The Deal Ch. 18


A Night of Firsts


Author’s note: even though Matt, Craig and Chip are still in high school, all characters in any sexual activities are all at least eighteen years of age.


Cindy honked her horn and waved her hand frantically out the window when she saw Matt and his friends walk out of his high school. She felt such a sense of pleasure when she saw his face light up in recognition followed by a huge smile on his face. There was no question that he loved her very much.

Matt, Chip and Craig walked over to the car as Cindy leaned over to open the passenger door of her car. “You guys want a ride home?”

Matt hopped in the front and leaned forward to kiss his girlfriend deeply while Craig and Chip climbed into the back seat.

“Thanks; Cindy. It’s great to not have to walk all the way home.” Chip smiled.

“No problem, I’m really starting to get to know you guys. This gets our weekend started all that much faster together, and besides, it gives me more quality Matt time anyways.” Cindy smiled as she looked at the grinning boy from her rearview mirror. As she pulled out onto the street the four starting a pleasant banter of joking.

Not sure why or how the thought came into her head, Cindy looked around at the three eighteen-year-olds realizing that all three had gotten a very good look at her entire nude body at least once. She shook her head amazed at how her life had changed since she had fallen in love with Matt Hughes.

Soon Chip and Craig were walking into their homes as Cindy pulled into the driveway of the house she lived in with Matt and his mother. Cindy smiled as she watched Matt jump out of the car to run around and hold it open for her. She took his offered hand and got up watching as he closed the door, and then they walked hand in hand into the house.

Once inside and coats and sneakers were ensconced in the hall closet, Cindy threw herself into Matt’s arms. “Mom is working late tonight, and I wasn’t kidding – I want some quality alone time with you mister,” she said as she pushed him towards the kitchen. Without stopping, she continued to push him through the kitchen into the hall and his bedroom. She gave one final push that toppled the surprised boy onto his bed while she stood grinning above him.

As Matt lay on the bed he watched his girlfriend pull the kelly green sweater over her head pleasantly ruffling her medium length black hair. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip to the floor at her feet followed by her crimson bra. She slid her hands into her pants and pushed them and her panties down and off her body. Matt caught a brief flash of the same crimson of the bra as the panties slid down her smooth legs. Raising each leg one after the other behind her, she removed her socks and added them to the pile of clothes on the floor.

She stood naked over her glaze-eyed boyfriend with her hands on her curved hips.

“God, you are so beautiful,” Matt said.

She smiled and purred in contentment as she climbed on the bed and sprawled herself atop Matt kissing him deeply again.

“I love you so much,” she breathed into his mouth purring louder as he wrapped his arms around her.

Matt felt Cindy’s hand slide down his stomach to rub the bulge in his jeans.

“Cindy,” Matt breathed back into her mouth. “Mom won’t be home for a while to take care of what you’re starting.”

Cindy leaned up and looked Matt in the eyes, “Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you myself.”

She drove her mouth back down on his.

Matt gasped in pleasure. He had no idea what she intended, but he was thrilled with the assertiveness she acted with. There was no question that she was ready for whatever she was going to do.

Cindy leaned up straddling his waist and smiled down at him as her hands grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and off his body tossing it down with her own strewn clothes on the floor. She fell back down smushing the soft flesh of her breasts into Matt’s bare chest as her mouth again covered his. Her hard nipples scraped his skin pleasantly as she slid down to kiss the hollow area of his throat, her tongue darting out to lick his pulsing flesh. Matt groaned and caressed the smooth skin of her back with his hand. She licked a trail down stopping to softly suck his left nipple into her mouth. With a plop, her mouth left the reddened, puckered flesh and slithered over to suckle his right one as well.

Cindy looked up and smiled when she saw Matt with his eyes closed and his teeth embedded in his bottom lip. She rubbed her chin down the soft skin of his abdomen, tilting down to kiss and lick his flesh as she continued steadily towards his waist.

Cindy spoke in a husky voice Matt almost did not recognize, “I’ve been watching mom and have read a lot of steamy romance novels. Tiem to put the learning to the test.”

Matt opened his eyes wider and looked down at his grinning girlfriend who was staring intently at his zipper. Without realizing it, he was bahis firmaları holding his breath. He watched as she beamed a sudden huge smile and swooped down to bite him through his denim causing him to squirm and exhale all the air he had been holding in a loud puff.

