The Day After The Party , The Pro


Sam woke to find Uncle Simon and Jane in the 69 position, Jane was moaning with pleasure as he sucked on her rigid little clit and Jane had her lips firmly round his hard cock. Sam watched and started to stroke herself she was being wet watching them getting down to it.

They hadn’t even noticed she had woken up until Sam uttered a low aroused moan, Uncle Simon was the first to appreciate what Sam was doing with her hands and raised his head from Jane’s wet cunt to watch as Sam proceeded to thrust 3 fingers into her wet snatch. Jane moved her hips to let Simon know she wanted attention but he was fixated by the show Sam was giving, he moved from between Jane’s legs and positioned his face within inches of Sam’s hands.

‘God girl that looks good’ he sighed ‘need any help?’

Sam grinned ‘Sure Uncle Simon’ she breathed heavily ‘show me what you were doing to Jane!’ and she slid her body down and onto her Uncles willing tongue.

‘Sweet baby that’s the greatest tasting cunt I have ever had’ he moaned into her ‘lets see if we can help you cum!’

Jane had moved and was positioning herself above Sams head ‘hey cous!’ she said ‘you better take up where Uncle Simon left off, I was so close then!’ and she eased her wet cunt onto Sam’s mouth where Sam proceeded to eat her out expertly.

Uncle Simon now had his cock free from a mouth and needed to bury it in a willing hole but was so enjoying tasting his pretty you niece that he knew he could wait a little longer. His tongue was deep inside her and her juices were coating it, he swallowed and swallowed but Sam just kept producing more sweet nectar for him to digest. She was bucking her hips and he knew she was close to an orgasm, he looked up to see Jane bouncing up and down on her cousins face also very close, this decided him it was time to move himself. So he reluctantly tore his tongue away from Sams delicious hole and moved his hips so that he could enter her as he looked up he saw Jane close to tears ‘what’s up baby girl?’ he asked.

‘Oh Uncle Simon you promised you would fuck me this morning and there you are about to take Sam again…………… promised’ she looked devastated and horny at the same time.

With that he lifted her off Sam and positioned her face into Sam’s soaked cunt saying ‘ok baby you get Sam off and I will fuck you, deal?’

Jane never answered she was far too busy licking her cousins wonderful hole, Uncle Simon took this as his answer and rubbed his cock from her arse to her clit and back making her moan desperately into Sam. He teased her and this provoked her to moan more and more ‘Uncle Simon’ said Sam ‘she’s driving me wild please just fuck her!’ this was a demand.

Without hesitation Simon thrust into Jane making her gasp, this in turn make Sams cunt go crazy and she pulled Jane into her ‘lick me’ she groaned ‘I’m cumming’ Sams orgasm flooded over Jane’s face and she cleaned up as much as she could. ‘Oh Janey that was great’ Sam sighed as she moved down and kissed her cousin hard. Seeing the two girls kissing drove Simon over the edge and he slammed into Jane filling her with his cum, Simon held onto Jane’s hips until his cock grew limp.

‘God girls you’re the best’ he smiled ‘do you two think you might like to come and holiday with me for a couple of weeks?’

‘I will ask daddy’ said Sam as she moved into to clean up her Uncles cum from her Cousins cunt. This started Uncle Simons cock to grow hard again.

‘How am I ever gonna get away from you two?’ he sighed as he offered Jane his limp cock to suck.

‘You don’t have to go anywhere Uncle’ Sam said seductively, ‘but I do! I’m off for a shower, you two carry on you look like you have lots more to try!’ and she moved off in the direction of the shower.

After showering and dressing in a wrap over short dress that showed her long tanned legs and ample breasts Sam proceeded bahis firmaları to go downstairs as she reached the bottom she heard raised voices this was unusual it hardly ever happened, Sam paused to listen and tried to make out who was doing all the shouting. It appeared the argument was between her father and her Uncle Lucas, what was going on why was her dad so upset she intended to find out. As she made her way into her fathers study her brother Joel caught her ‘Sam don’t go in, leave them to it’ he said very seriously.

‘What the hell is going on Joel, whys dad so upset?’

‘Lucas is demanding you go live with him Sam, he wants you as his property’ Joel said shaking his head ‘he’s been shouting at dad for the last 40 minutes, I suggest your not around when he gets out!’

‘But but’ stammered Sam ‘ I don’t want to live with him, this is my family’ and she snuggled up to her brother with a worried look.

‘Don’t worry Sammy dad’s not about to let it happen’ and with that Joel took Sams hand and led her toward the kitchen.

Sams mum was pacing up and down and no one could really believe what was going on, the tension was so thick. Suddenly the study’s door flew open and Uncle Lucas strode out ‘where is she? I’m not fucking leaving without her!’ he was screaming. Mum and Joel made sure Sam was out of sight.

