quite parse.

“We ready to go?” she asked, “Let’s go.”


When we got outside, I saw that Julia had attempted to rearrange the suitcases, but had only made things worse. That poor little VW bug looked like it had over eaten at the breakfast buffet and now was only one sharp turn away from vomiting its contents all over the highway.

Before anyone could suggest otherwise, Sarah threw open the front door and hopped into the shotgun spot.

“I like it in the back,” Sarah said, “Honestly, I do. But something about those seats is really messing around with my shoulders. I need to, like, stretch out. OK?” That last OK was said right to me, two loaded letters that asked a final exam’s worth of questions.

“C’mon dude, man up,” Julia said, “You’ll get your turn to sit up front soon enough.”

“I bet it’ll be fun,” Kelsey said, “You and me back there.”

I stared down at my shoes. Without Sarah there, being stuck in the back seat felt like punishment. I wasn’t angry at Sarah, exactly but I wasn’t happy either. I didn’t want there to be hard feelings between us. Not when other, harder things could be between us, instead.

So I stood there, silent, unsure whether it was worth it to argue or just go along to get along. Sarah seemed to sense my distress and pulled me to the far side of the parking lot. Julia and Kelsey stayed by the car, pretending to not be paying attention.

Summer was just starting and the mornings were still cold

“It sucks, OK?” Sarah said, grasping my hands, “I know. I suck.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her. She kind of cringed, then blushed.

“Well, not like that. Not that it didn’t cross my… Oh dammit, see? I can’t even have one simple conversation without… Y’know?”

“I get it. It’s fine.”

“It’s obviously not. You glare at the ground any harder and it’s gonna crack.”

“No I get it. You keep saying it — you have a boyfriend. I’m not expecting anything from you. I’m just… I guess the word I’m looking for is disappointed. That’s a compliment to you, you know.”

“I know. Does it help that I’m disappointed, too? Last night was… It was stupid and fantastic and wonderful and terrifying and it’s already so hard to stop myself, but I have to stop myself. No matter how much it hurts me to do it.”

“You’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll get over it.”

“That was the other thing I wanted to tell you.”

I tilted my pendik escort head at her, confused. Sarah continued.

“After last night, I could see you feeling like you owe me something and you don’t. There’s no… OK, I’m not doing a very good job of this, I can tell. Look, all I’m saying is, if the opportunity should arise for you to ‘get over it,’ you should do that. Like, no hard feelings or whatever. OK?”

“Ummm. OK?”

“Cool. Awesome. Thanks!” Sarah practically skipped back to the car.

I followed, more confused than I was when we started talking.


“Guess we’re seat buddies,” I said to Kelsey, gesturing grandly for her to get in the car.

The blonde bombshell climbed in, then perched on the middle seat. She was thinner than Sarah, which made things a bit better. But she was also taller, which made things a bit worse.

“This is not comfortable.” I said, still sulky.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make it work,” Kelsey said, then shot me her best beautiful girl smile.

My bare legs pressed tight against Kelsey’s thin, pink thighs. Trapped between discomfort and arousal.


Our hotel for that night was in Chicago, only about two hours down the road. The afternoon’s ballgame however, was in Milwaukee, another two and a half hours further west. The baseball schedule and its callous disregard of driving distances had conspired to create another day of heavy road work for all of us.

It had been a complicated affair, putting all these different cities with all their different ballgames together in a way that made sense for caravanning from one to the other. When I’d initially planned the trip — made everything fit in one neat, nine day package — I thought I had accomplished something incredible. After Day 1 had gone so well, I figured I deserved a fucking Nobel Prize. But now Sarah was sitting in front, and I was stuck in back seat celibacy, and I started to wonder if maybe I’d created a monster, instead.

About thirty minutes in, the radio was blaring something about how I’m a firework and the traffic was building. Our little jaunt was starting to look like a slog.

I stared out the window. The sky looked like rain. Then suddenly I had that strange sensation that suggested someone was staring at me. Sure enough, I turned and saw Kelsey looking right at me. Blue eyes big and almost glowing.