Matt then burst out laughing at the adorable sight of her top teeth, stark white below the red lips of her smile, embedded in his blue jeans as her eyes peered up at him with clear mischievous, excitement radiating from them.

She lifted her head slightly and brought her hands down to unbuckle his belt. “Having fun, sweetie?”

“Oh God, yes,” Matt breathed out.

“Good, because so am I.” She leaned down and ran the flat of her tongue across the exposed skin where she had opened his jeans.

Matt raised his buttocks up as Cindy tugged his jeans and underwear down his long legs. She backward crawled down the bed pulling his clothes with her. She ended her journey on her knees at the base of the bed as she tossed his pants onto the pile of clothes next to her. She looked at his white socks smirking.

“Hhmmmm, socks on or off? You look so adorably dorky in just them.”

After a moment, she quickly yanked both of them off at the same time, “Nope, I don’t want anything coming between your skin and mine.”

Looking at Matt, she leaned down to take his left big toe into her mouth sucking on it watching him the entire time.

With another plop, she pulled back up and brought her hands beneath her breasts pushing them out toward Matt.

“I definitely want to feel just your bare skin against my breasts.”

Cindy dropped her hands back on the bed and pulled herself back onto it between his legs letting her dangling breasts lightly brush against his legs.

“Ooohhhh, the hair on your legs tickle me so,” She told him in the huskiest voice he had ever heard from her.

She moaned and purred as she slid her breasts up his legs to his waist. She enjoyed it so much she dragged her breasts up and down his legs a couple of times, gasping and giggling as she did it. Matt watched in silence as she shivered from the stimulation to her sensitive nipples.

Finally, she stopped moving and sprawled down hard on him pressing her body into his legs while her legs and feet dangled from the end of the bed. His cock was pressed firmly into the skin of her throat.

She leaned back up and looked at her boyfriend with a flushed look, smiling. She brought her hands forward and grabbed his cock between them. She ran one hand back and the other forward twisting his stiffening flesh caught between them as she rubbed her hands.

“Oh fuck!” Matt gasped.

“Such language!” She teased him, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Just as he was about to answer her, Cindy ran her tongue hard up the length of his stalk bringing another loud gasp from him. Her eyes twinkled as she saw from the corner of her eye his fingers clutch the sheet.

“Don’t worry, because I’ve seen where your mother …kisses… you, and I’m about to do the same thing, sweetheart.”

And with that Cindy inhaled Matt’s cock deep into her mouth.

Matt’s groan was long and loud. He brought his hands down to cradle and stroke her raven coloured hair with one hand whilst the other rubbed her bare back and shoulder blades as she bobbed up and down on him.

Cindy alternated between long swallows, licks and slight nibbles along his incredibly hard flesh. She could feel the jerks and flexes of his muscles in his legs through her stomach and breasts. She could hear him panting. She felt so thrilled to be bringing such intense feelings to him that she could feel her own butterflies in her stomach and sex churn like mad. She actually had the cock of a man she loved in her mouth for the very first time. She could feel the steady stream of moisture gathering in her own sex from the mere excitement of the moment. She brought her hands up to rub across his chest as she returned to bobbing up and down his cock steadily increasing her speed.

“Oh my God, I’m going to cum Cindy,” he said as he tried to guide her head up off of him.

“Do it, cum in my mouth. I already know what you taste like from your mother,” she growled before swallowing him whole again.

“Oh crap,” Matt groaned as he spurted jet after jet of his seed into his girlfriend’s mouth.

Cindy held tight and waited for his body to relax beneath her. When he stilled, she slowly slid her mouth up his length licking as she went.

After she released him, she held him up as she licked back and forth across the head.

She looked up at her boyfriend lying still, his eyes closed, a soft smile curving on his lips, and glistening sweat covering his body. She couldn’t imagine loving any one more than she loved him now.

Releasing him, she crawled up his body letting her breasts glide hard over his still throbbing cock then stomach and chest. The tingling sensation against her nipples sent jabs of electricity into her moist sex. She kaçak iddaa softly kissed a path up his body until she sealed her mouth over his drinking deeply from his mouth. They both wrapped their arms around the other and held tight.