‘Lucas what is all the fuss’ mum said in a calm voice ‘lets be sensible her, Sams our daughter she lives with us it’s the way it should be. You know you can visit and Sam will happily come to your bed whenever you wish but she cannot be solely yours and you know that.’

‘Mand I am having her, the bitch is mine to do with as I please and none of you arseholes can stop me’ with that he slapped Sams mum across the face. ‘Now bring her here now and this can all stop’ he demanded.

With this Sam moved into view ‘Uncle Lucas I’m not coming with you, and I think you need to apologise to mum’ she said ‘I live here, this is where I belong and I don’t want to be just with you!’

Lucas looked like he was about to erupt with anger he was red in the face and shaking ‘I will have you Sam you will be mine!’ he said menacingly ‘just watch you back one day I will be there’ and he walked over to her and pulled her close ‘you will be mine and I will take what I want all the time’ he whispered in her ear, and then walked away and out of the house.

‘What did he say baby?’ dad said to her stroking her hair, Sam told him ‘the bastard, from now on Sam your never alone ok, he’s fucking mad that man and no longer welcome in this house!’

‘Dad can I have a cuddle, he’s freaked me out’ Sam asked in a small voice. Dad took her in his arms and held her close, even though this had been a distraction having Sams body near him turned him on so much and he felt his cock twitch as he hugged her tight. Sam responded by pushing her hips towards him ‘mmmm you feel good dad, so good’ Sam breathed.

‘Oh Sam I know why he wants you around, shit I’m hard just holding you look!’

‘I know daddy I felt you against me, maybe I could help you with that?’

‘Baby girl I know you can’ and with that he lay her on the couch in the front room and started to slide his hands over her body ‘just relax let daddy make you feel safe’ he said as he started to caress her tits through her dress ‘fuck your body is the best’.

‘Oh daddy your making me wet, feel how wet’ and she pushed his hand towards her wet pussy lips covered by a thin piece of material. Sam looked up and saw her mum watching ‘hey mum let me taste you’ she moaned and indicated for her to sit on her face ‘please mum, you do taste great.’

Sams mum needed no further asking and straddled her daughters’ pretty face, she moved her panties to one side to allow Sam all the access she needed. Sams mums pussy had large pink outer lips and Sam clamped her mouth onto kaçak iddaa these and sucked listening to the moans her mother was producing, she moved her hands round to her mums arse and slid a finger into her puckered hole while forcing her pink tongue between the lips. Sams face was covered in her mothers juice and Sam was drinking it as fast as she could, she inserted another finger into her mothers arse and started to pump them in and out every so often stopping to rotate them and plunge them deeper. Sams dad was watching while stripping he daughter of her clothing and getting into position to roughly fuck her, the tip of his dripping cock was at her cunt entrance and he loved the view he was getting of his wife being eaten out by their daughter. He pushed the tip in ever so gently making Sam sigh a little then rammed his cock home, making her catch her breath and gasp onto her mothers wet pussy, this set Sams mother off on a huge orgasm and she filled her daughters mouth with a spurt of cum grinding her lips into Sams face as she did. Sams dad took control and fucked Sam hard he was banging into her his balls slamming against her arse, he didn’t break rhythm and was jack hammering his daughter. Sam loved it and was meeting his thrusts; her legs wrapped around his back, she wanted more cock and looked around to see if anyone was there. Mum knew what Sam wanted and went to the stairs calling Sams brothers down, soon Sam had Mike and Joel undressing before her.

Joel positioned himself at her head and she opened her willing mouth, but then felt another set of lips as her mother joined her to lick at Joel’s cock, between them the kissed it and took turns sucking him. He held both their heads as he fucked each mouth. Sams dad had climbed off her and had got behind her mum and was now fucking her hard as she licked and sucked Joel, this left room for Mike to fill Sam up which he did with the same passion as her dad. Mike moved Sam on her knees opposite her mum who was in the same position being fucked by her dad; this meant Joel was standing between them having his cock looked after.

Mike slapped Sams wet cunt and moved into her gaping pussy ‘Oh Sammy arghhhh’ he groaned ‘what a great fuck’ and he held her hips fucking her hard, she loved all the attention she was getting and watching her mum was even sexier. Mike slid 3 fingers into her arse making her yelp as she wasn’t expecting it, and soon he was slamming his cock and fingers in at a real pace, Sam felt herself go light-headed and knew she would soon cum. Mike sensed this ‘come on sis come for me, make my cock dirty’ he leered, that was it the flood gates opened and Sams orgasm hit home, bucking as she came she covered mikes cock in her cum ‘oh shit Sam where’s it all coming from’ said Mike as her cum cascaded down his thighs. ‘I need this cleaned up and I know the woman to do it’ he laughed as he pulled out of Sam with a plop and moved towards his mothers’ eager mouth. ‘Clean me up mum, look at the mess she has made!’