Kelsey saw that I saw her, but she didn’t even bother to pretend she wasn’t looking back. She was wearing a light blue cami and a pair of jean shorts. I felt like I should say something.

“You used to have glasses,” I said, dumbly.

“I got contacts.”

“Oh. They look good.”

“Thanks! I’ve only had them for a week or so. Still getting used to them, honestly. Jim, my brother…”

“I know, he’s my best friend.”

“Right. Duh. Well, Jim said I looked like a geek. So I decided to try out the contacts.”

“Seems like kind of a mean thing to say.”

“Well he didn’t use that word, exactly. And he was just trying to help me out.”

“His opinion means that much to you?”

“Well yeah, I mean, he’s my big brother. He wants what’s best for me, right? He’s also the one that got me working out. Growing out my hair. All that stuff. I was tired of being the dorky girl that no one talks to.”

“I get that, I guess. I just hate that you felt like you had to change who you are just to be liked.”

“I’m liked fine. It was more about boys. For instance, I didn’t notice you noticing me before.”

“You were a kid.”

“Uh huh.”

“OK. That’s fair. I guess I’m just one of those shallow jerks you should avoid.”

“You’re not a jerk. You were always nice to me, unlike a lot of Jim’s other buddies growing up. But you didn’t look at me… the way you look at me now. Y’know?”

“Yeah, I know. I still say that you should find someone who likes you for the person you are, not the person you appear to be. But I’m not gonna lie, you look amazing Kelsey. I feel bad for all those college boys at UPenn. You’re gonna destroy them.”

Kelsey kind of giggled, then snorted. She looked up at me as if to say ‘you didn’t hear that.’ Then she laughed and snorted again. She stopped, took a deep breath, and composed herself. Then she reached over and held my hand. I looked up and saw she was smirking, playfully.

“Sarah was right,” she said.

I froze.

“This seat’s not comfortable,” Kelsey continued, “I want to sit on your lap.”

I’m sure my look said it all, because Kelsey winked at me and stuck out her tongue. Teasing.

I glanced up front. As far as I could tell over the suitcases, Sarah and Julia were hard-focused on the road. On the one hand, I’d already gotten myself into enough trouble with this situation the day before. Hadn’t I learned my lesson vis a vis seats and the sharing of them? On the other hand, I wasn’t kidding, Kelsey was seriously stunning. And Sarah had practically come out and told me to take advantage of an opportunity like this. So why in hell was I even wondering?

“I’m sitting maltepe escort on Ben’s lap,” Kelsey announced to the car.

“OK?” Julia said.

“Good,” Sarah said.

They both stayed staring forward. It had started to rain now, slowing the traffic even more.

“Are we gonna get rained out?” Sarah asked.

“Stadium has a roof,” Julia said, “We’ll be fine.”

“Well that works out well,” Sarah said.

“Yeah,” Kelsey said, lowering herself onto my leg, “I don’t want to get wwwwet.” Her bottom landed on my leg, accenting the long, drawn out wwword. She started to sink back, settling, making little displeased grunts as she did.

“Sarah, you said he was comfortable,” Kelsey whined.

“Shift around a little,” Sarah said.

Kelsey lifted herself up. Paused. Then dropped right onto my crotch. Her bottom to my top, as it were. Fortunately I was only at about half mast — still rebuilding strength from the day before. As it was, I swear I nearly impaled the beautiful blonde right through her jeans.

My cock was happily nestled right between Kelsey’s almost non-existent butt cheeks. And growing by the second. Was she aware of what she was doing?

“Mmmmmm. That’s much better,” Kelsey said, a bit of a sigh. She squeezed her bottom around my member. Yup. She was aware, all right

“You were right Sarah,” Kelsey said, “This is… great.”

“Told ya.”

Unlike Sarah the day before — so tentative, almost passive — Kelsey just ground herself into me, clearly working her body back to put my cock at her most sensitive center.