Matt squeezed tighter as he heard her purr.

“I love you so much,” they both said at the same time before cracking up in laughter.

Cindy draped her arm across Matt’s chest and shoulder while the other hand ran through his wavy, brown hair. She rested her head on his other shoulder.

“Not that I mind at all, but what got into you? You are so confident with no hesitation whatsoever. Where did this come from anyways?” Matt brushed a strand of her hair from her eyelash.

“When I woke up alone in this house today at first I felt lonely, but then I realized something. Even though I was alone, I still had such a complete feeling of being where I should be and that I was surrounded by love.” Cindy shook her head. “No, I’m not saying this right. I’m happy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. This is so right. I have moved into the place I am now and it has been so incredible I want to keep going forward. I want this now and forever, and I want it to grow and fill me with more. Matt, I’m alive and I never knew it was so wonderful before. Each experience just builds on the one before it.”

She stroked his chest and smiled at him.

“Every day my heart feels like it’s going to burst, I’m so happy,” she spoke softly before kissing the skin of his shoulder.

Matt hugged her tight with the arm that was beneath her. “I know what you’re talking about. You and my mom mean more to me than I can ever imagine.”

Cindy leaned forward mashing her breasts into his side and chest as she looked at him, “Matt, I love you with all my heart. You know that, and I would never do anything that would hurt or upset you, so I need to know how you feel about some thing.”

Matt looked at her carefully, “Anything Cindy. I would never hide something or lie to you.”

Cindy put her head back on Matt’s shoulder before continuing. “I love what we just did and want to do it again all the time, and I am so looking forward to doing so much more with you over time. And I know I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you and that makes me so happy. But Matt, I also have…well… I have strong feelings about your mother too. I’m starting to really want to do stuff with you like we just did, but I…I also really want to do stuff with your mother.” She buried her face into Matt’s side.

Matt squeezed her tightly, “You think that would upset me?”

“I don’t know,” came the muffled voice from his side.

Matt lifted her head up from his side with both his hands, surprised at the slight tear streaks at the corners of her eyes. He looked deeply into her green eyes.

“Oh honey. It doesn’t bother you that I ‘do stuff’ with mom. In fact you encourage it, so why should it bother me if you do. All three of us love each other so much and we’re always hugging and kissing each other. I should have expected you would feel this way.”

Cindy smiled softly, “You’re really okay with this?”

“Hon, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, I’m a girl and she’s your mother. I’m your girlfriend and she’s somebody else.”

“Sure, and I’m her son as well as your boyfriend – why should that be any different. We are human beings filled with love, honey. Of course we want to love each other.”

Cindy laughed, “You make it sound so normal.”

“It is. I love both of you with all my heart; of course, I want to make love to you both. I know now that you feel the same way about me and my mom which makes perfect sense to me, and I’ll bet that she feels the same way about both of us.”

“Is your mom into girls? I mean her kissing certainly isn’t held back at all, and I’ve seen her kiss Kim like that too.” Cindy looked deep into Matt’s eyes.

“She’s also given some healthy lip locks to Mrs. Lynn as well,” Matt added. “I don’t know how far she’s gone with another woman. She’s never talked about it. I do know she is very open-minded and loves you as much as I do.”

Matt studied Cindy carefully before speaking, “Is this the first time you have thought about being with another woman?”

Cindy blushed deeply, “Oh my God yes. Until I met you, I never had feelings like this about any body, let alone another girl. I’ve always been too busy trying to stay alive, out of trouble and out of the system’s eyes so I wouldn’t have to go back to my real mother or a foster home. There were times in the past when I would see a cute guy and imagine what it would be like to be with him, but it was always just that – a fantasy to help me ignore my real life, but I never even thought like that about another girl.”

Cindy stopped for a moment and looked into Matt’s brown eyes before continuing, “Now that I have you, I couldn’t imagine coming up with a fantasy that would be as good as what I really have or any need for it. It’s just your mom gives me kaçak bahis so much love like you do that it gives me feelings and, I don’t know, I guess, wants. I do imagine being with her, and I have to admit it feels nice.”

Matt hugged her close, “You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m so happy I found you. No one is as lucky as me.”