Sams mum lapped at her sons wet cock and thighs cleaning off all of Sams cum ‘what a dirty girl you are Sammy!’ she grinned ‘is that better Joel did mummy do a good job?’ and with that she deep throated her sons cock while he stood shuddering.

‘God mum didn’t know you could do that’ he said holding her head while his pistoned his hips ‘fuck that was good do it again.’

Mike moved and slid under Sam ‘come on baby sis lets have some fun’ he sighed sucking her tits ‘ lets get fucking’ and pulled Sam down onto his erect cock ‘still tight baby, god you feel good’ Sam felt hands on her arse again and knew it was her dad so she tilted her hips slightly to give him access.

‘You know what I like now baby don’t you’ he groaned into her ear ‘let daddy have some of that tight arse now’ and with that he slipped into her ‘Jesus fuck baby I love this hole, never felt anything kaçak bahis like it, so tight around your daddys cock’ Mick and her dad were fucking in unison now as mike pulled out her dad pushed in, it was sending her wild. The two men could feel their cock rubbing through the thin wall that separated Sams holes and this was a horny feeling for them too.

Joel was holding Sams mums head and pumping hard he had his head thrown back and when Sam looked closer Sams mum had two fingers rammed up his arse and was thrusting them in and out. Joel was close to exploding his seed into her mouth and held her head tight, forcing his cock down the back of her throat ‘oh god yes yes drink it mum drink me dry’ he grunted as he shot his load. They all turned to watch as she swallowed the lot and then carried on sucking at his shrinking dick.

‘God mum your amazing’ Sam cried ‘you must teach me that.’

‘You should see yourself sis, your hot body being fucked hard by Dad and Mike you look as sexy as fuck and your loving every minute, you are the best family slut we could wish for.’

Sams dad smiled as he moved deep into his daughters arse, he was in fucking heaven he was so proud that she was his to have, fuck and love. When he looked at her body his cock would go crazy even if he had just fucked he had never wanted a girl so much. So here he was now matching his son thrust for thrust ripping into her young sexy body with her begging for more, she was always willing and always wet and soon he was going to fill her arse but first he wanted a change of position ‘Sam’ he said pulling out of her ‘sit on me, put my cock in your arse and sit on me please?’

Sam grinned, he hadn’t fucked her this way, so she eased her arse over his cock and slid down ‘ohhhhhhh daddy that feels different’ she gasped.

‘Now Mike, fuck her cunt again’ their dad instructed.

‘Shit yes dad anything’ said Mike eagerly. He moved between her legs and slid in ‘fuck that’s good, what a hot cunt you have Sammy’ and proceeded to fuck her hard, Sam could feel ever movement they both made and Mike also had his mouth clamped onto one of her tits while her dad pulled that the other one ‘Sammy move with me sis I’m gonna cum baby’ Mike pleaded, so Sam moved her hips pushing him over the edge ‘oh shit yes yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ he screamed ‘what a fuck what a fuck’, his cock slipped out of her slippery cunt and was replaced by her mothers mouth.

‘Cant have you all dirty baby’ she said to Sam as she lapped up all of Mikes cum that was leaking from her daughter.

‘Mand, lick my balls while I fuck her………………for fuck sake do it please’ said Sams dad ‘that’s it oh yes yes heaven………..that’s it Mand lovely’. Sams mum was licking from Sams cunt to her arse and then over what she could find of her husbands cock ‘that’s it Mand, jez that feels so fucking good’

Sam was bouncing up and down oh her Dads cock fucking him madly; she wanted nothing more than to make him cum inside her. The feeling of his cock swelling with cum was exciting her more and more and added to that her mothers tongue Sam had never felt so hot.

‘Sammy daddy’s cummin’ he cried ‘holy shit yessssssssssss’ the final thrust ripped into her and he came hard, Sams mums tongue hit her clit and sparked her orgasm making Sam cum into her mothers mouth.

They all lay in a pile, naked and spent the smell of sex everywhere. ‘Do you feel better now Sammy?’ asked dad.

‘Much much’ she replied.

They all rose to shower and continue their day totally forgetting about the problems that had previously occurred.

Sam walked naked to her room when she was grabbed by the hair and a vicious hand went round her neck ‘thought I was joking Sammy? No way your mine now’ she realised too late it was Lucas ‘lets get you out of this house and show you how life’s gonna be!’ and with that he dragged her off. Sam tried to scream but Lucas slammed his fist into her head knocking her unconscious, the next thing Sam knew she was in the back of a truck, naked and tied up and very very scared of what would happen next.

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