Holy fucking fuck. The thin teenager — my best friend’s supposedly innocent little sis, arguably the most objectively glorious girl I’d ever met outside a web page — wasn’t just sitting on my lap. She was riding on it. Prrreesssssss. Hold. Shudder. Release. Pressssssss. It was torture. It was glorious.

“I wish I could be sitting there now,” Sarah said, “If it weren’t for my shoulders.”

Julia gave Sarah a strange look, then slammed on the brakes. Kelsey nearly flew off my lap but I grabbed her before she could join the others in the front seat.

“What the fuck you stupid fucking fuck!” Julia said, then hit the steering wheel with her fist, “Stupid fucking Midwestern drivers.”

“Aren’t you from Michigan?”

“Yeah, but I’m like… fucking civilized. These assholes don’t know what the fuck….”

Julia accelerated, the roar of the engine drowning out her angry rant. I asked Kelsey if she was OK as she nestled back into my chest.

“Yeah. Fine. But maybe you should, y’know, like, hold me in place?” She wrapped her arms around mine, pressing them around her flat stomach. She was no Sarah in the breast department, but she had more than enough, and the bottoms of her pert protuberances tickled at my arm hair.

We sat still for a while, Kelsey hugging me hugging her. Listening to rain as it battered the roof of the VW bug. Julia darting and diving through traffic.

Then Kelsey slowly slid her arms off of mine and shifted slightly — repositioned her bottom in a way that allowed for all sorts of sensations. In moments, she was back in rhythm. All I could do was sit there and enjoy the tune.

With each grinding pass, I swore I could feel the heat of Kelsey’s sex as it drifted over my now painfully hard member. I looked down and saw a dark patch in the center of her tan shorts. Well, if my baseball trip had taught me anything by now, it was the benefits of being overly aggressive on the basepaths.

I put my hands on Kelsey’s bare thighs — so much less flesh than Sarah, still more than enough to enjoy. My palms rested on soft, warm flesh. I waited for the inevitable brush off, but instead Kelsey just giggled. Sighed. Then she spread her legs open, as if offering herself to the whole car. She reached down and put her own hands on my legs, mirroring what I’d done on her.

Her fingers were long, dainty, with girly-pink painted nails. They looked really sexy through my leg hair. Felt even better. I could only imagine the sensations if she’d just move her digits back an inch or so.

Meanwhile, with Kelsey’s legs splayed so lewdly, I got more than a glimpse of her cute, light blue panties. The wet spot was definitely there, as well. From that angle, I was sure I’d see some pubic hair, along with everything else, but there wasn’t a strand. Proper Sarah had a full bush but ingenue Kelsey shaved? Clearly I was no good at guessing these things.

I had that sensation of being watched again. I looked up and saw Sarah sort of trying to glance back through the suitcases. She saw me looking at her and she sort of half smiled. Then, and I swear I saw this, she winked.

“We’ve got another hour, I think,” Sarah said to no one in particular, now back to staring out the windshield.

Kelsey leaned her head back, lips to my ear and whispered, “Gooood.” Then to me? To herself? I’m not sure. She said, “Going for third…”

She lifted her hand off my leg and placed it right over mine, just like kartal escort Sarah had done the day before. Holding me in place. Only instead of keeping my hand there, Kelsey picked it up and put it right on her pussy. My eyes practically rolled right out of their sockets. Even through shorts and panties I could feel her warmth. Her wet.

And Kelsey didn’t just put my hand there — oh no — she preessssed me into her, squeezing her delicate sex between my palm at the top and my iron rod below. We both gasped at the same time. Then she let my hand go.

I used my palm to stimulate her opening through her very short shorts. I could smell Kelsey’s hair, her perfume. Her scent. I looked over and her amazing face was slightly scrunched. An expression that could easily be mistaken for pain if I didn’t know it was pleasure.

The beautiful blonde smiled at me, the kind of grin that could warm distant planets. Her back was a bit arched. Breasts gamely reaching for the sky.