Cindy smiled widely, put her head back on his chest and ran her hand over his skin, “I love you so much Matt. And I really do love mom as well. I love you both the same. But it will always be you that I want to see first in the day and the last before I go to bed. Never doubt that.”

Matt kissed the top of her head, “I know because I feel the same way.”

Cindy nestled in deeper, “It’s just that your mother is so wonderful. She loves us so much and cares so much about me. The look of love she always gives me just fills me up so, just like you do.”

Matt kissed her head again. “She is incredible; I know, that’s why I feel in love with her the way I did. A son isn’t supposed to feel this way, but her love is so deep and complete that I just can’t help it.”

Cindy smiled up at Matt, “She gives us so much and asks for nothing in return. Hey, I have an idea. How about we spoil her and take her out to a real nice dinner tonight our treat?”

She paused and smirked broadly, “and then we bring her back here and attack her, showing her just how much we love her.”

Matt laughed, “Sounds like fun. I can’t wait to see the look of surprise on her face.”

Cindy leaned up and kissed Matt deeply, “I know you are saving yourself for me, and I really appreciate that, but I have you now and forever. We have a whole lifetime of love making ahead of us. You said it yourself, you want to make love to both of us – there’s no reason you can’t make love with her now, Matt. Think about how much it would mean to her. It’s really okay.”

Matt chuckled, “We’ll see hon. We’ll see.”

“Okay. You don’t push me; I won’t push you.” She kissed him again.

The two snuggled in tighter, relaxed and planned the evening.

******** *********** **************

Friday nights the banks were open later than usual so the branch managers floated one Friday each month to each of the four banks in the district giving the other three an early night off and tonight was Diana’s turn. She was just closing and locking the doors of the last bank with two of her tellers when she saw Cindy’s car pull into the lot.

Smiling, she waved good bye to her coworkers and walked over to the idling car. She leaned down to the passenger side as Matt rolled his window down. Di leaned in and kissed her son deeply while reaching out to hold Cindy’s hand.

“Hi kids, what a pleasant surprise. Going out tonight?” she asked when she pulled away from the kiss.

Matt looked at his mother, “So how are you feeling? How was your day?”

Diana rested her elbows on the bottom of the open window, “Tired and hungry, but good. It was an uneventful day thankfully. Why?”

Cindy beamed at her, “We decided we wanted to take the world’s greatest mother out to dinner tonight. No cooking and no dishes to clean up for any of us.”

Diana smiled, “ooh that sounds wonderful.”

Matt smiled, “Great, meet us at Mackenzie’s; we already have a reservation set up for 6:30.”

Diana looked at the two smiling kids, “Mackenzie’s? Are you two up to something?”

Cindy laughed, “Who, us?”

Diana laughed back, “You are up to something. Alright, I’ll play along. See you in a couple of minutes.”

Diana pulled into the parking lot of the fanciest restaurant in town smiling again at the sight of Matt and Cindy standing by her car waiting for her. She really did feel like both of them were her kids, and she had an enormous well of love for both.

Matt leaned over to hold Di’s door open as Cindy held out her hands. When Diana took them, Cindy pulled the surprised woman out of the car and into her arms giving her a huge bear hug. Diana wrapped her arms around Cindy and squeezed back.

“I love hugging you mom,” she purred into her collar bone.

“Me too sweetie, me too,” Di returned squeezing tighter.

Di looked over at her grinning son, “I suppose you want one too huh?”

Matt beamed, “Now and forever mom with all my heart.”

The two woman split up, and Diana turned to embrace her son as hard as she did Cindy.

“Not that I’m complaining but what is with you two,” Di spoke as her head nestled into her son’s shoulder.

Cindy reached over to stroke Di’s back, “We were talking this afternoon about how incredible you are and want to spoil you for a change.”

Di turned while still holding onto her son, “Oh, you do spoil me in so many ways, sweetie. Never doubt that at all.”

Cindy smiled, “Oh we know mom, but you really are so incredible with how much you love us. It means so much to both of us. And you have made me feel so much like your own daughter; it feels me up like you wouldn’t believe.”

Di smiled, “As far as I’m concerned you are my daughter, and I am so proud of you both.”

Matt laughed, “I don’t really want to break up this love fest, but we should get inside before they give up our table.”

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