I felt a touch on my own crotch and looked back down. Kelsey had dropped her right hand right on my dick. She gave a light, appreciative squeeze, then started alternating — rubbing my hard cock through my shorts, then stopping and tracing it with her nails. Rub, rub, rub, then light, teasing trace.

“You’re awesome,” Kelsey whispered in my ear. Her tongue lightly tasted at my lobe, sending shivers through my body.

“You’re not bad, either,” I whispered back and she laughed, then snorted. She stopped herself.

“What’s so funny?” Julia asked.

“Nothing,” Kelsey said, “Ben told me a joke.”

“Must’ve been about his fantasy team. Dude, you suck this year.”

Suck. Oh, Julia, I only wished I was sucking right now. I looked down at Kelsey’s crotch and realized, the way her legs were still spread, I could actually access a lot more than just her shorts. I wasn’t sure if she was looking for skin-to-skin, but well, in for a finger, in for a whole hand, I suppose.

I put my left hand where my right had been and kept pressing clumsily into the fabric. Then with my right I dragged down Kelsey’s bare leg to the juncture where pubis met thigh. Where thin, light blue panty peeked out from under denim.

I waited for Kelsey’s complaint. Instead, she started rubbing my cock even harder, to the point where it was sort of painful — not that I had any intention of stopping her.

Taylor Swift was on the radio. Kelsey leaned back, practically licking at my ear, as she (sort of) sang in time.

“I… I jerk him off. I… I jerk him off…”

I’m no musician, but I know my cue when I hear it. I slid my fingers under the gusset of her panties and found warm, wet flesh. The lovely teenager’s nether lips were just as open and wanting as her long, rosy legs. I plunged my finger into her sex and Kelsey gasped, stopping her little song.

“You OK back there?” Julia asked.

“Yeah…” Kelsey said, body taut, “Yeah. Just thought I saw someone swerve up ahead.”

I slid another finger into her, more gently this time, then managed to work my thumb up and find her aching, protruding clit.

“Hmmmmmmm.” Kelsey let me know when I’d found the spot. Slowly, I moved my fingers back and forth inside her, rubbing at her clitty at the same pace. Kelsey’s vaginal lips were a little thicker than Sarah’s. Her clit way more pronounced. It was strange, comparing their two cunts so close together.

Kelsey also seemed a little more vocal than Sarah (though clearly not as conversational as my partner had been the night before). I could tell the teenaged blonde was struggling to swallow her little grunts and groans. I caught the scent of strawberries and sex. I was ready to drown in it.

Kelsey arched her back a little, clearly trying to force my fingers deeper into her canal. Instead, I pulled away. My fingers sticky with her essence, I quickly unbuttoned the top of her shorts and pulled down the zip. It was a much easier reach from there, and I quickly went back to work. The teenager’s bare pussy warm and welcoming.

Able to get much better leverage now, I went in deep enough to feel a thick ring of flesh in her depths — stubborn but pliable. Her hyman. Holy fuck. Well there was a difference between her and Sarah there, too. Kelsey slid up against me, squeezed my fingers in her snatch. I wondered, was this the first time she’d been… stimulated?

At the same time, I felt my own organ start to ache. Kelsey’s rubbing had started to be more abrasive than arousing — pressing the fabric of my shorts into my skin. At almost the exact moment I noticed it, she slowed. Almost as if I’d told her about my trouble.

While I continued to work her over, Kelsey slid her hand back down to my bare thigh. Teasing at my leg hair. Then, just as I’d resigned myself to this being a one way street, the beautiful blonde reached into my pants through the leg hole. Right under my boxers. Grabbed hard, meaty flesh.

Now it was my turn to groan far too loudly.

“Seriously, what are you two up to?” Julia asked.

“It’s a long drive,” Sarah said, “Hard to be comfortable after a while.”

Was Sarah covering for us? Why the fuck was Sarah covering for us? Why the fuck was I complaining? I was going to have get her a nice card after this. Maybe a gift card.

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